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  1. I saw him first time in WGM too... 754
  2. That's my thought as well... I think it was done purposely. I just can't believe that they will still go on with the "wrong" title when so many people have pointed out the grammar mistake even before the drama started airing.
  3. Really... from which show? I like him chubbier. I think his face is too thin now. 752
  4. I haven't had time to back read (16 pages) on the thread, and only managed to catch up till ep.8 just now.... Gosh, the second half of ep.8 got me crying rivers... What unfortunate events MW had to endure... no wonder the hate in her heart... And I thought the standard formula is to have a kiss at ep.8, yet we get a noble idiocy pulled by the FL??
  5. Yes, yes... will watch this for sure. Love anything with orchestra... @triplem will 6 ongoing dramas break your record then? Looks like the champion is @Lawyerh for now (~do you even sleep??) +2
  6. You three made me want to pick up DS60 again just to watch these two @nrllee and you made me want to check out MO18 (I added the O just in case someone thought M stands for Mature ) 818
  7. Not gonna lie, the show is starting to lose me too. It feels like we’ve gone through SO much, yet we’re still only at ep.10. I can’t wait to find the killer already. But I will give it another week, and they’d better reveal who “boyfriend” is.
  8. If they’re going to get caught next week, I don’t know what else is in store for the next 4 episodes...
  9. I didn’t expect you would come watch this. Doesn’t seem to be the genre you usually watch Glad that you’re joining us!
  10. I am now super duper curious who the “boyfriend” is.... Just to call someone who can get her out of the handcuffs, or to inform “boyfriend” that DCK and KYG are meeting upstairs... but why the urgency to get out of handcuffs or to inform about the meeting? Is she already suspecting something bad might happen with the meeting?
  11. I am still busy with RL... not much time for affairs @Lmangla I watched some clips of Siyah Beyaz... the OTP is really sizzling. I don't have time yet to check out the whole series, but this one is definitely more interesting than the other one you mentioned some time ago.
  12. Yay too!! I hope it will be explained later. Because even before the detective got killed and YCK got tried for assault, her eyes have been on the case already. She took the chance while prosecuting him for assault to mention him being a murder suspect as well. So she's been on to him long before the trial. My internet has been laggy since yesterday, but seems to be okay now. Off to watch ep.6!!
  13. I am finally caught up to ep.5. This is a good show with great cliffhangers that makes me want to go straight into the next episode. I also enjoyed everyone’s take and insight so far. I only have one question, which I believe have not been addressed yet so far... why is SYA so determined to solve the murder case from 7 years ago, that she even has the investigation map put up on her wall at home? Minus a curtain to hide it, of course
  14. 808 @sushilicious Tis the season to love teachers @Lawyerh
  15. @sushilicious my very first introduction to Kdrama plushies will be from You Are Beautiful ~ PigRabbit 792
  16. I used to have one like that!! 786
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