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  1. When returning to the last scene and the last sentence of HS and the Queen It seems that their world is being broken. I can touch it Tonight they must be separated. Both of them would suffer pain.
  2. The drama is very attractive. Especially the actors of both Han ji min and Nam Joo Hyuk. They are both very good. It seems that the age range is not very different. It looks realistic. I think I will watch it tonight. It makes me feel excited. Han Ji Min invites to watch The Light In Your Eyes TV channel JTBC on Mon & Tue Day @ 21:30 KST Credit ... to IG ... bhent_official
  3. UPDATED Yeo Jin Goo Sageuk Historical Dramas Compilation 2006-2019 I think he is appropriate in the drama about Sageuk's history. He always does great in every role. He has a talent for acting since childhood. Credit to the owner of the video clip
  4. I hope that if the LKY and HS secretary may be caught by left-wing stewards who do not hope to fight for power And the people came out against HS because he was not a descendant of the king The father of the King LH, but because HS has done goodness to the nation To prosper May be expelled from the throne causing exile Get out of the palace With the queen by his side Go to live together happily In one place I remember that the queen wanted to come out to live a simple life outside the palace. And in the section for the LKY secretary, I think he might have to bereave his own life, taking life for the nation. To pay for the sin he had killed the king LH I don't want to see the end of the story. By overthrowing the throne of HS By bloodshed or by killing him, causing death
  5. We do not know how this drama will end? Now I can't predict. Because it has events that cannot be expected, dreams occur at any time There is a point to change. And the main character of the whole story. LEE secretary. He has a complex temper, concealing the secret when he kills the king LH. It makes me shock !!!! I think he is a scary person. At this time he was able to put HS in the position of a true king. In the future I do not guarantee that he will be able to protect the HS? If the opponents in the palace, those who do not look forward to fighting for power Knowing the truth that HS was a fake king and who brought HS up was Lee's secretary and who had killed the LH king. And the person involved in this plan must certainly be punished, especially the HS and LEE secretary. At that time How will they handle that situation? It is my personal opinion, a little small.
  6. @triplem Sorry to have cut some of your thoughts. I like your thoughts as well. I remember that I didn't like historical drama. I only watched 2 stories, six flying dragons and the latest The Crowned Clown just because YJG just looks like a picture of a red dress. Are wearing a clown mask I feel that it attracts me a lot. It makes me want to know more about the role of characters and stories. And he makes me attract him even more Is that he began to be from boys, began to grow in the adult age He looks handsome and charming. Especially the smile he looks bright all the time Although I didn't follow him since he first started to enter the entertainment industry during childhood. But I used to watch his work, even though the movie he performed Hwayi A Monster Boy. I was very surprised by his acting abilities, even though I wasn't a big fan of him. Until he came to work in my country in business. 4 Wheeled Restaurant I saw the naturalness in one of his corners. It made me smile for him. He is honest, has patience in the hottest weather during the hot months. He never complained. He tried to learn in my language. And a person who understands very well He has the expertise to negotiate a great product. Always do something carefully, even if it is a difficult task for him. He always has a sincere smile.
  7. Hi chingu. This drama is rated higher than the drama in the different channels but is in the air at the same time. In fact, we will know how it will end. Because it is a remake drama But because of the character In regard to being able to attract access to plays that are realistic Many characters, especially Yeo Jin Goo, can believe that the two characters are completely different. I would like to admire every actor who is dedicated to perfection. For all the drama fans who have seen the work, hope that this drama will be in the heart and that is forever remembered by everyone. I believe that this drama must have a good rating and excellent prize, especially Yeo Jin Goo. He deserves the best actor award. I'm going to be a force for you Fighting !!! I log in to admire the actors in this story.
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