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  1. TOP searched on Weibo right now is #HyunBinandParkShinHyePlsWorkTogetherInaSweetDrama And number 13 is #writerofmemoriesofalhambra. Seems like everyone frustrated by the ending. Also, memories of alhambra is trending worldwide on twitter. HAHAH
  2. omg director park is in the game. And after jinwoo stabbed cha hyung seok with the key, he turned into ashes.
  3. I was watching the preview of ep 15. It seems like Professor Cha is burning charcoal (?). Is he planning to kill jinwoo in his house? Locking the door with the charcoal burning and jinwoo looking weak at the end of the preview
  4. I found out something while I was rewatching ep 12. While the policeman was checking JinWoo's identity card, the card shows 2020.09.23 to 2020.10.23. Was it about the validity of the card or the expiry date?
  5. I think Hee Joo is wearing the lenses. Because there’s 100 test players, and Prof Cha is the 103th player. There’s a possibility that the 101th player is Secretary Seo and the 102th player is Hee Joo.
  6. I think Cha Hyung Seok's father does care for Jin Woo. During the press conference, the actor who acts as CHS father says that he feels burdened that he is actually acting as the father of HyunBin(Jin Woo). Could that be a possible plot twist?
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