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  1. news,info...discuss everything about SSHpost anything of song seung hun Name: 송승헌 / Song Seung-hun (Song Seung-heon) Real Name: 송승복 / Song Seung-bok Date of Birth: October 5th, 1976 Place of Birth: Suyuri, Seoul, South Korea Height: 179cm Weight: 70kg Family: 1 brother and 1 sister Hobbies: Watching and collecting videos, playing sports (basketball, swimming, ski) Education: majored in visual media in Kyunggi university Best friends: Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Byung Hun, Shin Dong Yup, So Ji Sup Nickname: Tough guy Alcohol: half glass of Soju, 2 glasses of Beer Awards: KBS Photogenic Award (2000), KBS Most Popular Actor Award (2000) Name : Song Seung Heon DOB : 5th October 1976 Family : Youngest among 1brother & 1sister Height : 179 cm Weight: 70kg Religion : Christianity Hobby: Watching and collecting videos / playing sports (basketball, swimming, ski) Education: major in visual media in Kyunggi university Born: In Suyuri, Seoul Best Friends: Lee Byung Hun , Lim Chang Jung , So Ji Sub, Sin Dong Yub, Hong Kyung In, Kim Jin, Jenny Lee, Woo Hee Jin, Lee Eui Jung, Kang Sung Yun, Jun Ji Hyum. Nickname: Tough guy Occupation: Actor Filmography: Sad Sonata TV series (2004) * Left to the military That Guy Was Cool (2004) Ice Rain (2004) Scent of Summer TV Series (2003) So Close (2002) Make it Big (2002) Endless Love TV Series(2000) Popcorn (2000) Calla (1999) Credit: cecilia here's the vid of the news report on ETN mms://mmc.daumcast.net/tvnews/ytni/20041104/200411041319252881_s.wmv from seungheon planet MBC News Clip: Credit-- njstar http://zoom.80port.net/honeyzoom/multi/ssh-1118.wmv CFs: MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE http://www.dongsuh.co.kr/dongsuh/cf/maxwell01.wmv http://www.dongsuh.co.kr/dongsuh/cf/maxwell01.wmv http://www.dongsuh.co.kr/dongsuh/cf/maxwell02.wmv http://www.dongsuh.co.kr/dongsuh/cf/maxwell02.wmv http://www.seungheon.com/french.wmv http://www.seungheon.com/french.wmv 016 HP http://user.chollian.net/~kangwpark/016rain.wmv http://user.chollian.net/~kangwpark/016rose.wmv 016 summer (c: virgo_star) http://user.chollian.net/~kangwpark/016summer.mpg SK telcom (c: virgo_star) Hi-Mart CF (With Shin Ha Kyun) (c: fleur) This is the first part of the CF... It's about 2 good friends (Song Seung Hun and Shin Ha Kyun) who got involved in this love triangle when a new girl joined their company. Hi-Mart has decided to use drama OST songs as part of their musical-like CFs, and this 1st one has used "Attic Cat's" theme song. Hi-Mart CF Part 2 (with Shin Ha Kyun) (c: fleur) Making of Hi-Mart CF Part 3 http://my.netian.com/~itoryu01/20040430mbc_himartcf.wmv Credits: SeungHeon Planet Hi-Mart CF Part 3 Hi-Mart CF Part 4 (c: kkm) http://my.netian.com/~itoryu01/himartcf4.wmv MUSIC: From his album: Track Number 2: http://mydisk4.flashbox.co.kr/client2/data...04433/album.swf Track No. 5: http://mydisk4.flashbox.co.kr/client2/data...04430/album.swf "All Of The Tears" - Song Seung-Heon http://user.chollian.net/%7Ekangwpark/song.wma "I Love You" - Song Seung-Heon http://user.chollian.net/%7Ekangwpark/iloveyou.wma With: Song Hye Gyo Once Upon a Day www.kimbumsoo.co.kr/mid/mv/day.asf A Song For Lady - Hot mms://musicv.bugsmusic.co.kr/20030517bugsmusicdevpart1/kor/0H/mkor0H12360.asf Seungheon's Song - Because I love you (c:TOPSHAPE) http://my.netian.com/~itoryu01/becauseiloveyou.wmv Here's another recorded song by SSH. Song title "I love You". Credits to SH Planet and CSH http://k4730675.com.ne.kr/I%20love%20you.wma Lyrics on page 277 Post Number 2154 INTERVIEWS: SBS Interview 08-01-2004 (c: Ji Yehwon) http://myfile.hanafos.com/~itoryu01/20040108sbs.wmv That Fortune Teller Interview (c: zien) url=http://www.seungheonplanet.