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  1. 1 hour ago, triplem said:

    still have a feeling that SYA’s dad was framed 7 years ago. I don’t think he had received any sexual favours; he did say he was too drunk to remember. I felt sad that he decided to take his own life but rather than cowardice , it was a sacrifice he made to allow SYA to press on with the investigation. 

    Song was about to play a recording clip of him in the room. I do believe it will reveal otherwise. I am still disappointed that he took his life instead of braving the whole matter with SYA. I still think there are other ways around it if they have a more open talk about it. Really hated that characters in dramas are keeping crucial information from each other, but I guess that’s where the drama comes from.

    I found it interesting that the definition of Justice for Song is the safety and welfare of family members. 

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  2. I feel sorry for him as it is rather unfair because it was only her claim and nobody can ever find out if it’s the truth or not... even if he denied it, it will just be a he-said-she-said thing. If he is evil, he can just say some discrediting stuff about her, and again, no one will be the wiser. 



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  3. 1 hour ago, Sejabin said:

    not too shipper. But I just love them both :wub: :dissapointed: I hate SJK :bawling:

    Is this the same hate as you hate KJW? :lol:


    On a serious note, since both SJK and SHK are keeping quite, it's difficult to guess what might have happened to cause the divorce. So it's better not to go around hating one party. For all we know, he might be the more innocent party. I agree that both parties are at fault to certain extent.



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  4. Lover Boy looking at DH's IG photos. Flashback to some of their encounters surrounding SA. He seems to be brewing in anger.

    DH is painting at home, looked at the clock and SA is not back yet. Sound of door, he thought it was SA but it was Lover Boy who threw a punch at him and they fought. DH asked him to just leave and turned around. Crazy Lover Boy picked up an easel and hit him hard with it, DH used his arm to block and injured badly.... oh no......... :scream:


    JE seeing JW off to work. She handed him his lunch. He said thanks and asked what she will be doing. She said just at home. He asked her to go out and enjoy herself. She said where to.


    Cut to Ajin and the student. He gave her something to taste, coffee. Said something about mothers. And he told her that he is going off to Paris to study. She wished him well, they said their goodbyes.


    JE going through the day with her bike. She came across her colleagues. The kind unni was unhappy to see her and doesn't want to meet her eyes, while Clara was the one being friendly and talking to her. JE felt bad and took her leave. She reached home, looked towards SA's house a bit. Then it's evening and she is eating ice cream by the balcony again, the bird made some noise, so she went to look at it. She dropped her ice cream bar as she remembered about the lipstick she hid in the nest. She took it out and flashback to events around the lipstick she stole and cried.

    JCK at his office trying to call JE but no answer. He sent a text, asking her why not answering and to return his call after seeing the message. But he got worried and rushed out. At home, JE got up quickly and tried to find a box containing some mementos with JW, including the yellow shoes from JW. She hugged the shoes and cried. Flashback to tying of shoelaces and all scenes of the two of them interlocking their hands. There is a new scene in the flashback, where JW and JE parted their ways. If I remember correctly, they were wearing the clothes when they got found out by each of their spouses. JE's cries became screams and wails now. JCK is desperately trying to stop a taxi to no avail. He decided to just run home. Cut to JE seated on a carpet by the birdcage with lit candles and she was smearing herself with the lipstick (as in preview) Narration again. With her lipstick smeared face, she said this is my real face. She took their wedding picture and started putting lipstick on her photo and went crazy smearing it. She picked up the the shoes and let the lace caught fire and just let the fire burn bigger and bigger in front of her. JCK arrived at their apartment and ran up the stairs. JE just sitting near the burning carpet. End of episode...


    Oh gosh, this is in reference to the fire of neighbor's house in first episode.

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  5. Moving truck and JW's car stopping at traffic light. JW flashback to times with JE, from the flower, finding Sarang, their first date in the forest, their first kiss. Then JE on the bicycle stopping at that light. She saw him in the car. A narration from her. JW didn't see her, and drove away when the light turned.


    SA's husband having meeting with all staff and Jenny. She only apologized. He said the image of the company is ruined now.


    CSA looking at news on her mobile. She looked concerned. Maybe it's about the husband's company. DH came out of the bathroom and asked what's wrong. She said it's nothing, but DH noticed she isn't telling the truth.


