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  1. In DRAMA [Love in Sadness] PILOT Eps 1-24, Ji Hyun Woo & Park Han Byul x Ryu Soo Young Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2019 Article: Naver 'Love in Sadness' Park Ha Na, a special appearance.. Her great acting makes it a pity that it is [Eps 1-4] 1. [+157,-1] Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Na-ssi's acting are so goosebump-inducing. Respect. 2. [+124,-4] She'll exchange her role with Park Han Byul. ㅡㅡㅋㅋ 3. [+62,-2] Please appear in another drama quickly. She's so pretty and her acting is good!! 4. [+36,-5] This is so interesting. Park Han Byul in the preview.... ㅠ 5. [+22,-0] It's such a pity that Park Ha Na's just making a special appearance.. She has to change with Park Han Byul, right..?? 6. [+19,-0] I thought she was the female lead... but she's just making a special appearance... 7. [+18,-0] It's a role that needs skills to be able to express even the mildest emotions well. Park Ha Na did so well. I'm sure Park Han Byul feels the pressure. 8. [+18,-2] Both Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Na acting so well yesterday.. It'd be good if the two are the leads. What a pity. 9. [+16,-0] Park Han Byul lacks charisma. No matter how bad her acting is, this is something even Kim Tae Hee can do. To be honest, I'm not even sure if she's pretty too. 10. [+15,-0] I hope Park Han Na gets a lead role the next time~~ Fighting. Article: Naver 'Love in Sadness' Park Ha Na → Park Han Byul appears, close face-offs[Eps 5-8] 1. [+562,-20] Someone who is good at acting went to do plastic surgery and became someone who is bad at acting... 2. [+321,-15] Can't Park Ha Na come back? 3. [+167,-20] The immersion went down so much suddenly~~ Guess she's reading a Korean textbook again. 4. [+107,-19] Why are kids like her coming out? Seriously. 5. [+86,-3] It'd be better if Park Han Byul makes a special appearance and Park Han Na is the female lead..... Sigh... A... miscast. 6. [+73,-1] Park Han Na even cut her own hair, but Park Han Byul even wore makeup when she was removing the bandage. I was surprised to see her lips red. 7. [+67,-5] They are going to use Park Han Byul for the rest of the 40 episodes? I miss Park Ha Na.. She's so pretty and her acting is good. 8. [+56,-5] Bring back Park Ha Na. Park Ha Na is better at acting and she is charismatic. That's why I was able to get immersed in the show, but you're putting Park Han Byul there? 9. [+53,-4] Ha..... The story is nice, I like Park Ha Na and Wang Bit Na.... But Park Han Byul just isn't it. She should have done a robot drama. Park Han Byul's acting is really bad and her expressions are the same. 10. [+55,-8] Her husband is going around committing crimes, but she's so brazenly appearing in a drama? Article: Naver 'Love in Sadness' Ryu Soo Young begins suspecting Ji Hyun Woo x Park Han Byul [Eps 9-12] 1. [+35,-1] Ryu Soo Young was so scary. 2. [+26,-0] My heart fluttered while there was tension. Ji Hyun Woo was so cool. 3. [+29,-6] If you sing the song 'I'm here', who wouldn't be able to find you? Ha.. 4. [+21,-1] The two actors' acting so handsome and cool. The drama is interesting. 5. [+12,-0] The acting is the same, it's so bad. They should've used Park Ha Na. Park Han Byul is frustrating. 6. [+18,-7] I miss Park Ha Na. 7. [+11,-0] Love you, Ji Hyun Woo-nim. Article: Naver 'Love in Sadness' Wang Bit Na makes a dangerous proposal "Please meet Ryu Soo Young" [Eps 13-16] 1. [+99,-8] She used to be someone who hasn't done a drama, then somehow became someone's girlfriend, and now she is a female lead. I thought it was strange. Looks like she has someone backing her up. 2. [+71,-7] Why is she so nasty? Does she not know that she's burdensome? She got married without even knowing what her husband is doing? She said he's doing business, right? She's been eating and living well because of that and now she claims she doesn't know, cosplaying as the victim. Disgusting. 3. [+53,-5] I was enjoying this show, but because of the scandal..... I don't want to watch it.... Am I the only one... 4. [+17,-0] Park Ha Na acted really well in the beginning, so it's such a pity now~ It makes me dislike watching this drama. 