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  1. Less than an hour to go... I'm not sure I can live stream or not. Internet connection has been quite poor these last couple days. Not to mention my husband and daughter will be around, can't guarantee a peaceful undisturbed viewing.

    Watching the face-off again, can't help feeling sorry for YD and SW, no one wants any of them :P... but seriously, that short scene is sooo hilarious with HJ and JH looking panicked when the possibility of switching partners came up. First the look of panic, then followed by look of relief/content. They are so in tune with each other to back each other up so the pairing doesn't change.

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  2. About the naver video, this is what I gathered: SW changed her mind and wanted to study under JH. JH told her that HJ will be under him. That's why the four of them have a face-off at the auditorium. YD doesn't mind SW under JH and wants to take HJ under his wings, but HJ panicked and looked over to JH. Then I think JH made the executive decision....?....

    So funny, both YD and SW don't want to work together, while HJ and JH want to be in a team.

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  3. That relationship chart is so outdated, we can just ignore it. We know very well that IJ does not harbor secret love towards JH. She openly claims him to be hers, and insists on marriage too. So I doubt SC was HJ's first love who leaves great impact on her.

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  4. 31 minutes ago, Justiffa LZZ said:

    Talking about work i'm not so sure how to say this, but i guess i'm kinda 'lucky' i crashed from my bike while out cycling with friends lol…. broke my lil pinky, donated parts of my facial skin to the tarmac and probly looked like hell bcos the doc gave me 1 month's MC :w00t:

    So here i am home and staying connected almost 24/7 he3…. never felt happier going thru rest & recovery :D

    But still, waiting for 9pm MST 10pm KST would've been torture w/out u guys in all these related forums :wub:

    Oh my... I don't know whether to say "I'm sorry to hear that" or "Congrats!" :lol:

    Should we get our in-house Doc to take a look at you? Just to make sure you don't have any concussion? **paging Dr. Hong, you have a patient waiting here**

    ;) Definitely make good use of that MC, but nevertheless hope you'll recover speedily and way earlier from the one month rest your doc prescribed.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Edamcheese88 said:

    it done with anesthesia, but i think it's only in the area that surgery will be done so the patient still awake. In a reality i think i have read surgery like this, they do it while the patient play a guitar/violin because he is a musician. the doctor do it to know if the surgery do well or not.

    Thanks for responding. I did a little googling and edited my previous post with added information about it.

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  6. Um... should we be worried about the "awake" surgery? I mean, it's neurosurgery we're talking about here. Can it really be done without anesthesia? Will it be an incident that break JH's career? Why am I feeling more unease the more I read promotion about this "awake" surgery?

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  7. I just watched the subbed video of their first script reading. The young actor playing young JH is so cute! A shy boy. Hope he's got the acting chops too. From the script reading, it seems like JH was bullied/belittled/singled out when he was younger in school. Can't wait to see more of his backstory to see what are the issues from the past that he has to resolve. It seems to me that his cheery, happy-go-lucky attitude is just a facade to cover up something he wishes to forget.

    Link to video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVFRlsFGuT0

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  8. Thanks for the preview, chingus!

    With my super limited Korean, I think towards the end, JH was asking about whether HJ looked up his schedule, and then added "are we aein already then?" which embarrassed HJ who ran away covering her face. So cute. Both of them.

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  9. About 60 hours more to endure... sigh.... That is for raw/live-stream. Have to wait a few additional hours for subs.

    In the meantime this week, whenever I'm free, I'm in front of the laptop, either refreshing this thread, or rewatching fave scenes. Starting Monday, I won't have such time luxury anymore since holiday will be over. It's back to work.

    A little off-topic fun, anyone seeing the resemblance of So Ji Sub and Park Bo Gum in the cast of Doctors? Name them!

