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  1. Well the way I saw this part was that, Townhouse told uncle Quian to tell his grandpa he could see again, so that his grandpa would leave LS alone. Because remember TY still though that JS wanted to be with LS so he thought that if he sacrificed himself instead of LS then JS would be happy. Hence why Uncle Quian was coming to get him, so that he could marry Miss Shen and LS could be with JS. Lol I have to say that Asians do take fandom to another level. I personally think Angela is a miss or hit type of actress, I would take Angela any day over Guli Nazha that girl may be beautiful but she can't act to save her life. Ma Tianyu and Sun Yi are equal to me they both should avoid typecasting because they are good at some and really bad at other.
  2. That actually good , make me less mad at her. I'm really happy that we somewhat give TY as much love as he give her. YesI read the article that you translated. I agree that Wallace carried the show he was truly a pleasure to watch. You could easily get immersed in his emotions. The problem with Sun Yi was that she did not stay consistent, she delivered a good performance at some part then she was a total weakling on some part, example that hospital scene when she learns TY may not wake up her reaction is so underwhelming that you realize that she is quite average. As for MTY I would not call him restarted because I didn't really like how this scriptwriter handle disability. So I wouldn't really caution such personal attack. But yeah MTY truly did not raise to the table with his character.
  3. Yes they are in the car coming back after her house burns, she is like bitching about how she is not Tian You pawn so he should stop using her. That triggers Qianzhi and he tore her one readjusting her view on life and main her realize just how much TY has been silently supporting and protecting her. About that part I read that LS dies of lung cancer and isolated and that when she hears that she attempt suicide. That was what got me triggered and I was like she so does not deserve a great guy like TY. Lol I have to say that if you start getting compared to Angela then it's bad but let give un titre a little credit. The problem was that she couldn't stay consistent in her acting, I also felt that her reaction to her woes with Tian You were always underwhelming when you compared them to how she reacted to things happening to LS or BWX.
  4. You and me both. I think I would have somewhat felt satisfied with the fingers cutting. I mean I never doubted much that TY was a fool in love, but I actually like the way they made him able to still retain so some of normalcy even when he was heartbroken. I think the drama try to incorporate that straightforwardness of novel TY when we have the part where he sent her to NX and decide he will marry Miss Shen, he tell her that maybe it was not he that was obsess with her brother, but him that was obsess with her. I like how the assistant actually tears JS a new one when she richard simmons about being TY pawn. I was so mad when she said that I was like richard simmons you really don't deserve TY. So I was glad qianzi tore her up. Anyway in my book TY deserve so much better than ending with JS, I think I read somewhere that she tries to kill herself when she learns of her brother dying of cancer. You an I are in total accordance as to the prickness of LS. But I must say that JS is pretty up there with her brother. She truly did not give TY enough appreciation.
  5. @leah8 Thank you so much for the clarification and insight into the novel. Well I still feel that although Wallace did a great job with TY it would have been nice to have him be more multifaceted. Wow she got rape ! I don't think that went that route in the drama. As for LS I think we both reach the consensus that he was a prick. I'm wondering if there is another similar drama out there. I'm in a mood for another long romance.
