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  1. hi @saved2K just wanted to ask since you're a long time fan of PMY... you mention that she maintain a safe distance from her other co-star is it the same with because when i watch their BTS they seems close also. Please enlighten me coz am so curious.. Since i cannot find another interesting drama after wwwsk i watch the BTS of PMY and PSJ with their other partner to compare the difference... thank you in advance
  2. Happy Wedding Day PMY and PSJ!!! oopppssss i mean Young Joon and Miso since PMY is the goddess of chemistry i ship her with all her past leading man... but this time with PSJ is different i can't exactly explain thorough words what they have but they have something extra ordinary that everytime they're on one frame together you can feel the magnitude or explosive chemistry coming from both of them...
  3. Chingu @saved2K is it true that PMY will go to Dubai? Omg how will I find out when she's traveling here... but the temp here now is very high and the humidity is terrible... she will not enjoy roaming around how can I see her... otokeeeee I really like her she's so down to earth, humble and kind in short she's not a snob unlike other A-lister celebrity... PMY Iam I still a girl or not...
  4. OMG... I will give you all an Pulitzer award best in investigative reporting! daebak!!! clap 1000x i am laughing silently in my table reading all your insights aka investigations and delulus keep it up guys!... P.S. PMY is so beautiful... PSJ is so lucky
  5. iam imaging PSJ right now... he's also ROFL same as us at the moment because of his trolling to highest maximum level ... maybe telling the detective ig fans ... you want a post i'll give you a post... our captain is a KING of troll indeed...
  6. I see... thanks for the correction.. maybe same us, they are wondering why PPC are not joining them... thats why he/she use that #.... P.S. so different meaning not the #... im confused now... ha ha ha
  7. hmmmm why all of a sudden tag PPC... becauseeee they are busted ! PPC is not with them diversion tactic...
  8. since no sighting yet for our PPC and the updates and post from the stylist, manager and other staff... there is indeed a conspiracy between the crew, staff and PPC diversionary tactic so that no one can find where are they....
  9. Very well said chingu! Clap clap clap Just read, ignore and laugh at their (haters) comments.... @josephines11 our captain is PSJ and the co-captain is @minseojoon
  10. agree... if they are extracting comments from here they should have ask first.. if they copy and paste the comment from here to ig immediately report the account's name... unless the IG account is the same person who posted the comments here.. to all the lurkers: we are all delusional here so don't take the comments seriously and bring to your IG account
  11. my vote is... PMY is already in Phuket... waiting for PSJ arrival i mean together with wwwsk staff and crew
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