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  1. Yes, the closest similiar probably their eternal love concept I pick at their earlier ep. But after I completed them, I find they're more similiar to Nine: nine times time travel with their infinity loop, but Some day setup are more modern & more beautifully taken. Such amazing love story & friendship indeed, I'm blown away & my eyes still sore from all the cry & lack of sleep (finished it at 3am) the series is going on my top fav with their excellent script & heartwrenching story.
  2. Technically I don't, I only watched Korean before this one I just finished ep 9 rightnow & currently on 10, can't stop :))) They had the best friendship, romance & also heartwrenching & most heartbreaking story, It has sweet moments, I laugh but also cried a lot. I'd totally recommend it because they're one of the biggest discovery for me this year & possible one of my all time fav. The series kinda reminds me of Nine nine times time travel (which's my fav too) with their similiar infinity loop Yup, MB & Kkondae Intern are my fav airing too, loving all the laugh & messages in it. Wow it's recommended then, will check this out for sure, thanks for recommending it Edited: I binged completed Someday or One day in one day only, non stop Def a 10 out of 10 for me, such a tight plot, well made time travel romance with love that lasted through time (eternal love) but if you're watching, make sure you watch the extended ending they made special for the viewers too :))) oh & don't forget to prepare your tissues ready. Happy Watching!
  3. @whiteclover @D27Gjk68 @jeilopes @pamela572 @innrukia @emmaleigh Am sorry for tagging you, I know it's so random, but recently I find a taiwanese drama which had similiar love theme like Born Again, a love that last through time, it's so good & I'm now marathoning the whole thing (currently at ep 7). I normally only watch korean drama (for my own reason), this is the 2nd taiwanese drama I watch after Meteor Garden, lol. Awhile ago I find it's being recommend & since the plot looks so interesting, I decided to watch it. It's reallyyyy good & heartwrenching, so I just want to recommend it if you're looking for a good romance drama to watch: It's called Someday or One day (2019) & it had 13 episodes only Here's the plot: This drama is what I hope BA love story could have become T.T PS: If you're watching it, just make sure you're watching it passed their 1st ep (the first ep is a bit cringey) because that's when the plot is start moving & became really good.
  4. Nooo, now I'm curious how the original script the original writer shd have make, aaaa I hate KBS robbing my fav drama not only once, but twice grrr... Yes, I was so hurted seeing how they dumped the nice ML who change the FL behaviour for good & putting back all the things she has thrown only for her getting back to the spoiled & childish exhubby. The writer has been on my blacklisted but now I'm questioning myself if all this long I was barking at the wrong door. KBS seems to hv no shame & will change the end game to anyone who seems to did more favour to them no matter how ridiculous the plot could become.
  5. Thissss!!! Me too! And now I know the reason why every writer that I've been put on my blacklist are from KBS!!! They did it before with Beautiful Life Wonderful Life, because the other actor gain more attention so they change the end game to him. (The FL had her heart flutter to one guy but ended up with another guy too). Now they're trying to do the same to Born Again with no luck & only ending it as a flop drama & taking the crown as the most ridiculous drama ever. I knew it, I shd never hv trust KBS!! They will do anything just to get more ratings! Gosh I hate how they ruined my fav drama like thisssss Thank you for brought this up @whiteclover now we know the real culprit who did us dirty!
  6. To answer your question, if I were her, ofc I'd choose the person who makes my heart flutters, you don't get to meet a person who can make your heart flutters often. Why would I choose a person who make my heart hurt, I'm not a masochist who like to torture myself no wonder SB heart fail for her because apparently she likes hurting her heart alot, lol. Pity =/= love , SB is stupid if she think pity = love, a relationship won't lasted long out of pity. Would she took every pitiful stray kid let alone pitiful psycopath she met on the street then? It's probably true that she had a stockholm/messiah syndrome. I want my life partner to be equal, I want to guide & be guide, I want my partner to be someone who I can depend/relied as well. Which I don't see that in SB-JB relationship. The way I see it SB keep baby sitted JB, it's only a matter of time for her to reached her limit, stressfull & exhausted. Imagine if you're married, have kids & you also had to monitor & baby sitted him all day. Remember that JB has a psycopath traits, he need to be monitor & treated. That's why to me no matter how pitiful a person with a psycopath traits is, he's not ready/shdn't be in /shdn't formed a relationship before he cured himself, it won't be fair for his partner & their relationship will never be a healthy relationship one. So I find it's pretty laughable for the writer to make the FL declare her eternal love on the first two episode. Only then make the FL doesn't even understand what true love even means. Now, I don't even think the writer knew what true love means herself :)))
  7. Lmaoooo, thank you for sharing these, it's so funny hahahah I can't stop laughing. The filter only recognize LSH face & it's almost everytime, so cute hahahaha & the way JSY cracking up till the poster fell through. Feels like seeing they're wearing couple things, couple headband, couple flower crown, couple sunglasses & both eating pop corn, LOL!
