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  1. Nominations at the 2019 Korea Drama Awards: Best Drama Best Screenplay Best New Actress (Kwon Nara) Go Doctor Prisoner! (I'm sad the three male leads are not recognized, though.)
  2. Our dreamy Chief of Staff Lee Jung-jae is nominated for the Top Excellence Award at the Korea Drama Awards!!!
  3. Not sure if anyone's suggested this, but I'll give it a go because this drama just won Outstanding Korean Drama at the Seoul International Drama Awards!! Name: DOCTOR PRISONER Summary: "A story about a doctor who was fired by a hospital he used to work for and returns to take revenge and overtake said hospital by registering himself as a prisoner doctor" (from Dramawiki) Watch when you are in the mood for: adrenaline rush, a revenge drama with smart characters, and/or a well-written drama with top-notch acting (Namkoong Min, Choi Wonyoung, and Kim Byungchul -- what more can I say) Visual factor: Namkoong Min, duh! And Choi Wonyoung is hot as a villain (as per usual). Creepy af villain, but still hot lol. Also, I personally like the lighting in this drama. Emotional moments that you liked: Namkoong Min's character every time he talks about his mom Annoying bits you might need to ignore: One of the antagonists (Park Eunseok's character) might be annoying at first (but I'm sure you'll become fond of him by the end of the drama). Overall grade: 9/10 (point taken off because the second half can get a bit dragged out at times)
  4. This drama just won Outstanding Korean Drama at the Seoul Drama Awards!! Congratulations to the outstanding cast and crew! Very well deserved
  5. I absolutely adore this film omg Jack Lemmon was such a hoot (and hot as well!)
  6. Name: CHIEF OF STAFF Summary: "In a story of the real political players behind the scenes, an assemblyman's Chief of Staff, Jang Tae-joon, aims for the pinnacle of power, but must struggle for political survival" (from Dramawiki) Watch when you are in the mood for: adrenaline rush, political rivalry story, and/or a clever drama with top-notch acting (and to give you a sense of that top-notch acting, the cast includes veterans like Kim Gap-soo, Jung Woong-in, Jung Jin-young, and Im Won-hee) Visual factor: Lee Jung-jae (need I say more?). I also find Shin Min-ah pretty attractive in this drama even tho I'm normally not a fan of hers. Emotional moments that you liked: Jang Tae-joon's relationship with his mentor (played by Jung Jin-young) - can't really say more than this 'cos then I'd spoil the second half of the first season (oh yeah, there's a Season 2 coming in November!) Annoying bits you might need to ignore: the male secretary in JTJ's office. Also, I wouldn't call this annoying, but sometimes the political talks can get confusing if you don't pay attention. Overall grade: 9.5/10
  7. You took the words right out of my mouth! I love it when all the main characters are smart, which is one reason why I too prefer this drama to Designated Survivor (not that I actually follow DS; only watched the first ep and dropped because I didn't get hooked like I did with Chief of Staff). I saw you in the Doctor Prisoner thread as well, and I'm guessing you like that drama for the same reason that I do
  8. I was confused by Song's behavior too. He must know TJ is fully capable of betraying him again, so it's hard to understand why Song took TJ back so readily. I hope you're right about Mr Go's case. I still don't want TJ to go full evil to the point of killing his long-time friend just to save his career. Ikr? I was like: Damn, this man can deliver a good speech
  9. Just watched ep 10. Shin Min-ah was right - the ending was way beyond my expectation. I won't spoil it for now in case some of you haven't watched it, but I'll share some thoughts about the ep: Jang Tae-joon, I can't believe you went that far I guess he's beyond redemption now, but that's probably better for the viewers, because it can get really frustrating if he keeps straddling between good and bad. Honestly DK kinda got on my nerves in this ep. TJ's actions were obviously incondonable but he had his reasons, and somehow I kinda understand them? It'll be interesting to see how DK sheds his naivete in season 2. Yoon's loyalty to TJ. Wow. It's like, the more TJ becomes like Frank Underwood, the more Yoon becomes like Doug Stamper. Song's smiles at TJ throughout this ep confused me. I have a feeling Song still considers TJ his protégé and so is pleased when TJ comes back to him, and proud when TJ gets his job done by the end of the ep. Between now and November, should I rewatch all 10 eps?
  10. HDK is bound to lose his naivete. This is not the first time his role model has betrayed his trust. Just like how TJ realized he must change, DK will soon realize that too. Can't wait for that shocking ending that Shin Min-ah mentioned. Also, I'm kinda surprised Kim Kap-soo has survived this long in a drama lol.