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=2150 Intoin Summer Catalogue (c: TOPSHAPE) http://iwsy.com/sum-cut.wmv Juliet Gold (c: lavinia) http://www.julietgold.com/content/cfview_05.asp CLIPS: http://www.seungheon.com/clip.htm (c: zien) http://www.space1005.com/fans-works/mtv/mtv-whole.htm (c:virgo_star) SSH at LBH Japanese fans meeting (c: TOPSHAPE) http://iwsy.com/20040208.wmv http://myfile.hanafos.com/~itoryu01/20040218mnet_guest.wmv SSH sings a song in Taiwan & JEJU island (c: kkm) (Reason ,soundtrack from AIM) http://alpha.2kdom2.com/~planet03/clip/tw-DV8-010606.Cut.asf (Goodbye day in korean version-) http://panja2.web.infoseek.co.jp/Goodbyeday.mp3) http://alpha.2kdom2.com/~planet03/clip/200...ssh.Cut.Cut.wmv http://myfile.hanafos.com/~itoryu01/20040628mnet_ssh.wmv http://panja2.web.infoseek.co.jp/625fanmeet.wmv File (c: kanokkarnu) http://www.seungheonstationforum.com/shclips/sbs0708.wmv mms://vod.movist.com/x00/00/00/82_300.asf http://etnvod.ytn.co.kr/day/mov/enter_stat...515360529_s.wmv http://chiu1106.idv.tw/planet/clip/20040712_C01.asf http://alpha.2kdom2.com/~planet05/mei/clip/20040712_C02.asf SH Interview - Hot Chili Paper http://iwsy.com/Clips/HotChiliPaper-Vol.23-interview.wmv JUL/18/2004 Showbiz Extra #119 (c: virgo_star) mms:// Jung Da-bin and Song Seung-hun at a fan meeting. News "Korean Wave 2004" (c: CindyW88) http://big5.chinese.tour2korea.com/ (then select the first item in the right column) DRAMA/MOVIE GOODIES: Autumn Story Cast: SSH, SHK, WB Fan Link: http://www.tsinoy.com/forum/viewmessages.c...g%20Seung%20Hun Autumn Story Flash (c: shirley) http://www.cinemacard.co.kr/poster/flash/donghwa_flash.swf Bing Woo (c: TOPSHAPE) Cast: SSH & KHN http://my.netian.com/~itoryu01/icerain_cut1.wmv credits to:HL/?? Calla MV (c: shirley) mms://vod.hani.co.kr/cine21/ostmvideo/k-l/kara.asf Make It Big NG (c: Takki_Aniki; saranghaeoppa) Making Film 1 http://www.movieweek.co.kr//download/film/...00112190001.asf Making Film 2 http://www.movieweek.co.kr//download/film/...00112190001.asf http://www.cineclick.co.kr/movie/makeitbig...run_man_1_3.asf Once Upon A Say + Clip (c: Takki_Aniki) http://user.chollian.net/~callacafe01/callacafe/aharu.asf Popcorn English synopsis (c: lavinia) http://www.spcnet.tv/reviews/review.php?rID=89 Summer Scent Cast: SSH, SYH http://soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtop...0#entry3698221 http://www.seungheonplanet.com/phpbb2/view...cdays=0&start=0 http://www.lovelyjihyun.com/summerscent/ + Interview with foreign reporters (c: TOPSHAPE) http://k4730675.com.ne.kr/2003-summer_interview.asx + Promo for Tour to Korea http://english.tour2korea.com/t2kzone/mcns...iew.asp?cpId=45 The Guy Was Musheshuh.... Cast: SSH, JDB http://soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=127469 + Translated Fiction http://soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=113375&st=0 **[clip][mnet] Kiss Scene (c: TOPSHAPE) Posted by ??/Honeylang **[clipII][mbc section tv] (c: TOPSHAPE) http://myfile.hanafos.com/~itoryu01/20040331mbcguy.asf MV: Sad Sonata http://soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=149371&st=3390 Post Number: 3397 and 3402 Kim Bum Soo - A Day (With Song Hae Kyo) (c: fleur) http://www.kimbumsoo.co.kr/mid/mv/day.asf Lee Ahn - OST Mool go gi ja ri - Geu nohm eun muht eet suht da OST <~ PRETTIEST SONG EVER!! and ft. Song Seung Hun mms://musicv.bugs.co.kr/20040504bugsmusicdevpart1/kor/07/mkor07255187.asf He Was Cool ???? 2004-06-29 00:17 (c: kanokkarnu) http://mms://media1.maxmovie.com/av/maxcoolguy_nn_mv.wmv [Clip]???mv~???? http://my.netian.com/~itoryu01/coolguy_ssh.wma Trailer http://img.movie.naver.com/opty/tguy/trailer.wmv Press promo (c: kkm) http://etnvod.ytn.co.kr/day/mov/enter_stat...99490_s.wmvNews Clip (c: kanokkarnu) http://my.netian.com/~itoryu01/guy_trailer_cut.wmv **Some clips taken on the premier of the movie : (c:virgo_star) http://etnvod.ytn.co.kr/day/mov/enter_stat...515360529_s.wmv http://chiu1106.idv.tw/planet/clip/20040712_C01.asf http://alpha.2kdom2.com/~planet05/mei/clip/20040712_C02.asf Related Clips mms:// mms:// mms:// mms:// TV Series: 2003.07.07 Summer Scent 2001.06.06 Law Firm 2000.09.18 Autumn Story 2000.05.24 Popcorn 1999.12.08 Message 1999.06.16 Happy Together 1998.09.16 Cheat 1997.10.11 You and I 1997.04.19 Beautiful Lady 1996.10.21 3 Men 3 Women & update DRAMA/MOVIE GOODIES: Ice Rain (Bing Woo) MV, etc. (Song Seung Hun, Kim Ha Neul) (c: nat) mms:// http://www.bingwoo.net/bingwoo_MV.wmv http://www.bingwoo.net/bingwoo_TVSPOT_30.wmv http://www.bingwoo.net/bingwoo_TVSPOT_20.wmv http://www.bingwoo.net/bingwoo_TVSPOT_15.wmv