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  1. @tulip06 @chococarmela There's another important thing I wanna point out. Out of all the kid-parent relationships, Jenny had the best relationship with her mom and she respected her mom the most. SH and SK hate their dad. RN and EB had a love/hate relationship with their parents. MH has no respect for his parents but there was never any hate between them. So you can kind of see why Jenny and that brat MH took it harder than the rest.
  2. Damn. I wish I wasn't right when I said Logan will die to have the plot move forward.
  3. It's weird that so many people are freaking out about YH dying. She ain't dead so stop freaking out. I still can't believe she's the only one who didn't know about RN being alive. Turn on your effing phone and tv for god's sakes! As for Logan and SR's love line, they had such a good built up in season 1 but their season 2 love line felt off and rushed. The writer probably found out about the shippers and threw in the kiss scene last minute. For a while now, I knew that Logan had feelings for SR because you can feel the longing he had for her but I still felt like they should have
  4. Yeah it would have been nice seeing SSR play psychopath again. And it would have been nice watching him smooch Kim So Yeon.
  5. Eugene has always been known as a wonderful actress so I don't think anyone's shocked. The issue was that she got overshadowed by Kim So Yeon in season 1 and Kim So Yeon was also the one people were rooting for to win the daesang/top excellence award. But all 3 female leads ended up winning in the end.
  6. TV: [Spoilers!!!] 'Penthouse 2' sees first drop in viewer ratings after continued rise Article: Analysis on why 'Penthouse 2' viewer ratings went down Source: Number One Fun via Instagram 1. The characters representing good are being killed off for no reason, and their deaths aren't moving the plot forward 2. Chun Seojin's character is losing her charm: praised for her evil character in the first season, she's become a sobbing mess in the second season and viewers are no longer able to differentiate who is good or evil between Chun
  7. I didn't believe it at first but I think I believe it now. Aegyo was the one who got killed that night and now SSR is pretending to be her.
  8. Ro Na's death scene ended so abruptly and her corpse wasn't even shown. Her death feels very different from SR and MSA's death. At least we got to see their dead bodies. Keep this in mind for later. I can imagine Logan saving RN at the last second and hiding it from YH.
  9. No because the timing doesn't match up. If Rona was maybe 3 years older than Eun Byol, I would have suspected it. But I do think Yoon Chul and Yoon Hee's break up was the very last time they saw each other.
  10. “Penthouse” Actress Eugene Reveals She Wasn’t Informed Beforehand That She Would Be “Min Seol Ah’s Killer” On a radio show appearance dated February 18, 2021, Eugene shared that she was just as taken aback as everyone else. Both the radio show MCs as well as the public had expected Oh Yoon Hee’s character to be the “normal” and “good” one, compared to the crazy drama in Hera Palace. Later on, she was revealed to be Min Seol Ah’s killer, shocking audiences. Eugene revealed, “To be honest, my character is one that shows lots of extreme changes due to the hardships she exp
  11. We don't know what episode this is gonna be. All we know is that Logan took her away before Yoon Hee could reach the prison. Maybe she does end up staying in prison for a short while.
  12. TV: [Spoilers!!!] Penthouse (Finale) Article: 'Penthouse' finally airs last episode with unexpected twists Source: Insight via Instagram 1. [+130] I feel like season 2 is going to end with loose ends in preparation for season 3 again; 2. [+75] Maybe after Shim Sooryeon's death, Hyein, who's in the States, gets healthy and comes back to avenge her death 3. [+31] Well are we going to find the butterfly tattoo woman or not? 4. [+24] Hopefully our Logan doesn't die? 5. [+20] The story is headed towards the mountains - Article: Joo Seokkyung
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