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  1. I am NOT a crier, but tears welled up at the end of today’s episode. PLEASE! Give all these evil people the comeuppance and worse that they deserve. SM deserves to be sterile, and JH needs to feel like s*** for the rest of his life. SM’s mother needs to watch her daughter go crazy and her husband throw her out for being an accomplice. Of course, JH’s mom will lose everything she has. I have no feelings for GH’s sister at all. Her story is boring.
  2. I don’t believe SA’s mom was being derogatory towards adopted children. I think she was making the point that Jenny can’t possibly have come from that nasty person’s womb for her to treat Jenny so disgustingly.
  3. @hushhh, I did drop this drama, but I do find everyone’s perceptions on this thread interesting. I will continue reading the posts.
  4. I may be the only one, but there is nothing I like about JI's character. Her only redeeming quality, IMO, is the way she treats the little boy.
  5. My fervent prayers are that cheater doctor loses everything and the home wrecker is infertile and gets dumped. She's got him by the throat, and he's dumb enough to go along. It would be really messed up if he marries psycho woman, and his wife is with her brother. That poor child will be scarred for life.
  6. I thought it was just me. I really don't like the MH character. She has NEVER treated JB kindly. She used him, but he allowed it because he loves her. He was like her slave. If I remember correctly, JB dumped her hoping it would light a fire under her stagnant writing career. She has acted like nothing less than a "one hit wonder" and a brat IMO. I hope no love line develops between her and the publisher, but it looks like it's headed that way.
  7. I believe it is the florist who either assaulted Da Hee, or they had an affair.
  8. The drama was Fates and Furies starring Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook. I believe the shoes were designed by LMJ's character.
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