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  10. 28 minutes ago, angelangie said:

    however one thing for certain he can always clarify it later on with her but why almost on the same day itself

    If I were JH, I wouldn't be able to sleep that night too, knowing my love interest was thinking I was no longer available. Besides, having spent 13 years not seeing a person whom I thought about a lot, I would also find that person to catch up good. So it is natural for him to seek her out. Otherwise, we wouldn't get the boxing skinship. LOL

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  11. 16 minutes ago, Agie said:

    About the kissing scene, here my prediction base on BTS Picture I post. I could be wrong, but hey Patient could have dream right??? hehehe

    You have a point, you know... and notice that JH is no longer eye level with HJ, but a little bit higher, looking down.

    But I seriously dare not dream for that, haha, for fear it may be too much to handle for HJ at this point. And that will also mean their relationship is confirmed way too fast/early in the series, which means trials ahead--me not ready for that just yet. I still want to see more wooing from JH, hehehe. So, I'm just going to think that they are practicing the pulling away slowly and gently from each other.

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  12. 46 minutes ago, SukBin said:

    In my point of view the true threat to our OTP comes from In Joo rather than SW... because for all her cruelness SW is only a impulsive, childish girl desperately trying to match her father's overbearing demands for her.... whereas In Joo seems straight up manipulative and calculative personality.... she knew exactly what to say to break HJ's heart and make her stay away from JH even without her lifting a finger.... In Joo looks like a person who can prey on other's deepest fears and insecurities for her own advantage.... I just hope our OTP gets sufficient time to strengthen their bond and HJ to overcome her insecurities because In Joo the proverbial antagonist will be coming soon too test their bond and HJ's self-confidence...

    I kinda feel the same way. Not only that, she may try using the getting-Dad-on-her-side card. In fact, I was thinking later on in the story, SW may just cross over to help HJ and JH be together instead of allying together with IJ. Don't know how, but I do hope SW and HJ's friendship will be restored.

    29 minutes ago, heartoppaya said:

    Hey, not to be disrespectful but HJ was having feelings for JH in the past? Guess I'm the only one who didn't notice that...

    I gather it from the last scene they were together before the 13-year separation. When she decidedly chose to ignore phone calls from JH after her grandma's death. She flashed back to convo with IJ. If IJ never told her about how she and JH belongs together, I think HJ would have accepted help from JH. But instead, she chose to leave him and to survive on her own. Whether she actually realized/acknowledged it as romantic feelings or not at that time, it is indeed an act of love for JH to protect his reputation (trying to clear up scandal with SW), and not burden him (her coping with grandma's death), and for hoping he'll have a good future with IJ. She cried and held back her tears when walking away from him. If you've got no feelings at all for a person, you wouldn't be sad leaving that person.

    Btw, who else think HJ-JH have similar face features? What the Chinese would call 夫妻脸 (husband-wife-face). Just look at the pic of them running in the rain under his coat.

    I wonder why this drama has 20 ep. instead of the usual 16. I foresee more backstory surfacing, esp.on JH's past. Haha, I just couldn't believe we're given such a perfect flawless male lead. I'm sure later on he's got some things/emotions he needs to resolve too from the past, and I can't wait to see HJ being his source of support and comfort when he breaks down.

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  13. 28 minutes ago, Ayame said:

    This made me really curious, so I looked up In Joo's character description [thanks to pshdaily]:

    "JO IN JOO (SPECIALIST IN GENERAL SURGERY) - A daughter from a rich family who has easy and cozy lifestyle. She pursues “birds of a feather flock together” rule. She thinks Ji Hong is the best man for her and have affection for him. She knows that Ji Hong doesn’t see her as a woman but she doesn’t care. “I love him is enough”. But Ji Hong never notices the effort she put for him, that’s why she gave up her thought and leave with another man to avenge Ji Hong. However, she met Ji Hong again at Kook-il Hospital."

    I think the character description pretty much confirms that she will come back. I have a feeling she might be quite an obstacle for our OTP. Sigh...

    Yeah, I think she'll be back. Remember the convo between Dad and JH during dinner. Apparently In Joo just got divorced. Dad felt sorry towards her and lamented how nice it would have been if JH and IJ had gotten married instead. Then came the flashback by JH about their time in the US. Seems like they did try to be in a relationship (or maybe just IJ insisting) but just didn't work out, and JH made it clear to IJ, that's why she stormed out of the car in the heavy rain.

