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  1. https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/feature-why-li-chu-rocks-glory-of-tang-dynasty/amp/ here you go!
  2. What a lovely ode to LuYi and JinXia! Have you seen Glory of Tang Dynasty - RJL was really good there too which inspired me to write an article solely about his character. I totally agree with what you say - its not many OTP that can make you buy in to their lives together after they have walked off the screen and this is probably why Under The Power resonated with so many people notwithstanding that many would consider RJL and TSY the best-looking c-drama actors. I totally agree w you on YZ too Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. actually he already had a sense when JX treated LuYi to the all-vegetarian lunch to get him to help her find her family. Partly, he doesn't want her to find out her background but he was also disturbed how familiar JX and LuYi become to the extent that JX would ask that of him.
  4. Yes agreed. I think the defining moment was on the boat (for him at least in a subconscious manner) which is why people say YanShiFan is the ultimate shipper!
  5. I think I have said it before but just wanted to reiterate how I loved that LuYi remained himself even after in love - yes, he was a happier, more caring version of himself but it was still himself. After release from jail, he stood there in his LuYi way although his eyes were softer and his gait lighter (as if a weight has been lifted off his shoulders) but he didnt do anything out of character like skip and hop or suddenly be more demonstrative. Love it!!
  6. love it how we all can emphatize with LY's pain when JX was tortured - no words but the sadness in his eyes/brows and posture was palpable. RJL is a great actor!
  7. True that. But I thought that she was just attracted to him and subconsciously doing things to please LuYi. But she is also always "serving" him because he is Da Ren. Even when she made the meal for him, her immediate reaction was to not eat together but to stand by and serve him because of the difference in their status. From the beginning, JX does try to curry favour with LuYi (although she may roll her eyes behind him) even when she was not romantically interested in him. Actually I thought that LuYi was going to say something romantic to JX to test the water after he regained his 22 year old consciousness while he was standing at the balcony and she came behind him and complimented him. It was the perfect moment (and by that time he was already in love with her) but then, someone died so it was back to business!
  8. @40somethingahjumma love your analysis! i recall we have met in another discussion but cant remember which one now. However, I beg to differ that LuYi was very certain that JX was deeply in love with him by the time he confessed is his LY way after the bride-snatch. My interpretation was that he was very certain that he is in love with her - and i think that was when he kissed her forehead after he gave her his wristlet to stop her from dying. Prior to that, he was intrigued (how can someone clearly not as educated as him come to same conclusion as him as they arrived at the same place in the early investigations despite investigating separately), bewildered (how can someone who plays the guzhen so well be uncouth/money-minded in other ways) , attracted (culminated on YSF's boat when he fed her noodles and reflected that perhaps not everything on this awful boat is repellant - probably that was when he looked at her like a female as they had a few Moonlighting encounters prior to that), possessive/like (when he told XX that perhaps he can be responsible for her - it was really his subconscious talking as he was not even looking at JX when he said that) BUT he was not very certain that she was in love with him. I actually liked that JX could sacrifice herself for him (without her liking him) because I think that's what a loyal subordinate would do as he had also saved her many times - and bearing in mind, she did regret it after - its just that she didn't blame him. Shows that JX is not just a lady-in-love, she is also a female constable - a Ming Dynasty working lady who took her job as seriously as her personal life. This is also the Ming Dynasty, a man like LuYi with power, standing and wealth can always be interested in a girl like JX but may not have to marry her - one doesn't always marry the person they are attracted to. He was also quite guarded that upon discovering that he loves her - it has to be a serious one and not a passing fancy, which leads to marriage. I think it was his conversation with High Priest Lan that kinda made him realise that it was more serious than he thought. XX may trigger him to do reactive jealous actions but as we (and he know), XX is not his competitor. Even without LuYi, JX was not going to marry XX. Actually, I feel that he was also testing JX by his interactions with his cousin to see if she was serious with him - again, he knows that she has good vibes for him but how serious it is would be another question too. JX, to her credit, is not one that plays mind-games - she doesn't try to make him jealous or test his behaviour. When she wanted to know whether he voted for her - she just asked him. I have to say that I really like the progression of the OTP's romance and kudos to RJL and TSY for fleshing it out so well. When I watch LY, I dont compare him to his role in GOTD, which is another character I really adored because he embodies the character that he plays currently so well.
  9. On to 48 and but the drama thereafter !! Although LuYi standing outside JinXia’s door with his red-rimmed eyes though / argh the feels!
  10. Thank goodness the tragic part only happens from ep 50 onwards and then it ends in ep 55. I am so happy that Tan Song Yun is getting recognition for her acting in this drama (she was great in The Fox Summer but not sure how many people actually watched that and she was kinda typecast as a young kid from those high school dramas) and hopefully Ren Jia Lun will see his stardom skyrocket - he was on the verge of stardom after Glory of Tang Dynasty (but somehow c-fans do not like Jing Tian) but it was eclipsed by him getting married. They are both great actors and would be wonderful if they got the recognition they deserve. There are comments on Weibo lamenting their bad luck as its currently the CoronaVirus and most promotions/events are cancelled as otherwise they could have capitalised on their popularity like say Xiao Zhan/Wang Yi Bo after Untamed or ZhuYilong/BaiYu after Guardian to make appearances. I think the fact that both them are a little older helped them to flesh out their roles and the micro-expressions better. In the recent episodes, I loved:- I tried watching some other c-drama while waiting for new episodes but just couldn't get into it as the acting chops were just too far apart. So ended up watching bits of the show that I like instead and episodes of Happy Camp!
  11. It feels like there Ren Jia Lun is such a good actor. In episode 33
  12. yeah - if his cousin sister also thinks that she can only be his concubine rather than his legal wife, what more Jin Xia Up to Ep32 and may I say that
  13. Actually I think LuYi is trying to hint to JinXia especially in ep29 when he returned his bracelet to her and asked her to help him with his attire - something which is pretty personal. They also had a moment later standing outside in the balcony until they got interrupted by the missing priest. JinXia on the other hand, I can understand why she would be reticent - first he is of a different status - his father is the head of the Secret Police and clearly well off and secondly, her sifu is clearly not in favor. I think working closely together is one but moving on to a next level is probably a bridge too far for her. She also doesn't know he kissed her on the forehead because he has made no reference to that although he definitely treats her differently from when they first met.
  14. I really like that Jin Xia and Yang Yue have a genuine sibling relationship - I have always find it slightly creepy where the love line is between people whom have always treated each other as siblings. Shangguan Xi is a really normal character - and hopefully she sees Yang Yue for the awesome guy he is and gets over Xie Xiao. Contrary to many people, I don’t think Xie Xiao is very annoying - he is childish but he is just being transparent with his feelings. He may not like LuYi but he is not overly pushy with Jin Xia. In fact, I would say that all things considered Lu Yi is quite mean to Xie Xiao!
  15. I am up to Ep 24 and may I say how much I love the show (crappy editing/censorship in some episodes and questionable CGI notwithstanding). Became a fan of Allen Ren in Glory of Tang Dynasty and Tan Song Yun from The Fox Lies - he has incredible screen presence despite not being your typical tall, handsome hero and she can pull off spunky cute without being cloying - helps that both of them can act! Allen Ren's micro-expressions are always on point and Tan Song Yun is very natural in her interactions. Scenes/things I love so far (there maybe spoilers for those not up to Ep24):-
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