5. [+13,-0] She married a trash~~ Would he have uploaded his sex videos with his wife too? 6. [+10,-0] Why is Byul's husband keeping quiet? He's more trashy than Jung Jun Young and Seung Ri... 7. [+6,-0] Alright, let's forget about everything else. But Park Han Byul's acting is so bad.... I can't get immersed in it. Article: Naver 'Love in Sadness' Ryu Soo Young trespasses Park Han Byul's house, fights with Ji Hyun Woo [Eps 16-20] 1. [+547,-24] Ryu Soo Young may be the villain, but he's a scene stealer and I get so absorbed in the drama because of him. I'm thankful that I could see such outstanding acting skills in the small screen~ 2. [+380,-22] Ji Hyun Woo is cool. If only I could live with a guy like him for just a day.. 3. [+244,-13] It may be acting, but Ryu Soo Young's role is goosebump-inducingly scary. I think it will be fine once Park Han Byul and Ji Hyun Woo live together... 4. [+146,-13] Ji Hyun Woo is so cool. 5. [+127,-17] I was wondering why is Park Han Byul's acting good this time, looks like it's because her life is similar to the character's situation. That's why she could get into character.. When she said, "It's my fault for picking the wrong husband too." while crying, the immersion wass daebak. 6. [+78,-3] This is kind of interesting. Ryu Soo Young-ssi obsessive acting gave me goosebumps. 7. [+75,-0] Why is Ryu Soo Young so good at acting as the villain? It's scary. 8. [+75,-3] Ji Hyun Woo is cool. He matches his Seo Jung Won character so well. A man that's like watercolors. Gentle and strong. 9. [+105,-40] I was nervous the whole time. Ryu Soo Young-ssi, Park Han Byul-ssi, their acting seemed so real. Article: Naver 'Love in Sadness' Ji Hyun Woo finds out about Park Han Byul and Go Ju Won's affair [Eps 21-24] 1. [+465,-26] Is Park Han Byul still appearing? 2. [+272,-10] A drama that makes Ji Hyun Woo's acting go to waste. - [+19,-0] I really think that Ji Hyun Woo doesn't have luck with his female leads. 3. [+244,-6] Alright, let's just make it that he doesn't want to see his wife's face who had committed adultery anymore and change her face once more... 4. [+89,-9] Ji Hyun Woo's acting is so good. 5. [+67,-7] Ji Hyun Woo is really sweet~~~ ♡ 6. [+24,-4] I get angry seeing Park Han Byul's face.. Ha.. I didn't watch the drama on purpose for that reason. Don't write articles of it. It stresses me out. 7. [+16,-1] I'm watching the rerun now, Ji Hyun Woo is so cool. To think I only found out about that now. The drama is fun~~ 8. [+16,-1] Ji Hyun Woo's acting is so good... 9. [+26,-2] The two were in the car together, but why did only Park Han Byul become a vegetarian, and Go Ju Won is alive? 10. [+14,-0] Ji Hyun Woo's acting is outstanding. He has suffered. I'd like to cheer for him. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/04/love-in-sadness-pilot-eps-1-24-ji-hyun.html
  2. She's the main character. How is this gonna work? Park Han Byul Requests To Adjust “Love In Sadness” Filming Schedule Following Husband’s Controversy Park Han Byul requested a change in her recording schedule for her MBC drama “Love in Sadness,” in which she plays the female lead Yoon Ma Ri. The actress’s husband, former CEO Yoo In Suk of Yuri Holdings and Seungri’s business partner, was revealed to have participated in chatrooms where sexual escort services were seemingly arranged for foreign investors. Further reports brought up a corrupt connection between members of the chatroom and Senior Superintendent Police Officer Yoon, and it was later revealed that Park Han Byul was also acquainted with the officer. Park Han Byul previously stated that she will continue to film the drama to avoid causing harm to those working hard for the show. On March 20, the actress’s agency Fly Up Entertainment revealed, “Because the actress is having a hard time due to the recent events, we made a request to the production staff to adjust her filming schedule and wrap up filming her parts more quickly.” The production staff have not made a decision on this yet. The 40-episode drama has aired 16 episodes as of March 20. However, the drama began filming around the end of last year, and only a month remains for the drama to wrap up filming. The script for the final episode was completed today. https://www.soompi.com/article/1311483wpp/park-han-byul-requests-to-adjust-love-in-sadness-filming-schedule-following-husbands-controversy
  3. There are no rumors. It's just k-netizens saying they want her to leave the drama. Her label said she's not leaving.
  4. Maybe he's gonna realize that he truly does love her for her and wants her back. Or maybe he's gonna get his own revenge on her because she had the "nerve" to change her face.