    I hope her appearance will shed some lights to us, and esp.to HJ, what JH was like and gone through while away in the US, not being able to forget HJ. Then HJ will be touched by JH's steadfastness.

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  14. I don't see HJH leading the hospital in the end. I think after all the power fight, the one eventually leading as the new Director would be Chief Neurologist. However, I am really not interested at all in these hospital politics. I hope the writer will keep it to minimal as deemed necessary for character growth, which I hope will be the focus of the drama.

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  15. Hi all, I'm just joining drama world again after taking a hiatus since mid-Feb due to busyness. And Doctors is the one that got me interested enough to start making time to watch dramas again. What can I say... I'm loving our OTP! My guess for next scene in ep.7 will be that JH just letting go of her and act natural like it's no big deal, and giving the still-stunned HJ space and time to process her feelings and thoughts with what just happened, but not forgetting to give her assurance that he'll wait for her to be ready for next stage of their relationship.

    @parmma Thanks for the fashion report. I love her floral blouse by the way. It's something I would buy and wear. On that fashion note, I wonder if you know how to find other  stuff used in other dramas? I really love a small bag a female lead used in a drama a few years back but there was only a brief glimpse of it, so can't tell what brand. Any clue where I can find such info?


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  16. @ktcjdrama Haha. Sorry chingu. And If i'm not mistaken, 면사랑/Chef's user name mean "cotton love"

    Toooo cute right? :wub:

    (I used google translate haha, pls feel free to correct me ^^)


    oh its means cotton love?? Chefeunim so cuteee...kyaaaa...i really wish chef told nabong that he was sunshine fans..but his pride didnt allowed it..lolol

    Ikr! We need an extension of the drama! I still want to see Omma accepting BS...... and then maybe a wedding where we can see Chef all nervous and listless, but still wouldn't admit it, haha...

    He's such a sulky little boy. Wouldn't admit that he missed BS soooo much, not until BS said so first, only then that he admitted and hugged her. Remember how he cried in his room with his guitar, yet when he saw her, he acted cool and aloof about being too busy to contact BS.

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  17. We keep saying Gummy is so lucky to have JJS as a boyfriend. I think the same goes for JJS being so lucky to have Gummy as a girlfriend.... I checked out the interview with Gummy and she said something like this: she is being careful since JJS plays many characters, she doesn't want people to picture him and her together. How understanding and accommodating she is with his profession as an actor! And no wonder one cannot find online any photographs of them together...

    Didn't see that interview, but I agree with you. I don't know much about her, but by what I've been reading this past days she seems to be pretty cool and I'm sure he's really lucky to be with her too. Plus I admire that she is well known as a singer because of her good voice and not because of... other things like it usually happens nowdays.
    Relationship goals, really.

    Thanks again for sharing all those things. Love the blog! As I already said, I also have to learn korean asap! That way I'll be able to fangirl even more hahahaha

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLNo2Xl9N3Q here's the link. The interview starts at around 39:00. I think it took place in May this year. I don't know why they won't mention JJS's name. I checked her out because of JJS, as if he needed my/our stamp of approval, haha.... but I approve, I approve....

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  18. "You Are My Sunshine" Blog is active again, after being shut down during ep 13~16 of omg broadcast! :D

    you can see the post are written as it is in those episodes ^^

    blog's link: http://ohmysunshine.cafe24.com/


    cr: You Are My Sunshine blog.

    Thank you for the info! I love the blog... I love food blog...

    Who's going to try out the recipe there?? I would if I could understand Korean :D guess that's another reason for me to learn Korean, seriously!

    Guys, Chef's comment is the 16th comment in the entry :w00t: 

    Omg the feels T______T

    Okay, I have a confession... Being afraid the blog is going to be shut down again, I actually copied and pasted the content onto my computer, in hope of turning it into a learning to read Hangul material. Was going to challenge myself to figure out which one is Chef's comment. But thanks nonetheless for pointing out which one. At my rate, it'll probably be the new year already before I figure it out :lol:

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