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  1. Any translations of the interview here??... Thanks...
  2. I do wish that she will still have more awards for Queen For Seven Days, it's not too late thou..
  3. That would be nice too if paired with PHJ, if he is older than her... hahaha...... PMY has this mature and cute vibe so, she should also be paired with those manly and matured featured actors.... ( I feel safe for her, hahaha)...
  4. I was also thinking that, pairing with YAI again... I love them in Sungkyungkwan Scandal..
  5. That was my favorite ep too in 7dq.... actually its ep 5 & 6..... the most, she can carry a comedy... OH well, since Healer and SKKS... I dont know why they say WSK is her firs rom-com .... Anyway, WSK 's premise is Rom-Com, that's why, but she is more funny in SKKS, Healer & 7dq (in some episodes) and not so much in WSK..... SHe is so versatile, it's like in one snap she can do a lot of switching in acting, hehehe...
  6. https://aminoapps.com/c/k-drama/page/blog/seven-days-queen-review/L2LH_8ueolgvLXB20Rv2orz6Qp8r6E2 Just a perfect review....
  7. True... and that's what comes to my mind first.... It's the movie thing that YWJ mentioned to PMY.... Im really hoping and wishing..... And PMY said that she wants to do comedies more.... That's my thought too, why she didn't have any movies, after The Cat??
  8. Same here!.... actually, I dont care about the ending... Yes. it really made me cry a bucket.... But it's on how they show their love entirely..... That maybe becoz they are great actors, that's really convincing.... And I will wish very hard for these two to work again... (since my cursing and wishes mostly come true, hahahahha.... joke)....
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