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  1. I agree with you alcides 14ahjuma, just leave those negative comments . Those people are too free and we shin hye fans have to remember that when someone is famous people will always talk about them. Just give all the positive comments so that shin hye will not be affected by those harsh comments. Just let her know through the comments that there many fans who love and support her. Let’s pray for her and for us . Prayer is the best weapon whatever religion we have. Today just read a sad news . Suli was found dead. It’s really saddening to read this kind of news. That’s I hope those people who give harsh comments on others may realise that those words they said may have bad effect on others. Sorry for the long post. To the Indonesian fans thank for being there to support shin hye and thank you for the pictures. No words to describe shin hye on that day.in only can say WOW.
  2. I hope shin hye hairstylist won’t do her hair like when she came to Malaysia . She looks old in that hair . At least do like her hair in Olivia burton cf. she looks cool sexy , sweet and gorgeous in that hair.
  3. Shin hye looks very gorgeous and elegant in all mojoshine dresses and photos . She really suits as the model. How I wish she wear those dresses in he event.
  4. Just like her hairstyle as a guest in ryn fanmet . Look very old style. She looks classy and cool with no bangs and straight hair.
  5. I hope shin hye’s hair stylist won’t perm shin hye hair in her fan sign event just like when she came to Malaysia . She looked old . She looks better without the fringe and the hair straight just like her photos in Mamonde.
  6. For a while I thought it was a good news. The story is something different . I really hope shin Hye this kind of challenging role. Not just a sweet girl next door. MOTA she accepted though she was not able to show her other acting skills. We know she’s good in portraying her emotion in crying but I want to see the dark side. So sad to read this that she’s not doing the drama.
  7. Guys I know this is out but I just need your prayer. Tomorrow my students will be taking the national exam which is very important to me and to them. So please pray that they will score well. Thank you.
  8. I hope shin Hye accepts the drama . It sounds interesting . I want her to be something different not always a good girl next door. Happy and brilliant . I want her to showcase the total opposite of her. I’m sure she can pull it. Miss her so much.
  9. Thanks ash011. Do understand what you mean as you understand me as we have one imp thing in common. LOVE for shin Hye . All of us here have.
  10. Sorry again guys I have to express my feelings . I’m really worried . I don’t know whether it’s good to hope but I can’t help it. Hope shin Hye will find a guy who is matured and older than her and stable enough. I don’t want being used by someone. Shin Hye is very famous . I know guys what I’m thinking and I know you have read the news about KHS and AJH. CTJ is also a friend of JJY. Please let’s pray together for shin Hye that she’ll find another one. A person can pretend to be nice if they want something. I don’t think my poor heart can take if somebody do that to shin Hye . Sorry guys .
  11. I’m really about shin Hye . I hope she’s not being used by CTJ to get well known. I hope Shin Hye get someone who Is older and more matured than her. After reading about the two famous couples who got divorced . I really shin Hye find someone who’s older and not celebrity. She always said before she doesn’t want younger than her . Please GOD enlighten shin Hye. Shin Hye is too kind and people always make use of her and take advantage . I really pray to God to protect her coz she’s a very kindhearted person. It really worried me so much . I feel like I’ll be relieve if they go separate ways. Sorry if I hurt anyone. I’m just too worried about shin Hye.
  12. Don’t Thanie they there it’s just that don’t know what to post so we become silent reader . I don’t know how many time I check every day to whether there’s some news. Since our PSH is also silent we also become silent. Don’t worry we’re here. I believe everyone are just busy. May GOD bless her and guide on every path she’s taking. Same all of us here.
  13. After reading another news of divorce I feel so worried about shin Hye . Especially so the men are younger than their wives. I hope shin Hye find someone older than her and more matured. I really feel that CTJ is not matured enough for her. With the rumour involvement I really feel he doesn’t match SH. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone with this post. Really apologise it’s just that I’m very concerned of shin Hye which I think all of us here are the same. Thank you for reading. Miss SH so much.
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