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  1. Today's episode was a big a U turn for Prince Li Rim. He became a person he was meant to be. Always nodding to other ppl requests, today prince came out of his cacoon to become a beautiful butterfly. In the last scene, the look he gave to king. He was on his knees still he looked mighty. Also, I could see the kind of influence GHR has on him. He respects her & that's why he at least looked upon on her suggestion. And can I say how much I loved Lee Rim & min hoo bromance. For the first time ever, I saw Min ho actually listening to anyone or even agreeing with the person. With others he always act superior even if he doesn't not talk back but his eyes say that he give richard simmons about the king and even a little bit of crown prince but with Lee Rim, I saw his soft side. It's like he respected him for real. Agreeing to what he was saying I always used to think that crown prince will be the one who will rebel against the king, but now, I think Prince Lee Rim will sooner than later will stand against him for welfare of ppl. Loved this character development.
  2. Today's episode was so cute. Through out the episode, I wanted to pull EunWoo cheeks especially when GHR put biscuit in his mouth to keep his mouth shut. He was like a curious baby, seeing everything for the first time. How comfortable yet uncomfortable GHR is with Yi Rim. She feels shy when she thinks about their intimate scenes but at the same time she can bsve fun around him & Yi Rim is gone got her totally. Both are kind of attracted to each other. I can't wait for the next week.
  3. Today's episode was amazing. Loved both LR & GHR. The arrow scene was funny. It's good to see for the first time ever a Prince unable to take s shot & female historian did. But what touched me the most was the last scene where LR was eagerly waiting for GHR but GHR was upset. He felt her pain asked her to cry her out. That one line where he said "cry as much as you want, as loud as you want. No one comes here, no one will listen to you". This line tells so much about him also. The lonely life he has lived, crying for help & freedom. It was like he wanted to tell I have done that been there so you can cry.. In the first 2-3 episodes Lee Rim looked like a 1 dimension character but now you can see his multiple shades. There is more to him & I hope we get to see that. Today, we also got to know how comfortable GHR is in LR presence. She can cry in front him, be herself, be vulnerable yet strong. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode. All actors were amazing & we realised why GHR needs LR in her life partner & not historian or Crown Prince. She needs someone who will let her be, who will appreciate her stubboness but will also have a rapport with her where she can be nourished & flourished & vice versa
  4. Finally,the drama is becoming interesting. I loved Lee Rim in last 5-10 min. We saw his matured side. Mysterious side. Loving this drama so far.. And I think Prince Lee Rim is the real crown prince
  5. Wow! We have a thread here for Astro? Love them...
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