    Hubs at home looking at the news about the book cover. He ruffled his hair, buried his head in his hands and called out for his wife a few times to get him something, then realized belatedly that she is not in the house anymore. Flashback to some of their encounters at home, happy times as well as how he treated her so lightly. He looked at the ring that Lee gave him, then opened his drawer to see a pair of earrings. Flashback to first time he saw CSA with that earrings. She was posing as a ballerina model and he was smitten by her. Back to present, he is crying at the balcony. Then he saw SA walking downstairs, he hurried down. SA hesitated to press the bell, but he opened the door and pulled her in. He knelt down and apologized to her that he's done her wrong. He begged her not to leave him and the children. I'm crying now... He said it's okay if she doesn't love him, he will just love her. He said that his love for her is sincere, and hugged her. The children came out. Reunion of the family. Ajin asked can she not leave. Dad already apologized right, can you forgive him.

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  6. SA's hubs office. He walked in to the office, saw his staff with boxes and boxes of books. Turned out that the drawing by Jenny belongs to another artist, so the books are rejected.


    CSA received a document at DH's house. Don't know what it is about. DH was there as well and they both discussed it.


    JW and MY at their emptied apartment. They're interacting calmly. MY said she will go get the car. When he is all alone in the apartment, he saw his own reflection in the glass pane and he took down his necklace.


    DH went to find his wife at her office. Talking about divorce. So it was her who sent to legal document, I think suing them for something.


    JW looking at the moving truck driving away then entered his car with MY inside. They drove away.


    JE waiting outside CK's office. He ran out, asking why is she there. She has something to say to him. Cut to them seated in a cafe. JE said she's been thinking all these time and she think she can't do it. She asked for divorce. CK asked why, when he as the husband didn't mind. She said she minds. She is living in hell everyday. CK did not agree to the divorce. He got up and left the cafe. As he walked outside, flashback to when they first met. By a drink vending machine. JE couldn't find coins and he gave her his drink. She thanked him. Cut to them dating. As they walked, they came across birds in a cage. JE stopped and so excitedly said they're so pretty. She smiled so brightly, CK noticed it. Cut to his flashback to some earlier scenes we've seen about the birds and how they affected their relationship.

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  7. At DH's house. SA is preparing coffee. DH loves the smell and hugs her from the back. As they sat down, SA told him she needs to go home because of Aram. He asked how the little girl is. They looked at each other and each has a sad inner monologue.


    At SA's hubs office. He is meeting with Director Lee. She commented on the use of Jenny's illustration for a book. Then took out the ring and laid it on the table for him. They talked some more, then she left.


    Intern visited JE at home. She told her that she likes her husband, no she loves him, more than she could imagine. She asked whether JE knew the hard time that CK is having all this time. She also said that she can't give up on CK and pleaded to JE to leave or abandon CK since she loves another man anyway.


    JE walking in the park by herself, thinking about what Intern said while sitting down on a bench. Cut to the scene of MIL serving them with lots of food. CK and MIL acted normal, but JE is still downcast and spiritless. Cut to another two scenes of her being downcast, by the birdcage and at the balcony, with narration from JE.

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  8. Airport. DH and his wife arrived with some of their staff. Wife happily saying some stuff, but DH ignored her and ran ahead when he saw SA there to pick him up. He hugged her tightly. Wife not happy and just walked away another direction. Next DH and SA in the car driving, exchanging missing you stuff like that. SA noticed his ring is not there. He apologized for losing it. Cut to Wife in her car, looking at the ring.


    At a legal office, as in preview. It's MY's idea of course. Four of them seated face to face. Lawyer put out some documents. JE apologized, followed by JW also, for hurting everyone here. But he added something that made MY yelling at him. He finally signed it and MY couldn't wait another second to get JE to sign it. JE hesitated a bit, but signed it anyway. As they get out of the building and heading different direction, we hear the declaration from Lawyer after their signing, followed by narration by JE that this is definitely not love (with their BGM playing in the background, so sad).... At home in the restroom, JE washed her face crying and she jerked her necklace away. More crying as she fell to the ground. Cut to JW crying also in his study (as in preview) all these with narration from JE :bawling:

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  9. Backtrack a bit to when JCK pulling JE away. As she looked back, there is a narration of her talking to JW (sorry don't understand). They drove off, leaving JW and MY. MY let go of her grip on JW's arm. He asked you said you're pregnant? MY: Why? You think I'm lying? JW said some stuff that sent MY so angry Should he be worrying about that now? JW is saying that JE has not done wrong. MY said some harsh stuff, I think about making sure to see them suffer? Sorry but she is looking  very ugly in her anger.


