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  1. 13 minutes ago, triplem said:

    Finally a thank you post from TOP star :heart:

    I tried to google translate them, but I don't understand anything about those package fee mentioned, lol


    "In the last scene on the last shooting day, the bishop said, "Everyone is happy," instead of the okay sign. That happiness is the happiness that two words give, 'Happiness A, I was happy to meet the top star Yu Baek Lee, and we were happy because we could all be together and happy to share that happiness. ◆ It is not a drama that brings good luck that is not easy to find like a four-leaf clover. It is a thankful drama like a three-leaf clover who reminded us of the happiness we had forgotten in busy everyday life .. The view is 1,500 won. It is 1,200 won for 7 days shorts purchase. If you use the package for a monthly fee, it is 13,000 won last time. Rebroadcasts can be found on the Satomi trees tvn and Otvn: "We are all happy together ~"

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  2. 16 minutes ago, jhjsw said:

    I've lost count on how many times I watched the romantic scenes again and again. I love this drama and couple so much. So sad it already ended.. :bawling: 


    I hope both of them will do another project in the future. They easily made their way to my top 3 favorite onscreen couples. 


    I wanna see more of KJS but before 20th century, he was usually doing 2nd lead roles. I don't think I can watch him as the guy not getting the girl anymore. So what am I gonna watch now. :bawling:



    Omg sameee (TT TT ) I fell for KJS since problematic men & 20century and fell harder on Top Star-sshi, I want to watch his other drama but on most of it he was the 2nd lead & my weak heart couldn't accept to see his heart broken :tears: just nonono


    KJS & JSM together had an amaaazing chemistry that making me hard not to ship them together tbh, hope to see them in another project together real soon, maybe on melodrama? Family drama? Or even sageuk, lol, anything!! *yes I'm that desperate to see them again. :sweatingbullets:


    Ahh it's hard to let this drama go, still can't move on just yet, I hope you don't mind if I camp here for a while :D


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  3. Gosh I'm speechless when it comes to this drama, I'm blown away for how perfect it was. How can a drama be this beautiful yet so funny, captivating, meaningful, heartwarming & had the most adorable couple everrr, wahhh KJS & JSM had the best chemistry I've ever seen in kdramaland.


    As for their ending, I don't even need to watch their last ep with sub to know that they're gold, I'll rewatch it for a countless time like each & every other ep of theirs. This is the best drama from 2018/2019 & an all time fav for me.


    Hwahh gonna miss them so much, how can I find another drama that able to top this one for me??? They're so perfect!!  :bawling:


    Thank you TVN for giving us such a beautiful drama like this, a healing drama indeed (TT) am granting you a 10 out of 10, even a 100 if I could, chopsu!!! 

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  4. Just want to share the eng lyrics of their ost part 8 Ra.D - Fairytales


    I kept seeing Jin hyuk teary eyes when hearing/reading those lyrics, along with his words to So hyun when he gave her his peony proposal

    *a very very sad lyrics :tears:* (Trans credit to popgasa)




    A fairy tale where you, whom I love

    Comes to me and beautifully kisses me when I open the door

    A fairy tale where I hold you and dance 

    On a street when it’s just us two at night


    Every day, I spent days like that with you In my fairy tale-like dreams

    I didn’t want to open my eyes I don’t want to wake up and go back I want to hold you and dream a little longer


    All of these stories seemed like they’d disappear If I open my eyes. Sometimes, I think about being where you’re not I get so afraid, I freeze up

    That kind of day doesn’t exist for me


    My days have fallen into you

    In all my moments, you’re there, that hasn’t changed. I’ll leave the spot you used to be in, just as it is


    My heart is completely filled with you 

    There’s still so much I want to do for you 

    I don’t want to wake up and go back I want to hold you and dream a little longer


    All of these stories seemed like they’d disappear If I open my eyes. Sometimes, I think about being where you’re not I get so afraid, I freeze up

    That kind of day doesn’t exist for me


    My days have fallen into you

    Day by day, though it hurts, to the point where my heart falls.

    I’ll always remain here like this I don’t want to wake up and go back


    I want to hold you and dream a little longer

    All of these stories seemed like they’d disappear If I open my eyes.


