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  1. No because the timing doesn't match up. If Rona was maybe 3 years older than Eun Byol, I would have suspected it. But I do think Yoon Chul and Yoon Hee's break up was the very last time they saw each other.
  2. “Penthouse” Actress Eugene Reveals She Wasn’t Informed Beforehand That She Would Be “Min Seol Ah’s Killer” On a radio show appearance dated February 18, 2021, Eugene shared that she was just as taken aback as everyone else. Both the radio show MCs as well as the public had expected Oh Yoon Hee’s character to be the “normal” and “good” one, compared to the crazy drama in Hera Palace. Later on, she was revealed to be Min Seol Ah’s killer, shocking audiences. Eugene revealed, “To be honest, my character is one that shows lots of extreme changes due to the hardships she exp
  3. We don't know what episode this is gonna be. All we know is that Logan took her away before Yoon Hee could reach the prison. Maybe she does end up staying in prison for a short while.
  4. TV: [Spoilers!!!] Penthouse (Finale) Article: 'Penthouse' finally airs last episode with unexpected twists Source: Insight via Instagram 1. [+130] I feel like season 2 is going to end with loose ends in preparation for season 3 again; 2. [+75] Maybe after Shim Sooryeon's death, Hyein, who's in the States, gets healthy and comes back to avenge her death 3. [+31] Well are we going to find the butterfly tattoo woman or not? 4. [+24] Hopefully our Logan doesn't die? 5. [+20] The story is headed towards the mountains - Article: Joo Seokkyung
  5. Another thing that makes SR better than the others is she was the only one who had no cruel intentions towards Min Seol Ah and this was way before the daughter reveal. Every other parent was all like "Min Seol Oh is a poor orphan and we have to get rid of her to protect our kids and ourselves."
  6. Me too. There really wasn't much going on with YH's character other than her loyalty to her daughter and her partnership with SR. YH finally has a conflict of her own again and if it has to involve her turning evil then so be it.
  7. We got some nominees for the Daesang award but Kim So Yeon, Namgoong Min, and Han Seok Kyu are the 3 most talked about. Article: '2020 SBS Drama Awards' top 6 most deserving of the daesang Source: Insight via Instagram 1. [+859] Kim So Yeon no matter what... 2. [+441] Kim So Yeon for daesang! 3. [+391] Kim So Yeon no matter what 4. [+317] Kim So Yeon no matter what ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+266] I think it'll be between Han Suk Kyu or Kim So Yeon 6. [+145] Kim So Yeon 7. [+107] Not Eugene.. 8. [+98] Nam Goong Min 9. [+88] Either between Nam Goong M
  8. The writer also had another drama with 3 female protagonists so we can easily say it's the same case here. She also likes to give her villains more screentime than the good guys which is why the actors who play the villains usually get more recognition.
  9. This is debatable. I always thought Su Ryeon was the main protagonist since Lee Ji Ah's name is always listed first while Eugene's name is always listed 3rd. And just because you're a protagonist, it doesn't mean you won't kill anyone.
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