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  1. I wasn’t thinking so deep. To me, he chose to keep quiet because there was no hard evidence of foul play? He saw OTS dragging the sack but he never really saw what was inside, and since OTS dumped it into the ocean, it has yet to surface till now. The only person who suspected something happened to the girl, was HJ’s mum and she has since gone missing (we have no idea what really happened after OTS struck her, since things were left intentionally vague for us to guess). So officially, there’s no record of a murder, not even a death, or a case of missing person, so there’s nothing for him to say?
  2. I suspect the stage ended when it started raining. The lighting for the stage tends to be warmer tones but the lighting changed when it rained, possibly because it rained or it could also signal that stage has ended. After it started raining, DO spoke her thoughts (which was totally out of her manhwa character) when BK lashed out at her. HR said BK probably wouldn’t remember anything because the scene will change. Since HR is one of those who is aware, he would know that whatever happens in the shadows isn’t remembered by those who remain unaware, and in this case, BK isn’t fully aware yet. Which reminds me I missed out one other thing in my previous list of things I noticed. BK might have been the first person to notice HR’s existence but due to his lack of awareness, he did not connect HR to anything. Before HR’s face was revealed in the show, he knocked into BK near the staircase (from where DO fell subsequently) and BK kept wanting to see who he was but couldn’t figure out anything. That scene made me think BK would become aware soon, so to see DH becoming aware before BK, was unexpected for me when it happened.
  3. Just caught up to episode 8. A few things I noted, some of which I hope will be addressed (or connection will be seen) later in the show. Jinmichae definitely recognizes or knows Haru, when he saw him at the courtyard from the library. But how and from where is an unknown for now. I like the fact that the boys wear pink and the girls wear blue, exactly opposite from the usual societal norm colors. I wonder if it was an intentional choice. BK is actually a nicer person in the shadows than on stage. His jerk persona is “scripted” and spills over to the shadow, but his slightly nicer side sometimes surfaces in the shadow, which I feel could be a foretelling of his possible “awakening” e.g. he bothered to ask DO where she went and that he was concerned about her heart, the day after the original stage, (which was changed by Haru) when he was in the shadows, and then DH came to ask about the previous night, and BK realized something was off. It’s fun to see the friendship between DO and DH. The way they sometimes observe the other on stage while they are in the shadows is quite amusing. Since Haru is an extra without even a name, he probably doesn’t have a family nor a home. Does he then live in the school and the corner in the library (which is likely a part of the shadows) thus becomes his special hiding place, allowing him to put up DO’s portraits?
  4. I see slapping someone's face as mostly equivalent to humiliating the person, so I wouldn't say I like it either, but in a way, I understand why Jenny did that. I watched the episode twice but caught the slap only the second time because I was distracted the first time. What she said after the slap left an impression from the first time though. "Did it hurt?... You need to be alive to feel the pain..." I didn't see the slap that first time, and I thought Jenny was referring to the betrayal by the girl's mum and HJ's possible realization of her lack of wisdom in that rash act. But it somehow felt abrupt, to suddenly refer to the above and asked if it hurt. The second time, I saw that slap and I saw the connection. She was referring to both the physical pain from that slap and possibly (metaphorically) the pain from what I mentioned above. And I felt that physical act of slapping HJ made the scene more impactful and complete. Her intention was not to humiliate but to "wake her up" to her naivete and that physical pain and the whole act of being slapped would have left a very deep impression on HJ, if it did so even for us viewers. Jenny was trying to warn HJ, not for "creating trouble" for SW and her, but because it has, and would continue to put her own life (as well as SW and hers) at risk if she doesn't "wake up". She is trying to ensure the gravity of the situation is communicated to HJ and given the situation, their relationship and her character/status, I think the slap was most appropriate. To imagine Jenny hitting HJ on her head or punching or pinching her would make Jenny look ridiculous and change the whole tone, providing comedic relief instead. And I noted SW's expression as well. He definitely felt something when HJ got slapped... It was intentionally reflected that he didn't feel nothing.
  5. Now that you mentioned it, it sounds possible, because I remember one of the names JG mentioned to CA had Moon as the last name (or did my memory fail me?), and kdramas love such "connections"...
  6. @larus and @elan1, I didn't go back to rewatch recently so I could have understood/remembered wrongly, but I recall my understanding after watching twice, was that there were two conversations involving KYO, though I can't recall which came first. 1. With WJH, she was telling him that if she hears anything more about that relationship, the person "beside him" will be destroyed, and by that, I believe she meant the guy and not Jenny. 2. With Jenny, she was reminding/warning her that because their marriage was not by her order (not with her blessings nor within her plan), should WJH go down, Jenny will also follow (go down) by relation. So I think Jenny's suggestion is that if WJH wants to beat KYO (in order to be free, or perhaps there are other reasons behind him wanting to beat her but has not been revealed yet), he needs to settle the relationship (at least for now, because if it's not settled, they will all be destroyed together before they can do anything), then come back for them to work together to beat KYO. However, if he decides to just leave quietly with his partner, she will understand, and will still continue to try to beat KYO on her own (for both her and WJH's sake). She is willing to do this much for him.
