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  1. I just finished watching the subs for the last two eps, so i guess the good prosecutor's instinct is correct that all of the serial murders on the surface pointed to serial murder but all in all, it looks like the dump body location is far away from the actual murder location. I think the first murder victim hold some dirty secrets on the two shady prosecutors and one of them asked to doctor to make it look like serial killing so the attention will shift away from the actual murder case. ( hence the shocking and disappointed look on the two prosecutors when the forensic discussed what happened to the bodies. I also feel like they wanted to push away the good prosecutor ( the second male lead) from the office ( since he is always messing around with their plan and might be ordeal whenever the things go south etc) the "serial murder" case gave them the chance to demote him. The shady prosecutor espeically tried to get rid off the good one and tried to make him take other position as we seen earlier. ( i guess afterwards that won't be valid since there is no serial killing) Now begs the question, what did the girl learn and had in terms of dirty secrets that got her kill, did the shady prosecutor sexual assault her and killed her to cover up his own richard simmons? what is the relationship between the doctor and the shady prosecutor? The vid that were showed in the computer looks like to be damning evidence. Next ep is about the kidnapping based on the trailer, is that somehow going to tide into the poor girl's death or it is a stepping stone that we will learn more. Curious to see how everything will pan out, so far i feel like the pacing of the second season is much better than the first. We get a taste of the major case very early on compared to the first season feels a bit forced towards the end. Earlier in the first ep of season 1 about the drug addict case, in the very end I think they were taking a closer look at the internal organ of the body and they made comments that the marking on the organs looks very similar to the finale of the season 1 ( the bones speculate to be the super rich guy and the bone has his DNA but the punctuate on the bone made the forensic speculate that the super rich guy is still alive and the bones is made it to look like he is dead and avoid his own sentence. I think maybe in some ways the super rich guy's father asked the doctor to fake the bones and DNA so his son could live ( hence the marking are similar) @RPM
  2. Very interesting. Looks like it might have been the blueprint in the second case. Ummm surprise not many people are talking about this drama. Compared to the first season, i think the second season pace is much better and have better plot than the first? It looks like the second male lead could have double personality and also seemed like he lost his memories when he committed the "crime" as well? Since when the shady prosecutor called him, he did say something about don't remember? (why does this feel similar to Voice's character design in some ways lol) Also looks like the doctor has some criminal background as well since when the two prosecutors was talking about the first drug case, they mention about the handling looks very similar to a old case. I am curious as to what is the relationship between the doctor and the shady prosecutor? The both used the flip phone to communicate and the shady prosecutor knew the doctor's hideout. The new prosecutor is very shady( not sure about the phone call where he calls someone his son ( is he talking to second male lead or?) So far there seemed to be a much bigger case and it also tides to the prosecutor higher up in some way. I have feeling the two murder cases are somehow a way for them to cover up something much bigger since they did mention about a leak in their plan and they need to take care of it in the prosecutor office. Looking forward to tomorrow's night ep, based on the trailer it looks like the killing did not stop. (kind feel like the doctor will not be caught any time soon and the serial killing could potential sabotage the reputation of both forensic and prosecutor team)
  3. I liked your theory and I have feeling this could be the story progression on how DKW finally "became" a monster. I have a feeling that when DKW actually went there to save Chief Na, maybe he will be once again caved to Kouseke? and we the audience will finally know how Chief Na's brother died ( in Season 2, BJS said he took picture but he never "killed" the brother but it was Kouseke did it?) I also feel like season 3 ending might as well just gave us the "relationship" clue between wire guy and DKW but if there is season 4 or even 5 then we probably will see how golden team actually properly arrest them because as for now i feel like golden team and everybody are in a huge disadvantage in terms of knowing about the evil organizaiton is and what their ultimate goal is. Season 3 isn't going to tide up all the loose end i feel like ( even if they somehow did i feel like it is going to be very rush lol)
  4. i haven't see the full raw yet but it looks like he poked at the creepy director once more and based on my limited understanding, the hand the guy had was his brother's hand ( huge yikes and super disgusting lol) I feel like this could be a huge foreshadowing to Chief Na's future or even potential ending in season 3. He escaped death in season 2 but i feel like in season 3 if something did ended up happen to him, i feel like he will save KW to pay back what he owe him in season 2.
  5. like what most of comments i saw, today ep was a bit slow in terms of the story progression. I am kind worry about Chief Na and the foreshadowing of his gf telling him about nightmare... ( before that he was interviewing this creepy director). Basically he threatened chief Na that he will remember his name for sure does this mean chief Na will once again have someone tried to kill him because he is messing with the VVIP list? tomorrow's ep i hope is much better pace than today's because when i was watching today's ep i felt like i learned absolutely nothing other than the wire guy is completely freak lol and manipulative. Some of the echo comments i saw was that we are at the half way mark for the season 3 and we still have no idea of KW's background or the "relationship" wire guy have with him. Hopefully tomorrow's ep can pick up a bit. At least share some lights on why wire guy is fixated on KW i guess? or idk drop the bomb that wire guy is actually his older brother xD?
  6. Ello all, a very long time lurker here. Watched Season 1 of Voice when it first was released and did not really Voice 2 since they did replace one of my favorite actor lol. Since Voice 3 is here and i was curious so started to watch Voice 2 and Voice 3 to catch up on what i have missed so far. I did not find any concrete confirmation but is Voice 3 going to be 12 eps or 16 eps for this season? I feel like if they do went with 12 eps, the overall story line might feel too rushed? ( I understand that the studio did have plan for potential season 4 or 5 based on the early report) Now back to today's ep. A lot of speculation I have seen online regarding the artist and her "relationship" with the big bad guy is she could be his wife or fiance, the big bad guy also have similar tattoo like KW. I don't remember which ep they talked about the tattoo but i remember they mention that in order for Kouseke to be awaken, they need to kill someone who is very important and close to them. If the theory we had that he is like that of KW, does that mean he willingly gave up to the dark side by killing someone who is close to him, like his wife or fiance and I think the big bad guy wanted to do the same with KW, to make him willingly "cave" to Kouseke rather than resist. This brings to today's ep and promo, I have a feeling KW will actually "kill" the culprit this time around in front of his co-worker. The show is doing the dance around his psychopath personality, no one really knows the secret and i feel like ep 10 could be the turning point. The wire guy also running into KJ and talked about the hearing issue, i kind get feeling he might be the same as KJ like used to have those god send hearing and something along the line, he too is having the same issue? ( why do i feel like he might be KJ but instead work for the evil side rather than good side?) If this season is 16th ep instead of 12, then we do have couple more ep where we get to know more about the big bad guy. Like what many have said earlier in the post, the wire guy is the only the beginning and the good for nothing Chairman oh from last ep looks like to be part of the dark web. I am very curious what he meant by protecting him from death and be eternal ( do the organization promised infinite youth?) and i wonder if later ep will focus on the whole organization's purpose. Because as for now, i feel like they are just bunch of psycho doing non-human thing and if Voice did get renew for more season, i feel like by then we might actually get to know "who" the final boss is. Very curious as to what ep.10 going to tell us about the minor case and the wire guy in general xD also there was a wild speculation that KW's older brother who supposed to die of disease is still alive? and he might be wire guy? ( lol it was all speculation but people do also think that the Japanese girl is killed by his brother not by KW) I am very curious to see how all those speculation turned out to be hahaha
  7. I watched bits of the subs and ep.7 and like what @katakwasabi said I am also very confused. Putting the last bit in spoiler section as my own thoughts
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