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  1. Yes... did you notice that when he was about to pay for the noodles, he did ask for SY to fork out his own money too. It wasn't a full treat from him.
  2. Agree. I'd rather the spouses of KIS remain unknown to us till the end, or maybe make a brief appearance at the ending to comically celebrate everyone's happy ending (so confident, am I not? )
  3. Yeahhhhhhh!!! We finally reached 1000!!! Way to go Team Add!!! @angelangie
  4. I'm glad to see the cast having fun rehearsing for the dance together Won't be able to do a live recap this week. Depending on other chingus to help with recap, otherwise, have to just wait patiently till an upload is available...
  5. It wasn't clear whether Queen deceived KCE about the fortune (being barren) or deceived him about origin of her son. I would think she was pregnant to the full term. Otherwise KCE could just easily expose her fake pregnancy. So I think it was about her fortune (childless) that she lied about.
  6. Hi, I think you should be on team add instead of team subtract? 892
  7. I watched ep.1 already and liked it. Just that haven't got the time to continue. And same here, I like both leads. Hmmm... 888
  8. 882 @triplem I was considering to watch About Time.... is it really that bad? I couldn't finish Manhole, fyi.
  9. Don't log off then. Come play with us here 856
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