  6. Sorry I hadn't finished my earlier post my toddler pressed send. But what I was saying I'd that I did feel that way about Ning Xi and Su man when I was still at episode 20 and my view of Tian You was colored by a few years of generic dramas with male leaf always acting pretty greyish just like LS. And just as you said the drama truly does suffer because of the censorship, because a lot of characters behaviors just seems to be out of nowhere. So with much clarity and distance NX and SM do seemed more human. I' m still quite bothered by the fact that only LW any BGG seemed to have payed for their crimes, when everyone else just got to move on. I mean especially Tianen I mean everyone seems to just be okay with everything he has done with him simply going I was full of hate and jealous. I have a hard time with LS character because I just feel like MTY fell to bring LS to life, there seemed to be no reason for why he did the things he did. He simply came across as a big controlling maniac who decide to isolate himself and live in the past once he realize that nor his sister or hid friends were going to let him control their fate. I mean LS could have been dying but happy surrounded by friend and family. But because he was so adamant at wanting it to be just him, JS and BWX like in the past he just decide to be miserably dying by himself. I personally think it would have been truly nice to see a more multifaceted Tian You than the one we encountered in the drama. It quite funny at first when they did that amnesia part I was like he totally taking it. And then it turn out he was not. But at the end of the road he turn out to be a big jerked whether actually started to fair his amnesia, I was like yep that why I thought. I mean Tianen being a jackass we were all in agreement that he was mentally unstable. I actually stop seeing LS in a good light the moment he had trusted Weinyan over JS that night she spent on the roadside with TY. Before that I was already wary of him because he showed all the sign of a controlling brother. Well although I have to admit that JS codependency was truly the root to many of the issues not so much her naivety. And then again a lot of those issues would have been smaller if she had communicated.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I actually now have finish he drama. I'm grateful for the novel insight. And my reason for saying that Ning Xi was manipulative was just trying little box here and there throughout the drama although she is not has crazy as her sister she still drops ambiguous bread crumbs around JS. And my reason for saying that TY was stringing along Su man and Ning Xi along is that you haven't read the book and just watching the drama for a long time he doesn't put it into word that he doesn't want anything to do with them. As for LS I'm in accordance that he is selfish and self-absorbed and no just in his relationship with his sister even other his friends.
  8. This nonsense make no sense lol I feel like they need to truly come to terms with planing. They need to decide if we are in an alternate past or in they went to the past. Because going to the past should actually negate everything that we know from season 1. While being an alternate past just means that the two dimension are riding along each other I'm not as psyche for season 3 as Iwas for season 2 with all this confusion.
  9. I personally don't believe our Dr. Han has anything to do with Hyun Sang Pil tragedy, but he definitely going to get drama into it. I personally just wish the villain would let our Han Ji Woo alone so we can see him in a texudo this year with a mini Ji Woo on the way. So that we can have a season 6 of him battling the evil powers that be and juggling Parenthood.
  10. Another baby how is it fair to the first one? So did present time Cheng Cheng merge with the 8th prince? If yes does that mean that taner and Cheng now have two kids?
  11. Man I'm at episode 20 and the way I see the same that LS an idiot, Chianen is a psycho, weinyan a pathological liar, Ning xi is manipulative, JS is not as nice as everyone may think she is . I see her as someone who knows exactly how everyone sees her as the fragile princess and she is ok being taken care off. Tian You remind me a lot of Hawick Lau character in You Are My Sisters. But I have to say all the male in all out of love just sit around sending mixed feelings. Yes LS did tell that talker once hat he didn't want her but he never actually drove it home that he really was not interested. Tian You him just strings along Su Man and Ning Xi by ignoring them but he has ever told them nope I'm not interested. Also I read somewhere that Tian You nanny was actually truly is grandma and that grandpa married her for her money and then send her to that place saying she is sick. My post is a little everywhere, Im kinda of half asleep. But wanted to get his out of my system.
  12. Is that a fan meeting that he is doing ?
  13. Thanks so much for the extended post, it truly is amazing the amount of insight one can get, when one understand Chinese.
  14. Yeah apparently it’s highly immoral to show and encourage Homosexual relationship. It’s going to lead youth astray *insert rolling eyes*
  15. I personally enjoyed Helan and Pipi first teenager version better. As an avid BL fan I hope the cafe friend doesn't end up with neither K or X because the moment they appeared on screen they scream BL ship to my ear. I know that there is a Ban so I'm just hoping they keep on stacking the bromance and let our imagination do the rest for that ship.
  16. Sponsors mainly want assurance, if they were assuring the sponsors that they is life for the show even without God. Something that I believe is truly possible. Then the sponsor would flock.
  17. God Leaving should not be a valid reason to cancel the show they can simply recast P'Pha, and sponsors can be found. I'm sure that if they really wanted to do it they will find sponsors.
  18. It's was truly ridiculous, the story started with so much potential.
  19. Do we have any news of season two, heard that it may be cancelled because God doesn't want to appear.
  20. Men I truly stuck with this drama only because William smile is gold. The freaking drama consisted of 90% flashback what the heck was that about ?
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