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  1. Thanks @triplem Had a little free time just now so caught up a little, yaayy!! Am gonna try squeeze in DS60 ep.3 before sleep tonight. 512
  2. 502 So behind with many dramas
  3. The names of the birds ~ Love and Faith... I wonder which is the name of the blue one, the one that got out from the cage. What will happen to it? Died? Flew away? I think the birds will come to symbolize something in the drama too... When there is no more Love, no more Faith, then starts the affair?
  4. That’s savage but your subs translate their names to Lucky and Peace? 510
  5. Giving you an insightful 510
  6. Where is @jaydendoji? Still watching ep.1? If done, come share some of your thoughts... 508
  7. 486 @jaydendoji right?! You should see the preview for ep.3. He’s gonna blow up at her because of the bird.
  8. Actually, the affair is at a big hotel, not some small shady motel but, they probably have hourly rates too...?? no number
  9. I think the number we play with is +/- 2 480
  10. 492 Try watching just the first 15 minutes. That was enough to make me want to scream at the wife just leave the bird husband! The birds situation got worse in ep.2 and seems will worsen in ep.3.
  11. The affair is scheduled from 3-5pm on weekdays 498
  12. Based on the puppies description, my order of preference to keep as company is: - Husky - Golden Retriever - Great Pyrenees
  13. 500 still busy. No time to check out new dramas yet
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