  11. Yeah I know he's famous for playing that kind of role, and I did check out I Remember You after I finished Doctor Prisoner I still think he's underrated tho (not to mention he's quite easy on the eyes as well). He can play a variety of roles - his ridiculously hilarious acting in A Hundred Year Legacy was the best thing about that drama lol. I really hope he wins something at the KBS Drama Awards this year.
  12. Not sure if anyone reads this thread anymore, but I only recently finished watching Doctor Prisoner and thought I should write something here. If I have to describe my experience with this drama in one sentence, it'll be: Came for Namkoong Min, stayed for Choi Won-young (and the plot, of course). I've become a fan of CWY from this drama, and it kinda saddens me that barely anyone in this thread mentioned how good he was in the role of LJJ. He's one of the very, very few drama villains that have ever actually creeped me out.
  13. JTBC posted a behind-the-scene video for last week's eps and in that video it says the hearing session scene was the last scene that Jung Jin-young (LSM) shot, so I guess that (kinda) confirms that LSM's dead
  14. LSM locked his office door so I doubt anyone could come in and push him down. I think he chose suicide because he wanted TJ to be able to continue his career - that's why LSM told TJ not to go the prosecutor and not to feel sorry. But I agree that LSM might still be alive. Previews are usually misleading, so the funeral they mention might not be LSM's. Or maybe, like @triplem said, TJ is hiding the fact that LSM's still alive.
  15. Only one more week of season 1. The sadness is starting to kick in. What am I gonna watch until season 2?? @Yippeun_eonnie Good thinking! I never thought of the driver as a hidden card. I know he likes TJ, but he also seems very loyal to Song, so I don't know if he is actually willing to help TJ defeat Song. We'll see. When I saw OWS's change of facial expression after Song told him not be greedy, I thought: This guy's gonna betray Song in the end. Who knows, he might even switch sides and end up helping TJ (tho TJ would for sure not welcome him).
  16. Man, the opening and the ending of this ep are the complete opposite. I smiled like a child watching the opening scenes, which shows TJ back when he was a naive, hardworking secretary just like HDK now. But the ending was so heartbreaking. They mention a funeral in the preview, so that means LSM's gonna die right? And now that Song knows KSY is TJ's girlfriend, he's gonna try to bring her down The only good thing in the preview is TJ and KSY still working together.
  17. I know the scene between TJ & LSM was supposed to be sad, but the music and the way they shot the elevator scene after that kinda made me giggle, 'cause it felt like a forbidden bromance instead of a mentor/mentee relationship :)) I wonder if DK will join LSM's side. When Yoon talked to DK she kinda hinted that he could work with another person in the assembly.
  18. Oh Tae-joonie you're in big trouble Seems like he and USBs don't get along. Every time he has one, he gets into trouble lol. Poor DK got fired for having done something he didn't know was wrong. I thought TJ was a little hard on DK with that. Loved LSM & KSY in this ep. I think next ep they're gonna try to help TJ.
  19. Ugh you have no idea how much that enraged me! He's not even a criminal, yet they treat him like one
  20. Did anyone watch the first ep of Designated Survivor? Kim Kap-soo played the killed president there. Tho I'd already known about his appearance in the ep, I couldn't help laughing when he first appeared lol. I was like: Assemblyman what are you doing there??
  21. I was worried at the beginning of ep 5, then when TJ told Kang to keep trusting him, I had some hope, but was still kinda worried because she still looked at him with hate. Then when their plan was revealed, I literally clapped lol. I'm so happy to know our couple still love and support each other, tho I gotta be honest, I was kinda bumped that it was TJ not Kang who came up with the plan. I kinda want our assemblywoman to solve problems on her own w/o TJ's help for once. I knew their relationship was bound to be found out (they need to be more secretive when they go on a date ), but ugh, that Oh guy is such a thorn. TJ really needs to get rid of him ASAP! Does anyone know if the second season will have the same cast? Or will it be like True Detective, with a different cast each season? If it'll be the same cast then I hope the writers have some kind of cliffhanger in store for us at the end of this season.
  22. Interesting that you compared TJ to Frank Underwood, 'cause I thought TJ was more like Frank's chief of staff, Doug, considering that both TJ and Doug go around fixing things for their respective bosses. But I guess Doug doesn't want to go to the top, so TJ is kinda like Frank in that respect. But TJ is also different from both Frank and Doug in that he (TJ) still has some conscience and doesn't resort to killing people to get what he wants. This is also why I like this drama, even though I've never been interested in political dramas. (Tried watching Money Flower but quit after just a few eps because of all the murder schemes.)
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