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  1. Why do this to a woman who has been nothing but sweet to those around her. SA should stay strong and not break up with DJ. Their love triangle was not in the description. The writer must have something she’s not liking about SA. First, she had a shity in-laws and now she’s having the grandpa telling her to back off???!! If this ain’t some kind of hate, I don’t know what it is.
  2. I don't like the direction where this drama is going, at least for our second couple. What the hell is grandpa doing telling SA to back off. Now SA thinks she doesn't stand a chance because EJ has a powerful grandpa behind her back. I feel so bad for SA. She's gonna cry a lot in the next few episodes.
  3. I foreshadow a break up between SA and DJ. I don't believe SA is confident enough to go through it. Remember, SA has been brainwashed by her in-laws by constantly telling her she is ugly or incompetent for the family. So she automatically thinks she's not good enough for DJ either. Also, she doesn't want anything to do with the in-laws. I feel like next week will be hard ones to watch, stupid PD. I feel like no one can blame SA for the way she is, but we should try to understand her. You know, I don't about you guys, I kind of understand EJ. Not the stalking part, but the love part. You know, in life we can't control who we love. I mean I guess you can but to some extent. DJ didn't actually put his foot down to stop all these dramas, therefore EJ thinks she has a chance with him. I am not saying EJ is mature in love, but she is at the age where she knows what's her ideal type. I know plenty of people, women, who married their partner 10 years their senior. Therefore, it is known by the society. Of course, it takes two to make it work. EJ probably has been spoiled since she was little, thus she doesn't know if is not hers, she shouldn't take it. Either stands you believe in, I will root for SA. I really hope the writer will not let her give up this easy!
  4. I am so mad about how the story is written for SA/DJ/EJ. Is this triangle relationship really THAT important? I mean it is ridiculously stupid and not interesting at all. So she got him drunk, that’s where her pregnant comes into play. OMG, I hate where this is going. And thank you SA, for telling your mom! I am sincerely hoping the writer will move on from this, is getting more and more childish and definitely not pleasing to watch.
  5. I really enjoyed that scene as well! I think I mentioned somewhere! This is the first hot kiss by any middle-aged drama couples! And it is also close up shot! It was sincere and real! They were passionate, haha! I also, like the shoes scene! It was really a symbolic moment! But I am afraid now that the grandma knows, he might help her and Soo Ah might have no choice but to back down. Now I am gonna feel bad for SA.
  6. I really loved that SA gave DJ a kiss on the cheek! He really loves and care about her! The way SA was looking at him while she was in the car, it was just love overload! The way she smiles at him, OMG!!! She is sooo adorable and he as well! They are seriously the best couple! Guys, I am starting to feel bad for Man soo! He wants nothing but the safety of Jenny. I really hope he can succeed both in taking revenge on his mother and in love.
  7. If is not for SA and DJ, I drop this drama like a hot potato long time ago. This is the slowest drama I’ve seen in a long time. I probably should not watch for a few weeks that way I can wait for the good parts!! Haha Does anyone else think SA and DJ are just the cutest on screen couple? I guess is their turn to break up, judging from the preview. God, only my hope, SA won’t back down and let EJ have him. But knowing SA’s nature, she probably will.
  8. I can’t believe episode 55, after SA heard DJ said she was beautiful. She started crying. It just made me think, what kind of life had she had up until now that made her so emotional. I can rely to SA a lot because I’ve been told I was dumb all my life up until I got adopted. Words can have big impact and it can hurt like a needle. She had her mother-in-law talk down about her for 10 years, that’s enough for anyone to feel like committing suicide. I’ll have her mother-in-law know, SA is beautiful!
  9. I was on cloud nine with DJ! They are the cutest couple!! On the the other hand, I hope MS catch on what’s going on!
  10. OMG, my biggest hope, SA won’t give up on DJ! I would be so disappointed in SA. Also, why is the writer even bother with EJ’s childish love line? Why can’t DJ just say, “Hey girl, I am not interested in you. Please get out of my life.” Or tell on her to her family. They’ll control her. This is getting so frustrated. SA and DJ are such a good pair! I literally feel there is genuine love between the two! Like, it was not complicated nor frustrated! And I wouldn’t mind they actually date in real life.
  11. I don’t understand episode 52, meaning on the storyline of SA and DJ. Why should SA worry about what EJ thinks of DJ as father figured not? She needs to worry about her selves before he is taken away by somebody else. I am so sick of nice people letting the evil have what they want! SA is lying when she says she has never thought about DJ. If anyone believes that for one second, they are blind. She is letting EJ have it because her heart is way too kind and soft. I hope EJ won’t be too hard on SA next week. SA needs to speak her mind. Tell him you love him! And also what happen to ES and Jenny story line? They have not done anything this whole week. Writer needs to move one lets get the salt and pepper and spice up the food! Get the shows moving! On the other hand, I can’t wait for shady mom to find out who MS is!!! Can’t wait for the day when two evils meet! Match made by heaven!!! Finally this drama title should not be Shady mom-in-law, but Suspicious Mom and Son!
  12. I don’t understand the writer. Why is he keep letting JHJ and SA running into the crazy mom? Also, the story is moving like a snail, it’s not going anywhere! And there are more tortures to go thru before the freedom. Can we get the shows moving? I want SA to be happy and Jenny to find her mom! It is really funny that Jenny does not have any memories of her childhood. That is so unbelievable. Unless she had an accident where she lost her memory, but I seriously doubt it. On the other hand, it does seems JHJ is gonna remember something.
  13. Haha, it is really nice to see you here! Yes, you remember me correctly! I loved "My Only One" and now I am trying to find another drama to watch! Then I happen to see this one because my favorite actress, An Yun Hung is lead in this drama! I think she is really cute and adorable! This is her first drama as leading character! I hope we will have a lot of interactions going on here!!
  14. Episode 46 was sooo good for me! When DJ asked SA what happened at the office, the argument between her and EJ! At first SA didn’t want to say anything, but end up told him that EJ told her don’t butt in. And SA said they need to figure out their problem themselves and not getting her involve in it. And when DJ asked her what did she reply to EJ, SA said and I quote, “Ok,” meaning she won’t butt in. And DJ get all worked up, it was soo adorable. Also, when DJ said if he is going to take sides, he’ll stand beside SA. Just that phrase alone got me all in love with these two, haha! After DJ left, SA got all bashful, and I just love it when she covers herself with her hands, is like teenage romance all over again!! I can’t stand her cuteness, haha! To be honest I don’t even want EJ to be part of the triangle relationship and is just me or SA kind of just let EJ have her way? Like, when EJ told SA to go home after the meeting was done. She, instead of going on a “lunch date” with DJ, she went home, like what the heck? I hope SA won’t let her ex-in-laws pushes her around cause I’ll drop the show like nothing flat. SA needs to stand up to those that mistreats her and kill anyone who’s in her way, haha. She looks so sweet that if a fly comes to her she won’t even kill it, lol! Honestly, I am only here for SA and her little romance!! And I need to find out who Black Rose and what’s MS’s deal. Everyone else, especially Jenny, she drives me nuts. Oh, now that I am on the topic of Jenny. I feel so bad for SA because she already feels guilty about her little sister’s losing and every time her mom reminds her about Kyung Ah (KA), I wonder what is SA thinking. All these years, I wonder how she was able to endure all these headaches. I mean I know it is no ones fault, but still. SA, the poor girl, I hope nothing but happiness will come her way. She had so many misfortunes.
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