  5. I've watched some of Park Han Byul's past work, including her first movie, and I can tell you that she hasn't made much improvement on her acting so some people are gonna be disappointed when Park Ha Na leaves.
  6. Which one? Park Ha Na or Park Han Byul? Sadly, Ha Na will only appear for the first 4 episodes.
  7. Even with the extension, there still wasn't enough time to show everything. And by everything I mean everyone mourning for NWS's death, Dong Shik finding out who his real parents are, MYR waking up at a hospital with brain damage, So Jin's whereabouts after one year, Ari mourning for LH, what else am I missing.
  8. Exactly. Imagine if it was SSR instead who couldn't film. There would have been no extension and she would have rushed everything this week just to give him closure.
  9. There was no double love life. She became Wang Shik's lover after Joon Sang went missing.
  10. In DRAMA [The Last Empress] Eps 45 & 46 spoilers, Jang Na Ra x Choi Jin Hyuk x Shin Sung Rok Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' "Live as my woman" Shin Sung Rok, after removing evidence of corruption, forcefully kisses Jang Na Ra 1. [+1077,-26] Scriptwriter, please read up on the current trends... 2. [+672,-23] Ah, that's sexual assault; not heart fluttering... Lee Hyuk's character was becoming kind, what happened.. ㅠㅠㅠ 3. [+491,-38] ..Isn't that sexual assault? 4. [+376,-17] KakaoDog gained popularity in the middle because of his gags. And now, he's back to being crazy like in the beginning. Anyway, that sly fox Seo Kang Hee is really disgusting... 5. [+324,-17] This is the worst.. ㅡㅡ To think they turned a good character into someone like that. 6. [+98,-1] He showed a hint of doing some reflection not long ago. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ But he's not guilty at all. And he's totally a psychopath with Othello syndrome [t/n: morbid jealousy/person is constantly thinking that their partner is unfaithful without real proof] now. 7. [+100,-7] They turned the characters into weirdos. I hope Shin Sung Rok and Jang Na Ra come out in a calming romcom in the future. 8. [+95,-4] Do they have to do that at the end..? Even if it's just a drama, do they have to add in a forced kiss?;; Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Jang Na Ra stops Shin Sung Rok who pointed his gun at Choi Jin Hyuk 1. [+249,-12] Just end it this week. 2. [+142,-13] It's so childish that I can't watch it anymore. 3. [+105,-6] There's a lot of pointing guns at people but no one is shooting~~~ Na Wang Shik and Lee Hyuk pointed their guns at each other and Min Yoo Ra pointed her gun at Lee Hyuk. 4. [+103,-4] I hate the sight of Seo Kang Hee!! 5. [+66,-1] No, you should've saved the evidence in Google Drive, N Drive, etc. What's with a safe? If you want to put it in a safe, put it in a Swiss safe... 6. [+58,-12] I hope Choi Jin Hyuk takes on a bright and healthy role in his next project~^^ 7. [+46,-7] Reflection time for the people who have supported Oh Ssu Ni and Lee Hyuk.. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-last-empress-eps-45-46-spoilers.html Guess people aren't shipping SN and LH anymore.
  11. People are still trying to decide who the male lead is? LH and WB are BOTH the male leads. There's no second lead.
  12. This week might not be the last week. Why do I feel like they're trying to keep it a secret whether they're extending or not?