    Sometimes, I think about being where you’re not I get so afraid, I freeze up 


    My days that have fallen into you


    Are just a lonely fairy tale

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  5. Omg this ep!!! I had to delurk, please3 allow me to release my thoughts at once


    Ome3, this is the most hilarious episode or drama or show or whatever things that I've ever watched in my life, lol I never laughed this hard, ever! The hilariousness (if that's really a word) even topping Waikiki, Sky Castle & Running Man for me. I'm having stitches & cries for laughing that hard, seriously, even without subs.


    This is my fav ep, my fav drama, my fav OTP ever! And even better when they showered this ep with kisses & plenty2 kisses, gahh I'd give them a 100 out of 10 if I could, thank you writer-nim ❤️❤️❤️


    Fav from this ep:

    1. The villagers misunderstood that YB is somewhat being impotent & YB reaction when he need to clarify to the villagers that he's as "healthy" as ever, lol, then Madol's dad had to announce it all over the island, lmao

    2. When Kang Soon tells (read: shouts to) Yoo baek how she is desperate & being crazy from wanting to kiss him all day long, 

    3. But turnsout everyone was there including her haelmoni, Madol, Madol's dad & mom, Rotfl, their reaction was priceless, MD omma covers MD's ears with shells (as if it'd help him for not hearing it, lol lol) 

    4. That long & deep kisses at the end, omg, Yoo baek is as thirsty as uri Kang soon-ie

    5. Teacher&doc's scenes when they had to sing so nobody will hear those farts, lmao I can't


    That's all, thank you!

    Now, back to my lurking mode :ph34r:

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  6. 9 minutes ago, winter spring summer said:

    I wish Bogummy sings an OST for this drama. A new one or a male version of the recently released OST by Baek A Yeon. Like an answer since that song is from Cha Soohyun's perspective. :)

    OMG I would love that!! I love the OST from Baek A Yeon but Bogum's voice will suit the song perfectly too + imagine how amazing the feels would be!!! Damn, now I want it so bad, how can we get one? TT

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  7. 10 hours ago, dulceres said:

    My guess is the skinship on this drama will be probably limited or nil.

    Nooooooo, I want to see their skinship & more skinship pleaseee, ha3.


    I know some ppl probably might get a little uncomfortable to see it due to PBG relationship with SJK, but my POV was different.

    For me they are professional actors & actresses who can differentiate a job with their personal life (tbh I hate the thoughts of any personal life of an actor/actress has limited their acting carrier)

    And, who knows, some actors might probably feel more convenient to see their loved ones to act with someone they trusted rather than a complete strangers who possibly/might "steal" them from you, lol.


    Also, I wish this drama will show us another side of PBG, because although I loveeeee him & his drama, but he always had this boyish image in his previous dramas.  

    Idk if it's only me, but I wish this drama can be his breakthrough drama from his boyish image to a more manly one so it can widened his range/character for any upcoming project he'll get/take :rolleyes:

    **or is it just my lame excuse to see more skinship of him? :phew: 

    Mian~ :P

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  8. 7 hours ago, bohmi said:

    Get this from dc, but not sure


    ~ Cha Soo Hyun (Donghwa Hotel Representative, Taekwang Group's daughter-in-law) ~


    I became an adult because of it.
    From the daughter of a member of parliament to the daughter of Seoul Mayor. Now the daughter of the party leader.
    I became a daughter-in-law of a chaebol and now divorced at a chaebol.
    I became a sad woman.


    Will he be my 'misfortune'
    I knew an ordinary man. Unusual, sober.
    A very ordinary man, totally different from Soohyun's life, Kim Jin Hyuk.
    I wonder if there was a courage in an unfamiliar atmosphere. Soohyun deviates.
    And that deviations have been his dedication.
    It was like a midsummer night's dream. Jinhyeok is a person who I want to see for a long time :tears:
    But it was a dream because it was a dream. I will meet him again. I dreamed ...


    ~ Kim Jin Hyuk (Donghwa Hotel new recruitment) ~


    A Cuba trip planned for the year, the woman I met at the end.

    I spent a year doing part-time work, collecting money and travelling to Cuba for 4 weeks.

    On the last day of the journey, I met her at the observatory.

    She seemed to be a totally different kind of person. She seemed to grow rich and fine.

    I had a strange day like a dream. I thought I'd sent her back and went back to Jinhyeok's routine.

    I stand in front of the windmill to save her. The only thing that belongs to Jinhyeok, that gives courage.



