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  1. Anneonghaseyo! I'm kinda on a cloud 9 for the past weeks, getting better and steamier each episode.. Love it! Yes, i'm looking forward to proposal from oppa! Sad, there's only 2 more episodes left!
  2. Wooo, I can't back read... all i want to do now is screammmm Am I the only one who were annoyed here? i mean, the sub english for episode 8 is an error... I tried dramanice, asian tv and kiss asian but the english subs were all the same? ?????? Can somebody help me which drama online i can watch with right sub english? I panic, I want to see that KISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Kamsahamnida!
  3. Yes , right .. It seems they will be connected from episode 6 onwards.. Wish it's Wednesday already, then Thursday and Wednesday again OOpppss ... DELULU MODE: ON
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