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  1. Annyeong everyone! Finally today is the long awaited day! Please say Hi to our grumpy CEO & his flirty GF Added stills This's unexpected & certainly not what I was hoping for, but lol, bromance in the mixing?
  2. Right2? I love him since Wolgyesu Tailor too & even loved AhChoo couple more than the main couple there, although for me Ahchoo couple were consisted of 3 ppl, Kang Tae Yang (Hyun Woo), Min Hyo Won (Lee Se Yeong) & his mother in law, lol. Seriously, his MIL is the cutest MIL I've ever encountered in kdramaland. @Ohsh I watched their part on Happy together & was shipping them both in real life at that time, it's cute to see him being all shy & Se Yeong being all cool, haha. Anw, when the grannies mentioned Alain Delon on the last ep I was curious to see how does he looks like & just randomly search for him & Dang!! No wonder the granny called him Oppa!
  3. Yes yes, there's something about this show indeed that even when there is this other drama which I loved & found was a well made one with a better plot, this one manage to win me over & made me addicted, excited & hyped, lol, they gave me butterflies & surprisingly refreshing to watch. This! Actually this kind of scene was tailored made for Hyun Woo (ppl who watched Wolgyesu Tailor/Bravo my life will know) Hope the writer won't be wasting their opportunity for such cute dating scenes
  4. Yup, exactly, you're right, that's why I find her character's arc was much more compelling to develop because they revealed our lead's character depth & show us that behind Sung Tae's cold, guarded & distant outside, he had a warm & caring heart. This! Thank you for pointing that out, I seconded every words, I love to see that they stand above themselves & choose to follow their heart over their current circumstances shd have led them to. Tbh, I'm quite surprise that I find the writer's insight is much better than I expected them to be for this lighthearted drama, probably that's why I'm in love with this show
  5. Yes, he does look more well built sometimes around end of last year than Sung Tae's right now so I don't think he still has it, lol Yeah most probably because it doesn't suit ST character That makes me wonder how some actors seems to be able to gain or loosing their weight in such a short period of time as if it was nothing , dedication, I guess? Anyway, back to the topic, I'm curious as well as to why there seems no story/development about Sung Tae's actress friend anymore? I like her character & find her story more interesting than the 2nd male lead story actually. With them only having 12 ep in total I wonder if her story being cut just like that
  6. Happy to share @Ohsh ^^ Lol, yes petty jealousy contest here we go x))) Do you mean this one? #nosebleeds Actually I'm quite surprised too when I saw it, the last time I saw his drama was when he acted as Kang Tae Yang on Wolgyesu Tailor Shop but I don't think he was that well built. Those pic/videos was taken during his shoot for family drama Bravo My Life last year, his role was an actor for action drama maybe that's why, who'd hv known there's a body like that behind his cute face? Teehee I don't normally fall for a cute looking guy, but there's something about Hyun woo that pulls me in (most probably because of his puppy eyes & those sexy timbre in his voice ) Tbh, am screening all of his scene on Bravo My Life just to fulfill my daily/(weekly?) dose of him, damn I think I'm smitten . #Mod, please let me know if posting such pics is not allowed & I'll edit them#
  7. Kyaa, I love ep 8 ~~~~~~~ #sorry I can't help it . . Theories & thoughts about ep 8 #spoilers# My theory is, when a guy falls in love with a witch & "kiss" her, some of her power might transferred to them, thus the 1st & 2nd ML seem to be having power on ep 8. On ep 8, Cho hong thinks that Sung Tae is not his fated man but she accept him as he is & follow what her heart tells, I love that, because love is not something that you can control, that's why it's called you fell in love, well done show! However, I think Sung Tae is really her fated man as she glows more as her relationship with Sung Tae gets deeper, but I love the fact that it isn't clear if he really is or isn't, it's more thrilling this way <333 Even if he isn't, it's okay because Cho Hong already aware of it & accept the risk completely & I like that. I'm #teamBrad btw, died when Alan Delon being mentioned X'D What I like about Sung Tae: even if his attitude doesn't always right, he learned his mistake, reflect to himself & apologize accordingly. I like that he acts like any adults would do, honest with his feeling & mark his own words, keeping his value, he is mature & wise. Him & Cho Hong complement each other, together they become the better person.
  8. You may try .....e Hello everyone, am just want to drop by to convey how I love this drama so much. Been watching hundreds kdrama but this show still made it to be one of my fav airing show, why? The story might be cliches, a bit childish and it's not an A list production & ahjumamsies may had a very bad first impression which understandable because they might not hooked you right of the bait (kinda sad about it tbh, judging a drama as bad from only 1 ep is like judging a book from its cover) But! They're keep getting better each ep, interesting + unpredictable, and idk why but Sung Tae+Cho Hong bickering makes my heart flutters. I'm on their ship & didn't fall for the 2nd ML at all since I find the 2nd male lead too childish & a nuisance, he kept forcing himself to Cho hong + the last epilogue has made him a creepy guy as well (sorry if I'm bring harsh, I can't stand him & his overly confident smile flirting w/ Cho Hong when she doesn't give a sign of interest at all, lol) I wonder why the subs taking time too long though, it frustating me since when it comes to this drama I'm no longer able to wait so I had to watched them in raw
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