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  1. Hey guys, I know the drama is over, so there will be fewer people talking and looking at the post, haha. But i just want you'll to know that you can watch Jin Kyung (HJ) on Happy Together at 11 pm tomorrow with her cast from Sun-kissed Family! If you miss her!!!
  2. Is funny that you mention this, because I had thought of same thing. I had mention somewhere that, after Kang had discovered HJ at the church, I feel like they should’ve had a kissing scene there. It was perfect timing and it was sooo good. I thought it was way better than WDR and DR’s reunion. When Kang ran to give her a hug, OMG, I was even in love with him. Lol Both of them did so well with their emotions! They are the best couple ever! I almost wished they were the main couple in the drama! I have to applaud Jin Kyung for bringing HJ, the character alive! I don’t think anyone would’ve done it better than her. Especially where she had to come out of her comfort zone to pull this character out. As you’ll probably noticed, from her interviews, Jin Kyung is totally opposite of her character Hong Joo. And Kang is the opposite of Choi Su Jung. I died laughted while watching these two at the 2018 kbs drama award, just how different these two people are. It amazes me how well they portrays their characters! I didn’t want this drama to end. But after seeing HJ suffered so much, I am happy it ended!!! But don’t you’ll agree that Jin Kyung deserves real life happiness??
  3. I just want you to know that everything was accurate!! That’s how the story went!!! It was a good summary of what happened!!
  4. I don’t about anyone else, but that was my favorite scene of the whole episode. It was so beautifully done, but I kind wished he kissed her, it was perfect timing, haha. I was touched with the way he ran to her and gave her the warmest hug that she deserved this whole drama! There are so many things I want to say about the scene, but no words can put it, how beautiful it is. They are the best couple ever!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I am so glad that Kang and HJ got back together at the beginning of last night's episode. She really deserves happiness. HJ finally went back to her normal self, hahaha!! I thought it was so funny when HJ and Kang have little love fight when she tried to let DR know about her having a baby. I laughed so much when Kang tried to stuff the food in her mouth! haha Also, I have no idea if anyone else noticed, but at the end of the episode last night, at the kitchen when HJ and Kang were talking, DR came in and brought them a present. At the first half of the scene, HJ has a ring on her left hand, but the second half, she does not. I wonder if this is a mistake on the director's part or HJ just didn't want to have one. I don't know how to share pictures.
  6. Sorry to cut your post, what are you talking about it here? They never saw each other. How would HJ tell DY about anything?
  7. Guys, this drama really coming to an end:(. The cast just had their party today. I am so sad. But I am glad it is almost over because I seriously need to focus on my school.
  8. Haha, I understand how you feel! But I have like, because the writer needs the story to move and there needs to be conflict between her and Kang, that’s probably why she wrote it! Also, HJ had want one for quite sometime!! Also, are we gonna be able to see HJ’s baby? I also look at the picture, it doesn’t look like we’ll see the baby. I really hope the writer will put that in!
  9. Never saw this one coming, haha! Well after he broke her heart like that and didn’t want to be responsible for the child, I hope he asks her for forgiveness! Which, to some extend i can understand Kang’s point, but at the same time i don’t. They are seriously the best couple ever!! Although, I am really upset how the writer changed HJ from a jolly person to one of those most pitiful characters, next to DR! Idk if anyone else’s notices this, but she literally cried at every single episodes for the last 2 months, I say starting 84, when she found out about Kang’s crime. I mean I serious think that she won’t have any tears left when this drama ends, lol!! But I am very curious what’s gonna happen between these two!!!
  10. I apologize that I cut your post, but it doesn't look like she will do the, "I told you so" moment because, for one, she didn't know that he was innocent herself and second, I don't think she that kind of person who would do that to somebody. Also, third, it doesn't look like HJ went back to Kang because, in the preview, it shows he went to see her at the church, so I am assuming she didn't go and find him because she probably thinks that he is already gone. I sincerely hope that Kang is the one that will hold on to her before he loses her for sure. That's probably why went to the church to find her. He better not do what he did at the airport, leaving HJ there. HJ better not give in after what he did to her, haha. I am so happy that I get to finally see the happy HJ on Sunday, and I don't about you'll, but I hope the writer won't do the huge time jump because it just doesn't look that good. I kind of want to see HJ's baby, haha!! They are going to have a beautiful baby, haha!!! Please, writer, let HJ and Kang be together by the end of this Saturday, so Sunday I get to see a happy ending!!!!
  11. I would like to kindly disagree you. I don’t think HJ is annoying nor not thoughtful. Maybe in the beginning that she might be annoying, but I have always thought she was a very caring person who doesn’t judge people by its book cover. Her asking DY to thank Kang for what he gone thru was right thing, but not the part about the uncle. You need to give credit to him regardless what he has done to your family. But HJ is madly in love so the only thing she seeks is Kang and no one else, lol! So that’s why this weeken, I hope Kang is the one that goes after HJ.
  12. Sorry to cut your post, but I really didn’t think about that way. You opened my eyes on different views. But I would like to point out, Kang did tell HJ, it just didn’t show in the drama. Also, I understand that Kang didn’t tell HJ who he killed, and so the only thing Kang didn’t know was the fact that he accidentally killed her brother-in-law. So I give him the credit for that, but if he knew their relationship wasn’t going to work out, he should’ve left her long time ago. I mean what was soooo maddening was, and I couldn’t stand it at all, when HJ told her sister that Kang would be happy once he knows she has his kid, but he gave her totally different reaction than she had expected. Also, she didn’t made the kid by herself, you already caused the crime, now be responsible for it. I mean HJ is willing to give up everything for him, not to mention that she is having hard time, she can’t even eat. Now I do have to say, HJ is selfish as well. Just because she loves Kang that doesn’t mean her family should accept him too. And her timing is so off on so many levels. First she ask her sister to forgive Kang, then she asks her niece to call Kang, uncle. In this area, I don’t like HJ did that to her family.
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