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  1. 1 hour ago, hatima_ssi said:

    i felt bad for nara ssi now her two dramas received low ratings. it looks like her effort she put in is not well appreciated by others plus the negative comments no wonder after omhe im not sure if  she will accept drama projects. as much as i love to see her in drama every year  but i think  it would be better for nara ssi to take a rest maybe like 1 to 2 years? it might  be too long and painful to us fans but she needs it though *sigh*  :frown: fighting Nara ssi  4 episodes left! 


    I also think it is now possible JNR will not play drama again , but if they do not return to play drama popularity JNR will increasingly lost

    hope JNR do not leave korea I always think after this drama JNR will take a break ..:sweatingbullets:

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