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  1. Just saw a few clips from the spin-off that was released tonight and I think they did that on purpose to appease the fans? If we think about it, the spin-off was confirmed whilst Mr Queen was into its airing already and then they started filming for it so I feel that the writers had to play it safe for the conservative audience with the drama ending BUT THEN decided to write the spin-off because that is how they potentially wanted it to end!! It could also be that they saw the response of some fans and how they wanted SB-CJ as end-game and had the confidence to end the drama p
  2. You know the minute it went from SB "CheolJeong" to -> SY "Cheonha" My reaction: No hate on SY I'm sure she's a lovely character lool BUT Team SB FTW all the way!!
  3. Also not sure if I'm allowed to post again so soon (been so many years now I've forgotten the rules haha so I apologise if I broke a rule!) But honestly MAJOR props to SHS for her acting because I could tell the difference between SB and SY almost instantaneously!! The minute SY came back, I don't know I felt weird like I didn't feel quite as connected with the character anymore and was thinking "omg you took SB place, give it back!" haha and that says SOO much about her acting power!! I really reallly missed SB and her antics and mannerisms during the majority of
  4. Hi everyone! Been a silent lurker on this thread and haven't signed into this account in YEARS haha but I just had to because of the ending: What was that....o_o I really detested that ending because let's be honest, CJ fell in love with SB not SY. Yes you can argue that he did like SY before (a la Spin Off) but at the end of the day, everything he fell in love with about the Queen, her eccentricities, her personality, her way of speaking, walking, laughing etc EVERYTHING WAS SB!! I don't know I feel very let down and in a way feel like I've been taken for a mug by
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