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  1. Oh well, i know maybe it was just only me being bias for JK or something but MY already received too much love from SJ ,from first ep up to the latest, and now i'm dying for MY's return for this "LOVE". Oh please don't make me dissappointed! I'm already at the point of my delusional state that i'm imagining a timeskip and it was MY who will fight for her love to SJ!! ♡♡


    btw, thank you very much to the live recaps! You guys are the best!


    PS: not much posting here, but an active (almost everyday) stalker of this thread. 

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  2. OMG. All the time of waiting is WORTH IT. Dots, is coming. My precious baby (SJK) is coming, though no longer my flower boy anymore, but as long as i can see him again in a drama then it's still the best. I'm so happy for him to be paired to one of the most beautiful actress in Korea :)) I can't wait! Poster, presscon, MORE TEASERS. Haha. I'm sorry to be bias here but i'm also dying to see how KMY would express her feelings to YSJ in the latter part of the series. (Since its quite obvious that YSJ will be the one who is more expressive on his feelings on the first part) I am hoping for a fierce SHK here, who will fight not only for her beliefs/goals but for the man she loves ♡♡

    Okay okay, enough with my daydream. Thanks for everyone here who keep us updated on DOTS. You guys are the best! *send good vibes to everyone*

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  3. I know this is super late but.....

    Happy birthday JK my precious bby/son/cinamon roll! You'll always be the number one korean actor in my heart! Wishing you the best in your career as well as your new drama DOTS. :)) and to Shk too...you are lucky to have a goddess like leading lady like her and she is lucky to have a cutie pie leading man like you! both of you are perf already. Hohoho :D

    PS: Thank you for giving some dots updates :)

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  4. OMG! Both of them came from the same sports.

    Is it alright for me to wish a fluffy skating scene in dots?? or even during promotion? :wub:

    oh yesssss..me too I have written a post before about  my wish for a skating scene for both songs .....Actually the plot of the drama leaves us with lots of imagination how their romance will develop ...May dr.kang will do some healing for injured captin yoo shi .....and he will risk his life for saving her from dangerous situations

    ME TOO. I'm also too curious on what will happen with them, how their moments and scenes can warm our hearts, etc. But i can really feel a strong/funny/tomboyish Dr. Kang here and Serious/Tsundere (Harsh outside gentle inside) Captain Yoo. And tbh i'm wishing for Dr. Kang to take the lead of romance first (like for example she teases/bully him, dialogues like "you like me, don't you?" something like that) , then Captain Yoo will fall hard for her to the extent that he'll do anything for her. (lol, sorry is it obvious that i'm too excited for this drama?) haha

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  5. I think i can't blame those people who become dissappointed regarding the DOTS airdate, well we're talking about goddess SHK and prince charming SJK here, and to think THEY COMEBACK TOGETHER in one drama wrote by one of the best writer in kor. People can't wait of course, including me. Haha. 

    But well, such things can happen also. And we have to wait patiently for it's airing. At least it will definitely air, better than never :)). Time flies so fast, after all. For the meantime i will leave it to my imagination lol

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  6. Thank you very much for the warm welcome! I guess i'll be staying at this thread for a while. Hope you don't mind :))

    And about the Dots latest news. How i wish it was true! I can't wait! Especially  for HyeKyo's character here. I want to see a popular, fearless and funny kyo! ( Hahaha. I miss her character in full house) 

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  7. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here.

    I've been a fan of this beautiful goddess long ago but start to become her stalker ever since of dots news. I've been a stalker of this thread for a few months now and i would like to thank those who contribute hyekyo's updates esp dots. She's lovely as ever!

    Anyway, thank you guys!

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