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  1. 7 minutes ago, BaekhyunBBH said:

    is surprising. I saw Park Shi Young in that particular scene, not Kim Kang Wook. I swear. Does anyone have a Screenshot of that particular scene by hazard ??? I tried to rewatch the ep but couldnt find that particular scene again omg. 

    I remember it was Kim Kang Wook too. But I can't remember which episode as well because it was a flashback...

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  2. 3 hours ago, imgreatgal said:

    Han Su was arrested by the police right after he found SA. According to MH it couldn't have been BJ who called the police. So this part is still a mystery?

    Yes, I wonder about that too... Could it be that it’s not what it seems? Maybe BJ wasn’t the one who kill SA? I find it too early at this point to determine BJ is the killer. Where does that leave KH and his dad then? What are their roles to this whole story? And then the big white envelope, there must be something else that is not revealed to our team. 


    No preview released yet? 

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    @ktcjdrama im waiting for u to watch Lil Forest. I guarantee u will love him even more!!


    No number.

    Okay okay... soon soon. I have a deadline coming up, then catch up on my dramas, and I will watch Li’l Forest ;) 


    Sigh, haven’t even got started on Moment of 18 (heard it is good) and Let Me Hear Your Song



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  4. 7 hours ago, nubianlegalmind said:

    As far as BJ being a psychopath, I believe that he had been a ticking time bomb his entire life. Living under the harsh scrutiny and high expectations of being the son of an assemblyman, and then things began to unravel when he started liking TR. However, I bet she outright rejected him, and when BJ found out LTS was pimping her, he tried to use that to get leverage and get her to like him. Then she dropped the bomb that she was involved with his father and he went crazy. We will see, but this all falls back on BJ and his relationship with his father.


    The most infuriating character for me right now is Kim Han Soo. He wakes up and could easily be the key to the right person being convicted and instead he is keeping his mouth shut and following orders to protect SA, when in reality, there is a lot about her that he just doesn't know. Clearly he doesn't know that SA was involved with BJ's dad, otherwise he wouldn't be allowing him to manipulate him. As it stands, he has perjured himself again. Also, SA would want the world to know what happened to her. She would want justice, but instead, he is protecting some childhood image of her and it is so frustrating

    I agree with you about HS. I am still trying to tell myself okay, maybe he is just too kind and simple minded to hold on to that childhood image of SA. He uses everything else before using his brain, sorry to say. But yeah, my patience with him is running thin for sure. 


    As for BJ, I never thought he ever fall for SA... He just didn’t want her around the school because she potentially is ableto tarnish his image. I know there was a flashback of TR witnessing them together, but it happened quite fast and I don’t remember what exactly were they doing. Kissing? 

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  5. @triplem Happy 10th Anniversary!! :kiss_wink: Rest assured we’ll keep all your affairs with 1001 oppas a secret from your hubs... ;) 


    @refuse2sink Thanks dear. My condition is not as bad as I might have painted it. It’s not noticeable by naked eyes. I think around 10 degree too. I have gone to chiropractors, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists etc.etc already. That’s how I know the bends and turns of my spine and shoulder. And what really helped was doing Pilates. But expensive is also the reason I stopped. I dream to buy a reformer for home (meaning small compact one)... hopefully soon? :lol:



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  6. On 8/27/2019 at 11:01 PM, Anh said:



    Because in order to take it off, he had to touch the gloves. ^_^

    That's how he had fluorescent on his hands and then it got on anything that he touched afterward.

    Actually there is a way to take off gloves without touching the dirty part, like after we ate fried chicken/seafood ;) But you're right in that he held his gloves tight when shoving them to the plastic bag before discarding it. Also I just realized it was mentioned in the shack among our trio detectives that even when one wears gloves, the stain will stay on the person. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, imgreatgal said:

    BJ had someone harassed Tae Ra after MH was onto her about the cctv footage of BJ near SA's apartment. I bet now BJ will claim that TR committed suicide because of those threatening calls.

    I don't think the harassment was ordered by BJ. It happened at the same time he found out Gi told HR about the cctv, and also when he found out TR knew the truth that he left the cinema for quite a bit of time. He probably got the idea to kill/silence her when she sent him the text saying she wants to die because of what's happening in school. The person instigating the phone calls harassment was that idol-wannabe waiting for her debut.

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  8. 1 hour ago, cenching said:

    HaRip sang with gritted teeth....The backstory just heart-wrenching....:bawling: I cried when the camera panned to Lucca's expression while watching them sang....:bawling:

    And I love it when they kept going back and forth between HaRip and SDC during the singing...


    @refuse2sink Thanks for sharing about your condition. I have very similar condition as yours, except that on the other side (right shoulder lower than left, so always sore with my left shoulder blade). Not only that, my left shoulder is slightly turned forwards towards the right too. However, the sciatica pain I felt still on my left side, and my left hip is higher than my right. Basically, the left side of my body constantly gives me pain, soreness and stiffness. When I was still doing Pilates regularly, the stiffness was under control and I felt just fine. But since I haven't been doing much exercise now, it's been bothering me again. I always try to do some stretching while watching dramas, just to have an excuse that my time watching dramas are not totally wasted :P but I guess those are not enough, especially done halfheartedly  :sweat_smile:



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  9. 12 hours ago, sushilicious said:


    Mmm. Cravings...Kueh Lapis :kiss_wink:i don't really like it with raisins..but the kueh is good~ 


    I always have it during CNY hehe

    @ktcjdrama @cenching @triplem


    It’s not raisins, but prunes...


    So sad to hear about the accident that killed the toddler :tears: I cannot imagine what the parents have to go through. Made me not want to visit Jewel now since I saw there were many incidents before this too. 


    Sometimes stores go for the esthetics and forget about safety. At this time, I appreciate what I’ve seen in drama Fox Star Bride about where they go on rounds regularly, telling the airport tenants about unsafe banners outside their stores.



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  10. 56 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

    what real life incident? can you give a short recap?


    So the drama is about survivors and families of the victims and those related to the shopping mall collapse. It tells the journey of healing as well as closure of the traumatizing experience for the leads as they made new discoveries about cause of the incident. 


    This is the real incident the drama is based on:

    The Sampoong Department Store collapse was a structural failure that occurred on June 29, 1995, in the Seocho-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. The collapse is the largest peacetime disaster in South Korean history, killing 502 people and injuring 937.




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  11. Since no one has yet brought it up, I will pose the question then...


    When JHR was at the fishing farm killing DC Park, he was wearing gloves, which he took off in his car... so how can the fluorescent stuff get on his hand and all over his house? Any thoughts about this? 

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  12. 1 hour ago, nrllee said:

    Hmm. I am wondering if I should also watch Ji ChangWook’s drama Melting Me Softly?  I don’t know the actress?  It’s rom com though and I don’t know if I am in the rom com mood. :lol:



    I enjoyed watching Won Jin Ah in Just Between Lovers. So I will check out Melting Me. 

    If you haven’t watched Just Between Lovers, I highly recommend it. I think you will love it. Don’t judge from the title because it isn’t a rom-com, but healing drama for traumatic experiences based on real-life incident in Korea. 



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  13. 1 hour ago, triplem said:

    @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama @Sejabin I feel a little empty after Love Affairs. I still hv 2 more dramas ( Devil and Justice) , but all my feels came from Affairs and they are hands down best OTP. My other long time favourites are Tomorrow With You (Lee Je Hoon and SMA - also daebak chemistry @USAFarmgirl can attest to that)  and Gum Couple from Live Up to Your Name.

    I haven’t watched TMY... Always love time traveling stuff but don’t know why just never got started on that one. 



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