Sad Sonata MV: (c: jcs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAN LINKS: http://www.songseungheonforever.com/ http://www.seungheon.com http://www.seungheon.net/ http://www.seungheonplanet.com http://www.seungheonlove.com.ne.kr/ http://cafe.daum.net/seunghun http://cafe.daum.net/honeyzoom http://www.seungheonstation.com/main/main.html http://www.seungheonzone.com/phpbb2/ http://www.songseungheon.com.cn www.seunghoney.com www.seungheonation.9cy.com http://www.seunghunhome.com http://www.seungheonthailand.com http://www.trulyseungheon.com REMEMBERING THAT FATEFUL DAY ** QUOTE BY SOUNG SEUNG HEON ON THE 16th OF NOVEMBER, 2004 " I'm sorry to make you worried and disappointed in me. I'll return after devotedly serving in the military, working two or three times harder than other people for the next two years. Until then you all please stay healthy." From: seungheonplant (credit: kkm) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great News!!! I recovered our important 'what is F. I. S. H?' post… thanks 2 google.com!!! uhmmm, since most of d smileys r not here... just imagine okie?? anyways.. what's F.I.S.H? Fanatically Insanely Seung Heun... *wub* u gotta ask urself --- ARE YOU ONE? *w00t* F.I.S.H Guardian i for thought that it make more sense of calling ourself - F.I.S.H ... stands for [Fanatically Insane for Seung Heon] ... rather than calling our sweet oppa fanatically insanely ... hehe just an extra thought. Language Awareness Flash (L.A.F) *laugh* Today focus is … Fanatically (adverb) Insanely (adverb) Seung Heun (noun) = F.I.S.H (acronym) *w00t* What is … ? *happy* Acronym – word formed from the initial letters of a group of words e.g. UNESCO i.e. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization *tongue* Adjectives – word that indicates a quality of the person or thing referred to by a noun e.g. old, rotten, foreign i.e. an old house, rotten apples, foreign names *dry* Adverbs – word that adds more information about place, time, circumstances, manner, cause, degree, etc to a verb, an adjective, a phrase or another adverb e.g. speak kindly, incredibly deep, just in time, too quickly i.e. kindly incredibly, just and too are all adverbs *wacko* Noun – word which can be the subject or object of a verb or the object of a preposition. It can be divided in to common noun and proper name *tongue2* Suffix – letter or group of letters added at the end of a word to make another word e.g. ~y added to rust to make rusty, or as an inflexion e.g. ~en in oxen *ph34r* Fanatic (noun) – a person who is quite enthusiastic about something, especially religion or politics e.g. a religious, political fanatic; model train fanatics *zoro* Fanatic, also fanatical (adjective) – ~ about something, obsessively enthusiastic e.g. a fanatic jogger, she’s fanatical about keeping fit *blush* Fanatically (adverb) *pirate* Insane (adjective) – not sane, mad, senseless e.g. an insane person, an insane desire, idea, decision, policy *strongbad* Insanely (adverb) – e.g. insanely jealous *blink* ~ly (suffix) – 1 (used fairly widely with nouns to form adjectives) having the qualities of: cowardly, scholarly. 2 (with nouns forming adjectives and adverbs) occurring at intervals of: hourly, daily. 3 (used widely with adjectives to form adverbs) in the specified manner: happily, stupidly Bibliography: Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary (Fourth Edition, Fifth Impression). Cowie, A. P. (Chief ed.). 1991. UK: Oxford University Press. Conclusion: Fanatically Insanely Seung Heun (F.I.S.H) is certified morphologically and semantically sound as in purely insanely fun and wacky Fanatically Insanely for Seung Heun is also sound. ‘For’ is a preposition in which case is optional. In the spirit of purely insanely fun and wacky, Fanatically Insanely Seung Heun (F.I.S.H) remains. Disclaimer: I hereby certify that ‘Fanatically Insanely Seung Heun’ does not have a negative connotation on SSH or its fan base. Thank you. Cheers! ~F.I.S.H Guardian~ ps: my first ever owned page in SSH thread.. woopieeeeeee! c: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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