  8. Yess TT, I can't thank you enough for giving us the preview of how horrible the ep was. It must've been painful almost unbearable to not knowing it before hand where the drama is heading & it turns out like that. I watched them with sub on every SH scenes only and skipping/fastforwarding the rest Yup I'll take it as the latter too. Not only SH eyes look kinda weird, but the way SB smiling I find rather weird too, lol It doesn't make anysense as well if SB doesn't know that JB is survive & only find him there (she seem to be pretty shock seeing him at the bookstore as if it's her first time seeing him healthy) It's not really clear if SB forgive SH, because when SH kneeled before her & asking forgiveness she only said sorry, look away & leaves. And at the hospital, when she woke up, SH kinda blame himself & said he shd never told her the truth in this life time too & causing her sick, SB only said she's sick rn is not because she hates him, but she think because it hurts to let her parents go one more time (means remember her parents death?) & thank him for being brave to admit it. Sooo.. I don't think she forgives him? And yes, the epilogue scene to me SB is trying to wake him up by showing JB some stuffs from their memories but I think she failed & lost him for good (her last crying scene was pretty telling).
  9. I think you mistook JB's little brother hand as JB. True, there's no other reason other than pity :))) Btw, finally I took some courage to watch the last ending part I think it's clear to me that JB didn't make it given how SB is crying at the end, and the scene where SB meet JB at the bookstore is only her imagination. That's why SH give a strange look because he doesn't see what SB is seeing, lol I don't get why ppl think it's a happy ending, because the way SB is crying didn't give a slight sign of relieve at all, it's pain.
  10. It was SH's, never JB, they give a flashback & she called for SH hands in the water & when SH holds and carress her hands after the cpr, it was never JB to begin with I don't even think JB touch SB in the water at the drowning scene, SH brushed JB's hands before he had the chance to reach SB body, for him to save his bro who shd be prioritized first.
  11. Ugh I feel bad for Soo Hyuk, if us viewers can feel emotionally scarred like this, how would LSH feels, it must be hard to take esp seeing how he embodied his character to the fullest like that, no wonder he looks dejected in every bts/interview scene lately & loose a lot of weights. What they did to his character is emotionally drainfull. I need to erase this drama from my memories & watch this sweet stranger & me interview instead to see a happy & witty LSH. I need to see him as a main ML in a romcom badly LSH, fighting!!
  12. I'm planning to watch scholar next, I hope he won't get me too heartbroken later Can someone cast him as a main male lead already???
  13. Tell me about it, I've rewatched some of their ep, analyze & wrote such a long theory only to find it's all pure joke, this drama is a crap, damn, they had the shittiest ending I could ever imagine, what's the writer & director-nim thinking? What message they're trying to tell except that this drama is pure crap?
  14. Gosh why do I feel like a dejavu, KBS pull another BLWL again, Gawd, they give the worst ending ever, this stupid writer & director ruining the whole drama. What kind of message they want to tell? Do they have any grudge to SH so they doing this richard simmons to him? The most sane person is the only person who got punished, wtf So it's official, I won't ever watch the last ep. Poor SH, LSH please have another drama as a proper main ML so that we can put this drama into the trash bin where it belongs. Writer-nim, screw you & your future drama!
  15. All my live streaming link are died, so I'll rely on anyone who's watching to spoil how's the ending juseyo
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