  13. In DRAMA [The Last Empress] Eps 43 & 44 spoilers, Jang Na Ra x Shin Sung Rok x Choi Jin Hyuk Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2019 Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' "I'm Na Wang Shik" Choi Jin Hyuk pulls out his gun after revealing his identity to Shin Sung Rok 1. [+769,-12] To be honest, the empress dowager and Seo Kang Hee were going around accusing this person, and that person. They are the ones who should be punished more than Shin Sung Rok. 2. [+719,-33] I really wanted Lee Hyuk to get a happy ending. But seems like it's not possible... 3. [+441,-22] Wang Shik and KakaoDog should make up and let that sly Seo Kang Hee get punished. 4. [+196,-9] I thought Lee Hyuk was possessed by Lee Jae Kyung [t/n: Shin Sung Rok's character in My Love From Another Star]. 5. [+239,-113] Please extend it... I'll forgive everything... Please... OhLee couple... 6. [+111,-5] Today's episode was really boring and frustrating. If the next week's episodes are the same, I won't watch it anymore. 7. [+122,-20] They pushed for OhLee so aggressively, and Ssu Ni went to save Wang Shik... Something doesn't match up somehow.. It's disappointing. Guess it all depends on who Sa Goon Ja is in the end.. 8. [+89,-1] From Yoon So Hee's character's first appearance in the beginning, it gets more boring from there... 9. [+83,-3] Is Ahn Nae Sang really a corrupted cop? 10. [+80,-1] Looking at it, it seems like neither three of them will become a couple. Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Yoon So Yi was the one who attacked Oh Seung Yoon, Shin Sung Rok framed 1. [+425,-3] I thought the story development is going to be refreshing, but they are feeding us sweet potatoes again. ㅡㅡ 2. [+196,-13] The empress and Min Yoo Ra work together, and the empress dowager is working together with the nanny. This is exciting. In the middle of that, granny Sa Goon Ja isn't selling the land. ㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+189,-15] Really boring.. Why is the story ruined like that? 4. [+140,-6] It would've been fun if they ended it quickly, but it's getting boring and draggy now. 5. [+103,-4] Thank you, Min Yoo Ra. Looks like Lee Hyuk is going downhill next week.. Hyuk-ah.. Please get to your senses.... Announce that the empress dowager and Seo Kang Hee have terminal illness in a week~~ 6. [+47,-1] Granny Sa Goon Ja seems like the great empress dowager. 7. [+44,-1] This episode made me furious. They are dragging the crisis till the end. Will they be able to tie up all loose ends next week?? https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-last-empress-eps-43-44-spoilers.html
  14. In DRAMA [The Last Empress] Eps 41 & 42 spoilers, Jang Na Ra & Shin Sung Rok + Lee Elijah Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019 Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Lee Elijah meets Yoo Geon, "You're alive?" 1. [+1013,-26] Just how many guys did Min Yoo Ra cheat on? 2. [+476,-9] Please kill that nanny quickly. 3. [+452,-16] If we look at everyone closely, they are all victims. Of course, Min Yoo Ra didn't do the right thing... ㅠㅠ 4. [+441,-18] Na Wang Shik is smart. Locking Min Yoo Ra up in the same ward as Kang Joo Seung~~ 5. [+371,-9] If the empress didn't try to kill Kang Joo Seung, Min Yoo Ra wouldn't cheat on her lovers that many times. ㅠ 6. [+87,-0] The most common line in this drama. Whenever they see someone, they go, "You're alive? How did you survive?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 7. [+60,-0] Min Yoo Ra is cute. Seo Kang Hee is the real scary one. I hope she gets exposed quickly~~ 8. [+58,-3] The empress dowager and Seo Kang Hee are comparable to each other when it comes to doing evil things. But still, it's interesting to watch the empress dowager falling for their tricks. Seo Kang Hee doesn't fall for their tricks at all!!!! She's mean!!!! 9. [+56,-1] The funny thing is... why did Min Yoo Ra eat Kang Joo Seung's food? Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Jang Na Ra suspects that Shin Sung Rok is the culprit who attacked Oh Seung Yun 1. [+1152,-15] Seo Kang Hee is wicked. She makes use of others. The evilest of all.. Looks like Lee Hyuk is the only one getting bullied;;; 2. [+679,-9] Does it make sense? The man is still hiding behind the door and the king came in after that. How can she suspect him? 3. [+433,-6] I think Seo Kang Hee is the culprit. She dropped Hyuk's flower on purpose. But what's the point of stealing the tape? He filmed it with his phone, didn't he? 4. [+412,-11] I'm curious about next week's episode. I think the culprit is the nanny. 5. [+327,-35] Why is Hyuk's life so pitiful? Anyway, it would be goosebumps-inducing if everything was staged by Lee Yoon himself. Please, scriptwriter. OhLee, OhLee, OhLee. 6. [+133,-1] And I thought I hate Min Yoo Ra the most. But it's the nanny.. 7. [+107,-0] Why can't he search for the records quietly? Do they have to tell people in advance? 8. [+88,-3] I know that Lee Hyuk did bad stuff... But he's too pitiful today. Oppa.. Can't you film a romcom??? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 9. [+76,-3] How many times has Lee Hyuk been framed... He's so pitiful. ㅠㅠㅠ https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-last-empress-eps-41-42-spoilers.html
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