  7. The way I see it, when CA’s mum told her to consider how JK’s mother would not be able to handle his suicide, I don’t think she was genuinely concerned about his mum. It didn’t even matter if his mum really felt that way or not. At that point in time, she was concerned only for her daughter to not be implicated by the “suicide” and because CA appeared to be uncomfortable with lying, she had to find a way to convince her to go along with her story, and thus she came up with that “concern” as a reason to convince CA, because if CA believes it would make things better for his mum, she might at least go along with the story. If she didn’t appear to care about why her daughter was contemplating suicide at that point in time, that’s likely because her maternal protective instinct was at work then. Her utmost priority is to ensure her daughter is safe and that she escapes unscathed from this whole episode. At that point in time, survival comes first and her daughter needs her help. She has to take charge and act in whatever way to save her daughter from the “mess” and that’s not the time to be asking why she was contemplating suicide, because she was obviously not thinking about it anymore, at least not at that point in time. Asking for the reason is not going to solve anything. They needed to think and act fast, not waste time on the “non-urgent” stuff.
  8. Hmmm...I am on team SW-HJ... There is no denying how fiercely loyal SW is, towards Jenny, and he definitely loves her, but not romantically? It really feels to me like a brother towards an older sister (though he is a lot more intense), not the kind between a man and a woman. What he feels towards KJH (whom he still doesn’t know isn’t straight) also does not feel like the kind of jealousy a man has, for another who is with the woman he loves. He is definitely upset with him, but it feels more of “why do you not take care of my noona and let her get hurt, but my noona still loves you despite that. And I can’t do a thing to you lest noona is upset”. That was what I felt during the exchange between the two men when KJH went to SW’s office. And I cannot help but keep thinking of the bath scene in the early part of Ep 1. The way SW could update Jenny of the latest happenings while she was in the tub just behind him...it just doesn’t feel like there’s anything romantic between the two of them. At least, I can’t feel it. On the other hand, he is definitely experiencing growing fascination towards HJ and is subconsciously protective, without realizing it. He is unfamiliar with what he is feels towards HJ, because he hasn’t quite experienced romantic feelings thus far, and that’s also why I think he doesn’t feel that way towards Jenny. Such feelings are foreign to him. my 2 cents
  9. @larus @elan1 @imgreatgal Hi peeps, saw your exchange on Ms Wang and thought I’d share my understanding of what is going on. Ms Wang told Jenny (during the two times they spoke out of the car, once before the reveal and once after) that she started working in the Wi family all thanks to Wi Jang Soo (Jenny’s father I believe) and that he was unlike the usual rich kids, so I think she feels gratitude towards him, and thus tried to save Jenny (whom she believes to be his illegitimate daughter). I believe she does not know KYO is an imposter and thought that she was the wife he eloped with and that WYN is the legitimate daughter. She also somehow knows WJH is not his son and thus she will be on KYO and WYN’s side (since she believes them to be WJS’s legitimate wife and child) whereas WJH is not even his son and Jenny isn’t legitimate. As to why she knows WJH isn’t his son, it could either be that she saw the scene where KYO brought him to see the father (like what WYN witnessed) or that WYN told her about what she saw, or that the age of WJH doesn’t add up (coz if WYN is Jenny’s age, he might be older than it was logically possible for him to be conceived after the elopement). And for the “adoption” by butler and Ms Wang, that incident took place 30 years ago and back then, I would not be surprised if checks weren’t as stringent as today. As for Jogwang Group, from what I recall from Jenny’s conversation with KYO, JG seemed to be either a previous partner of DEO or a previous partner split from DEO and formed JG. Jenny mentioned she wanted to claim it back for DEO. KYO also commented that JG appeared subservient on the surface but was backstabbing DEO, so JG might have been influential on their own, but possibly not at the same level as DEO, and they wanna rise up and take over, but in stealth, since they may not have the capacity to hit DEO head on for now. The butler and the lawyer son in law may not be the most loyal people around but they aren’t likely to be so powerful that they can be the mastermind.
  10. There are air dates stated on this page, but the dates and days don't tally, so I am not sure if it's legit info... http://www.yue365.com/tv/608/bochushijian.shtml
  11. Her name is 何倩影 and I think this is her first drama, so perhaps that's why you can't find much on her. You can follow her on weibo if you read Chinese.
  12. His name is Wei Chao 魏超 and is pretty well-known. Here's some of his works...from what I googled https://www.bilibili.com/video/av25538671/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.3
  13. Don't think so. There are many uploaded versions and I'm under the impression some have audio with timing that's off while some are in sync, so I don't think that's a production issue.
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