    Song Hye Kyo had a shooting today in hotel.

    This is so beautiful, it makes me emotional just by reading it :tears:,  I think this drama will be a beautiful heartwrenching one, aahh am so looking forward to watch it.  Tysm for posting this :heart:

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  9. 4 hours ago, dramaninja said:

    This drama had some of the best kisses ever to be honest I am really surprise.

    Agree, although I was hoping they'll added another one with that scene infront of the bathroom door too, Sung Tae is looking sexy after taking a bath with his hair wet & shirt unbuttoned, too bad the granny interupted them, lol, I am too greedy, right? :P

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  10. 7 hours ago, gladys57 said:

    Yeah! It's Wednesday! 

    Just cant wait for our OTP's lovey dovey moments. Keep rewatching Hyun Woo's scenes from his Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop just to wait for today. He and his costar deservedly won the BEST COUPLE at the KBS Award.:heart:

    Hope my prediction (1st time on soompi forum that CH's mum is actually the younger witch aka team Brad) is correct!:blush:


    Luckily our drama wont be affected by the Asian Games as it is shown at 11 p.m Korean time.:D


    OMG same!!, I keep rewatching AhChoo couple scenes on Wolgyesu Tailor's just because this drama has made me craving to see more of Hyun Woo's scenes idk why & rewatching it seriously is all worth it, I fell in love with them everytime, their build up moment is a pure beauty & I feel content :P


    I don't want this drama to end just yet but I'm also curious to know what happens next/to see OTP scenes more. The dilemma :unsure:

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  11. Just finished watching ep 11 live & although I didn't understand a thing what they're talking about (I cursed myself for it), I'll try my best to summarize some of it (sorry for my bad english though)


    1. So after CH shows ST her witch power we don't get to see ST's reaction because the grannies already took care of him & makes him fainted 

    2. The grannies put some magic candle in his room & I think the candles erased some parts of ST's memories with CH ( a flashback memories of CH-ST moment were shown for a while)

    3. ST is back to his cold behaviour & being distant to CH, it brokes her heart.

    4. We get to see what was happening that night, the night ST got kidnapped. I think ST's mother having an affair or something like that with the driver & he kidnaps ST. ST's eyes was covered & later he fell to the ground and some piece of woods pierced his chest when he tried to run away from him.

    5. He manages to runaway but faint on the street infront of granny's house.

    6. The younger granny piggybacks him into their house & both grannies somehow cured his wounds by putting some pieces of hair on top of his chest after burning it with magic fire & then stab him with the dagger they took from the pawnshop as their last ritual.

    7. However, there's something shady with that black witch at the pawn shop because clearly she had her own motif & mostlikely put some spell on that dagger so she had that blue liquid as a result.

    8. Am not really sure about what's happening on the later half ep so I won't say anything, but in the ep 12 preview, ST seems to be having a cardiac arrest & in a critical condition.


    Ep 12 preview 


    Argghh, I can't bear waiting for their sub episodes so I tried to watch them live but the more I watch them in raw, the more I get confuse & it frustates me :astonished:


    I need their next ep and their sub ep right now ;;___;;

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  12. On 8/23/2018 at 4:15 AM, Not Yixing said:

    I have a feeling she signed for the drama, I saw her hair cut short on her instagram page 


    Yess, I've seen Jun Son Min, Lee Sang Yeob & Kim Ji Suk following eachother instagram as well, so I think it's a good sign that she probably had accepted the role, fingerscross we'll soon hearing such good news or see them together in the script reading in the near time :rolleyes:

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  13. I've watched ep 9 live streaming yesterday but I'll wait for their sub to be able to comment because I don't understand any single words, the problem of int'l viewers :sweatingbullets:

    Love to read every chingu's thought here, please keep them coming :)<33


    I discover this pic on instagram and I wonder if this scenes were some of the deleted scenes? Because I don't think I've seen them before (the kiss part), the background looks different, but Sung Tae & Cho Hong wore the same shirt/dress.



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  14. Any news whether Jun So Min has accepted the role? I really hope she accepts. Based on the character's description, i think the writer has her in mind as it fits her so well + JSM-LSY's chemistry was crazy on RM.

    I can't wait to watch this show!


    *edited: just notice that they'll only aired once a week?? Did they planned to kill me or what?? Arggh I can already feel the agony of waiting for their next ep to come

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