    In the car, JE thought about MY's claim of pregnancy, and then she pleaded to CK about something. He stepped on the brake and screamed at her in tears. She asked to be let go. CK started the car again and stepped on the acceleration (as in preview). They swerved to the side into a wall of dirt, and he hit the horn and kept crying that he wanted to die. Another narration from JE.


    Morning time. JE and CK seated on their sofa, both downcast. JE asked him if he really wants to continue living like this. CK talked about his work and asked JE can't they just live like that. Someone pressing the door password. JE went to open it. It's MIL. She is happy to see JE. They both entered and she is still being kind to JE as if nothing happened. JE face down and apologized. CK received a call, someone asking to meet. MIL and JE looked at him. I think it's MY.

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  10. 3 hours ago, jaydendoji said:



    Just surfing some latest news and found this. Photos are disaster. I don't know who should they fire, photographers?? lighting team?? make-up team?? :lol:


    no number

    :scream: Seriously the worst collection of pictures I’ve ever seen... really don’t know who to blame... 


    @cenching thanks for the cupcakes, but I am cutting down on sugar and gluten ;):D 



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  11. 32 minutes ago, auberon said:

    That last scene was damn frustrating. At least Tae Ra is doubting Beom Jin now.


    Assemblyman is 100% the person who ordered to have Soo Ah and LTS killed but why is Beom Jin so intent on sweeping things under the rug? It seems like he hates his father as well.

    Gi has LGH and HTR on his side for now. Although the key person HS is currently on BJ’s side, hopefully Ha can reach out to him and gain him back. 


    Could it it be that what BJ wants to do is to kill his father with his own hands? :scream: I just can’t forget his argument about parricide. 

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  12. 7 minutes ago, Sarang21 said:

    8? that´s quite a lot. Children are always the one who suffers the most in such situation....I hope that it wasn´t an ugly divorce?

    There are sets of twins. They were all so cute. Loved watching them. I think the divorce was rather quiet too. Mom went on to continue with the show Kate Plus 8. But started exploring other things as well. Dad is a Korean descent, I think. I don't follow them anymore since they separated. 



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  13. 53 minutes ago, Sarang21 said:

    It´s Jamie and Nikki they are a very famous interracial couple on youtube. And unfortunately there are children involved. 



    So sad... I don't watch them. Hopefully it's not going ugly as what we've seen lately. 

    The one divorce that rather saddened me quite a while ago was Jon Kate Plus 8. -- yes, 8 is the number of children they have. 



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  14. 8 minutes ago, Sarang21 said:

    Now I´m convinced that this year is truly the year of divorce. So there is this vlogger family on Youtube that I watch...and now I have to find out that they are separating. :scream: What is going on?


    Really?? Do you mind sharing who they are? 



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  15. On 8/21/2019 at 2:41 PM, liltash85 said:

    i just read that in South Korea the power of divorce belongs to the wife. So if the wife didn't agree to give a divorce, the husband couldn't do anything. Now I can understand why MY wants to keep  JW. If she not willing to let go, nothing can happen. 

    Where do you read it from? I doubt the law states it that way. It’s more like the person who did wrong (adulterer) cannot force the person without wrong into divorce.


    So in this case, yes, MY has the right to say whether they divorce or remain married. JW cannot force her to agree to divorce. The person without guilt is the one who has the right to decide about the marriage. This is not only in Korea though, many countries have similar rulings. 

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  16. 14 minutes ago, Sarang21 said:

    Anyone looking forward to the drama Vagabond? Suzy and Lee Seung Gi are the leads.


    Been waiting for it for ages. Not because of these two though but because of SSR


    @refuse2sink bird husband story not yet ending. This weekend is the finale. 



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  17. 3 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:


    Im taking break from opera soap daily drama. Im back with bad-lighting-fair-white-oppa drama The Watchers :joy:


    Btw, I watched some clips of Historian. Looks pretty fun. Might be my next sageuk after a while...



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  18. 24 minutes ago, Sarang21 said:

    The funny thing is that GHS fan are saying that he is so terrible at acting but what about her? 

    There is something contradictory about them saying he is terrible at acting, because they also said that he acted so well as a lovey dovey husband... They bought his act (if he really is acting) as sweet devoted husband but they think he is a terrible actor? 



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  19. A lot of people claiming so certainly he got his success from being her husband... Come on, no one can guarantee that’s the case. Who knows he might even be soaring higher had he not married her? No one can know for sure. I actually enjoyed his act in You From Another Star and was hoping to see him in other future dramas. 



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