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  1. @Lawyerh So I kind of like the windswept look, except that yes, I do agree with you - there is an Astro boy feel to it. With any drama from this period, I brace for a sad ending. Siege in Fog - case in point. And this era was a deeply tumultuous period - no one who got through it alive was ever in one piece mentally, unless they locked away all the memories in a deep part, never to be taken out again. You know, I watched Li Man in a couple of episodes - I think that the problem with this drama on a couple of fronts: 1) Ren Jialun is almost too "still waters run deep" for this drama - if you recall this era, it was all about partying away, hiding one's pain under a false pretense of sheer happiness and gaiety, as if one did not care about anything - I can't ever see Ren Jialun playing that kind of role - that is more an Elvis Han type of role . And again, there is no second guessing with any of Ren Jialun's character except with The Glory of the Tang Dynasty, and he had a baby face enough back then to pull that off. Now he has hit over 30, Ren Jialun's features have matured that he can't pull that off now. 2) I think that Li Man's character is too weak against Ye Chong - she just seems rather hysterical like Qin Sang in Siege in Fog (until Qin Sang let go of her hate and recriminations to learn how to love again), and she just seems too meek and mild. Because Ren Jialun pretty much captures the screen and has a large presence, he needs a strong female character against him, which is why Tan Songyun worked for him in Under the Power (which now ranks among my favorites). I just don't understand Li Man's purpose in life or in this drama right now. 3) I am sure that the censors had their reasons, but the editing is very choppy, and it's not clear what I am missing, but I am missing something. But again, I love the style of that era, so all the eye candy is great.
  2. @Lawyerh I would tend to agree with you about Allen Ren. He is too fierce for a republican drama - he is too calm and lacks angst. Although Siege in Fog had its flaws, the Republican era was so unstable so the emotions reflected should have been unstable too. So even though Elvis Han over-acted, it was more reflective of that era. Allen Ren's characterizations always seem to present confidence and steel - and no wavering. His characterizations are more about stoicism and repressed passions - during the Republican era, people were driven by passion and emotions ran high. So wuxia does make more sense. However I love the costumes of the Republican era and all the sharp tailoring of that era. Every male looks very smart and sharp. And evening formal wear elevated men to another level. Great eye candy.
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