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About Me

Nickname: Souchan/Souichii

Age: 21, but 5 years old by heart lol

--Avid Kdrama fan??: uhmm..not much. But i really do like it. I'm a full pledged anime fan tbh. Though there are some kdrama that i'd become addicted to. Esp back when i was in high school. 

--How become interested in kdrama: MOM. MY MOM. The root of everything lol. And she's the one who is addicted. Haha

--Into kpop: Nah. But i don't hate them. Neutral.

--Actor/Actress BIAS: Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki. ♡♡♡ MY PRECIOUS BABIES. I think i'll die if these two become together in one drama/movie. Meh, in my dreams. Lol. Anyway, i'll keep supporting my babies up to the end.

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