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  1. Ji Min confirmed attending the president award? Credit to author
  2. News abouy Ji Min attending Blue Dragon hands printing ceremony credit to author
  3. Ji Min nominated for president commendation award credit to author
  4. Article below from Soompi: Jung Hae In Confirmed To Lead New Travel Variety Show + Joined By Eun Jong Gun And Lim Hyun Soo Oct 14, 2019 by J. Lim Plans for a new travel variety show led by Jung Hae In have now been confirmed. “Jung Hae In’s Walking Report” (literal translation) will follow Jung Hae In, Eun Jong Gun and Lim Hyun Soo as they travel to New York, a city of culture and the arts. A source from the new show explained, “‘Jung Hae In’s Walking Report’ will premiere this November.” According to them, the show is set to be a take on KBS’s program “A Walk Around the World,” which introduces new travel destinations every episode. Instead of being a simple travel variety show, “Jung Hae In’s Walking Report” hopes to set itself apart as it will be created under the concept of “A documentary of walking as we travel and recording everything.” This will be the first time Jung Hae In is leading a variety show since he made his debut seven years ago, and he is set to show a new side of himself. In the planning stages of the show, Jung Hae In is said to have said, “I’m not very good at English. I’m going to lay everything down,” eliciting curiosity for what’s to come. He will not only be in the show, but Jung Hae In will personally be in charge of all travel details. New York City was Jung Hae In’s top choice as a travel destination, and he chose fellow actors Eun Jong Gun and Lim Hyun Soo as his travel buddies as they have close personal friendships. Jung Hae In’s travel preferences will be on full display, and the chemistry between the three actors will be one to watch. The production staff said, “Jung Hae In has a lot of ambition for this program. In our meetings, he surprised us with a detailed bucket list of things to do in New York, and he is determined to make a show that’s as great as the original ‘A Walk Around the World.’ Jung Hae In and his friends will choose their own concepts for their New York trip. Please anticipate it.” Jung Hae In, Eun Jong Gun, and Lim Hyun Soo will be heading off the New York City on October 15, and their show will premiere in November on KBS. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1358819wpp/jung-hae-in-confirmed-to-lead-new-travel-variety-show-joined-by-eun-jong-gun-and-lim-hyun-soo Curious what bucket list he has? He did mention he really wanted to go New York in previous interview.
  5. The very busy schedule after Spring Night Ji Min has confirmed "Here" Credit to author There are discussion of Ji Min accepted the movie "Josee" but no official confirmation so we will keep it this way. And old news with more confirmed actors "Half and Half" Credit to author He should have been busy with his movie or already completed "Ignition"
  6. Revisit Miss Baek credit to author
  7. Revisit the age of shadow credit to author Smiling Hashimoto.
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