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  1. And we know why the number of viewers is tripled... I am so happy to see LJG cameo in Hotel Luna, but greedy me wanted them to be in one close-up frame... why stand so far away?? I think they purposely do that so we can’t have any good capture of them which will conflict the main pairing in Hotel Luna.
  2. Do you need the raw? I have link to Chinese subs. Just finished watching ep.6... man, another great episode that leaves me with chills... of seeing them treading into dangerous territories... 642
  3. Ep.6 was a great episode. I have mixed feelings again. Happy to see them finally embracing their true feelings, yet sad for them knowing they are doing something so wrong that will only have sad consequences... I'm really curious whyyyyyy if really not feeling anything anymore with their spouses, they don't just opt for a divorce and then can be together openly? Not that I encourage divorce... Both require courage, and I'd think having an affair is so much more difficult to own up to than asking for a divorce. The habitual liar NMY to maintain good "face" is at it again. Makes me wonder which are the things she said to her husband that is truth or lie...
  4. I was thinking that they might not kill him/them right there and then. But that those students would make sure he/they die another time another place another way. Still thinking filming is possible because he heard the name of KHS mentioned and was able to identify Porter. A reason I could think of why he didn’t bother to film is because it would be difficult to explain his presence there and then.
  5. What are the names of the fish? 640
  6. 634 Yes. The lead’s name is Cha Yo Han.
  7. I felt the same way about CSA-DHY pairing. I don’t understand what attracted DHY to CSA. For CSA, it is easier for me to understand because she felt he sees the real her. Same feeling when she rather unexpectedly opened up herself to NMY. But anyhow, I am now continuing watching more for SJE-YJW pairing. I felt so happy for them at the end of ep.5, and yet I actually teared up for them.
  8. I really don't know.... Boarding #morallywrongfeelsorightship# too?? I don't even dare to hope for them to divorce then get together.... ottoke.... We'll soon need to go to an AA group... (Affairs Anonymous) 644
  9. @sushilicious why no option of “All of the above”?? I would have chosen that option
  10. Should I start Dr.Yohan or not.... decisions decisions.... 642
  11. I eat to live @triplem really? The subs are out? That’s fast! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the ending... 642
  12. Lots of good dramas this year, seriously.... I am having to shelf some dramas away, unfortunately those usually never get watched because new dramas always coming out 634
  13. I wished he would have filmed the rooftop fighting using his phone. He was quick and smart enough to do that for the morning smoking gang. Why didn’t he at least film what’s going on first, and later can decide what to do with it? Same goes for all the photos in the dark room. He should’ve filmed some of them for his file. What’s the use of going under cover to investigate if he’s not going to keep any documentation? What about collecting clues and evidences?.... Sorry, rant over. I like the premise very much, but towards the end of ep.2, I am a bit worried honestly that the writing might not be tight enough for this genre.
  14. I only managed to watch half of last night’s episode. But very interesting is that a new bird is brought over by MIL. It’s a sparrow. And SJE calls it Hope. So we have Faith Hope Love... I’m sure most are familiar with the Bible quote “And now these three remain: Faith, Hope, Love. But the greatest of these is Love” ~ I wonder where the writer is bringing the leads (and us viewers) with these references. Some other interesting stuff from first half
  15. It’s a thriller. The drama literally started by showing a stabbed person vomiting blood, in slow motion As for main leads, I am a fan of both male and female so yes, I am going to say he is handsome and she is pretty and they can act. 618
  16. Enjoying Class of Lies so far. Anyone else watching it? 620
  17. Well, the Chinese subs translate it literally to “unicorn” the creature as the name of company, when the spelling is clearly not. Anyway, there are unicorn companies for those who are not aware. So the company name in the drama Unicon is a play on reference to unicorn companies.
  18. Oooo, the preview looks so exciting!! I can’t wait already!!! especially that the red stone the perfume bottle was something Edo picked up when he was younger... interesting interesting....
  19. This time we’ll be on different side 620
  20. I think this is a first that this thread has jumped so many pages after an episode... I had a hard time catching up with all the great posts!! Since many have written so well about our three couples, I will just take this chance to shout out: THEY KISSED!! MY SHIP FINALLY SAILED!!! @thistle Love your point about diminishing each other and how it is an unhealthy relationship. Fully agree. I'm glad to see them breaking up now (me want to hug MG), although I really don't mind seeing Writer have them together again before the drama ends, with some growth from TM of course. Why can't she change her view on marriage? ie. wanting to be married so as to remain with someone she loves. Change is growth. Nothing wrong with that. When you love someone, you'd be willing to change yourself. Not because the other person demands it, but because you want to, willingly, so as to make that person happy. It doesn't make her less a Tammy. Someone in the thread mentioned about the practicality of being legally married, ie. to sign for administrative papers for your spouse, esp. in emergency situation. This is a very real issue. What will she do if let's say Morgan got into an accident and requires immediate medical action? She's going to go look for his parents first and wait for them to arrive to sign the papers for him? Anyway.... looking forward to a great finale week! I have faith in this Writer.
  21. We need to tag @Ameera Ali too for this news. It’s her Dark Angel... 596
  22. You gonna fight me with these weapons? Bring it on, anytime... but who is that last guy? 588
  23. Of course, of course.... @angelangie penang can still drive to KL... I’ll pay for the petrol 580
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