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  1. On 2/19/2019 at 12:18 PM, usagi1997 said:

    I still don't mind the change in actors, both are doing a great job and I miss nothing in this department. What I miss is a good script until now. Now there are "Monsters" everywhere what makes absolutely no sense and makes the premise of S1 kind of absurd.

    Let's hope that the screenwriter and the production team found a good story while making the Drama. What a waste of potential at the moment.

    I heard that the book also had the new monsters plotline. And that they show up trying to kidnap TJZ because she can procreate with their kind. 

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  2. 13 hours ago, usagi1997 said:

    Just watch the series title, the Baby surely would be part of the story but probably at the end...like always :lol:.
    I watched the official MV and JZ is drinking there. Hopefully it is just kind of flashback.



    But it wouldn’t really make sense for then to have the baby at the end, since this is a continuation of last season and she is supposedly left pregnant at the end of last season. 

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  3. 33 minutes ago, Kimberly Amor said:

    The ending of the book, if you have watched TMPOB is kind of like that. Ye Hua wakes up. While in the book, Feng Jiu is still in her comatose state but will wake up soon. And Dong Hua just got to know about Bai Gun Gun.


    Ps: I haven't read the special chapters by Tang Qi. :sweatingbullets: Becoz i was afraid they will make the ending sad. But seeing stills of Bai Gun Gun seems like im worried for nothing. hehe. Have to read it soon. :D

    I have read that English translation of Eternal love that in Amazon and The all thing is pretty much told from BQ point of view if I remember correctly so all the other character are not present. What I was asking is if  Di Jun and Juer got an happy ending in tree pillow case. You instead of that she become queen and he just stay the rock that he his. With their love being possible. Oh ok sorry I didn’t realize that there was more than one answer to my question. Ok thanks god they are going to ignore TMPOB ending.  Because their story is just such a sad mess there. But I quite hope that BQ , Ye Hua and A-Li make a cameo lol or that we at least learn that BQ and Ye Hua have had another child since TMPOB ending kinda of hinted that she was pregnant.

  4. 10 minutes ago, cayenne15 said:

    Me too, I hope they do. Though I think they won't, to be honest.. as the ratings aren't good as expected. And they've wrapped up the whole series nicely, from the incorporation of the previous seasons and solving the problems in season 5. It would be interesting to see what kind of direction they would go ahead, if they do decide to renew. Though... Dr Han and Det Kang has been through enough in their lives that I think I'm done watching bad stuff keep on happening to them. :sweatingbullets: 

    I think they have the highest ratings for a 11 pm Drama in cable. So If they don’t come back it probably more to do with actors availability than the ratings. I really hope that oven pulls through and brings them back. 

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  5. On 12/12/2018 at 5:30 PM, leah8 said:

    @Darrkn3ss his grandfather is old school.  Money and selfishness over happiness and love.  Miss Shen was romantically interested in Tianyou, not Liang Sheng but with Tianyou’s blindness Liang Sheng was the consolidation prize.  I don’t think they ever consulted her because everything happened so fast and Tianyou had his vision back. I think the grandfather is the only character that didn’t deviate much from the novel, everyone else has been totally beautified as the Chinese would put it LOL.  Liang Sheng in the drama was crazy and you could tell he wouldn’t hesistate to cheat with Jiang Sheng if she gave him any hope, but he didn’t do anything extreme.  In the novel he was a jerk.  During her wedding in his own monologue he was so frustrated with her that he let her leave Paris resulting in her choosing to marry Tianyou.  A year into her marriage he gave her tickets to Paris and told her he’ll be waiting for her.  Even if he thought Tianyou was cheating on her, telling her to do the same wasn’t a smart move.  The drama actually had the siblings keep in touch after marriage, in the novel they literally had no contact after marriage, except a couple of times. I think if anyone should be happy with this adaption should be Ma Tianyu and his fans, based on his lack presence in the book, the drama adaption gave him a lot more screen time.  

    Well I guess since grandpa kinda was the representation of an old narrative they probably did not see a need to change his character. So we could see a definite break between the generation. LS was morally ambiguous in the drama. Can you tell me what prompted him to believe that TY was cheating on his sister in the book? Well I hope she didn’t take him up on the offer to go cheat because her husband is supposedly cheating. MTY fans don't sound mature to me so I most I must say it just best to ignore them.

  6. Yeah Kwai doesn’t even realized that his ambitions is probably weakening the all efficacy of the justice system. HSJ scared the hell out of me when is aim was not clear, I’m happy he is not after our Dr. Han. And he knows that Dr. Jo is not really responsible, I mean what was she to do when her junior totally went over her head. I really hoping we get a season 6. I do wanna see this odd couple of KangHan battling parenthood and crime. 

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  7. Quote

    His grandfather was cruel. Tianyou did agree with marry Miss Shen before he left with Jiang Sheng.  But his grandfather made the men pick him up after learning he has pulmonary fibrosis because he said the last thing Tianyou could do for the family was save it by marrying Miss Shen.  The drama version followed this story. 

    I believe TY grandfather was jusna miserable old man who because he did not have an happy life wished that everyone would be as miserable as him. I was pretty truly shock when even after hearing his grandson was sick his first reaction was more get him here so he can be useful before he dies rather than sadness and shock and maybe letting him be happy.

  8. I really hope that for one the super villain is not gonna target Dr Han.  But I for one am wary of CODAS learning richard simmons on it's own, that is way too reminiscent of season 2 evil dr Han. And in a more grounded to reality side I hate to think of a time when computer start to develop a mind of their own.  I"m strongly hoping that Kwak Hyun Min greed doesn't impact our beloved Dr. Jo Yeong Shil. I would truly hate to see her go down for  something that seems to not even be her fault. But more than anything Hyun Sang Pil better not be targeting our  KangHan couple in a nefarious way. If he is interested in Dr. Han may it only be in a way that Han Ji Woo helps bringing that all case to light. Because I don't want them to put  Dr. Han trough what they put him in season 4. That dude need to have a breather.

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