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  1. 4 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    @Lawyerh see! I was right :lol:


    anyways are you reading any books? I started reading a book called a dog’s way home :) 



    Hey, I think I have that book too somewhere at home... Obviously haven't read it :lol:



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  2. 14 minutes ago, Lily92 said:


    I pretty sure sanchez will die in next episode.. This will be the most heartbreaking thing that CS have to paid for loving MW.. The evil spirit can't touch CS cause MW will be beside him but Sanchez is someone important to CS so he can hurt CS in this way.. This way will force MW to make a deal with 4th mago to cease the evil spirit in return with her spirit..


    Yep i think this will go this way but seriously how many more CS have to loss.... :tears:

    I really hope JW spirit is not the one causing Sanchez to die. It’s probably more because he wants to be with his girlfriend....? 

    But most of all, I hope it’s not Sanchez in the limo :tears:

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  3. 1 hour ago, ktcjdrama said:

    :lol: let me check the Chinese subs when I get home, because I don't remember it being translated as muscular. I think it's more like rough or rowdy? 

    So I checked... and it does translate to rough and coarse man... instead of muscular.


    And the description by JHR's daughter about YG's eyes are "magical/mysterious" instead of "odd" @thistle I personally think he didn't menace those girls. Being a police, he has to do some questioning to get information and clues related to the investigation he is doing, albeit a very personal one. So I see whatever he did as just that. Getting information.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:

    what , very muscular people , give me break he so muscular :mrgreen: , for you information there a woman too in the team :yum: 

    :lol: let me check the Chinese subs when I get home, because I don't remember it being translated as muscular. I think it's more like rough or rowdy? 

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  5. I am finally all caught up... so much to say but my thoughts are in a mess. I cried at the part when she tied his shoelaces. 


    Really hated the fake bossy wife. I too think her being pregnant is just a bluff. She is a person who would even put on an act of happily married couple in front of her parents, faking a pregnancy to separate JE and JW is nothing to her. 


    What my guess from the preview is, JE being the kind person she is, couldn’t bear to see JW abandon his baby, so she would probably stay away and not continue the affair. But she would be so much in despair thus the smoldering of the red lipstick on her lips... if we recall earlier in the series, putting on lipstick has a special meaning for her. 


    What I don’t understand from preview is the part  where they’re making notarized agreement not to see each other? Is that even possible by law? Must be a clever PhD idea from bossy wife. And my guess continue, in that JW being the kind person he is, also would just believe the wife without having her take a pregnancy test to confirm her claim. But as days gone by, he would realize that it’s all just lies and he then leave her for real and for good. We’ll see though whether that would be too late or not for him to get back with JE. 


    Who is is in the car with JE? I think it’s the hubs. Will they die? Probably not... but I really don’t know. And I also have no idea how the original version ended. I am hopeful that JE and hubs will divorce because they included the intern who unbelievably is so much in love with him in K-version and is actually fighting for her love. I don’t remember reading the J-version has this character? 


    The bomb for me is that Artist is still legally married to his wife. I doubt she will honor their deal about divorce.

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  6. 6 hours ago, my0t1 said:

    At that moment, each of them had already got their thumb cut off.  The turtle (#2 turtle) already knew he could get what he wanted but chose to mock her making her to choose whose thumb should be cut next.  With that split of a second, out of selfishness and fear, she chose her ex thumb instead of her own.  This ordeal was a self revelation of her own true ugliness.  Although full of guilt, she just couldn't face herself or her then husband, perhaps she didn't even apologize to him.  Instead she chose to pursue with revenge believing once she catches the thumb cutter everything could end and she could move forward with her life.  

    I understood what happened. Just still find it strange that for a prosecutor like her, instead of negotiating with Turtle, eg.offering better compensation, to prevent further harm done to anyone at all, she obediently made a choice as instructed by him. Selfishness? I somehow still don't think she is that selfish to the point of sacrificing other people. In fact, I thought she became so unfeeling like what we've seen so far because of the ordeal she went through 7 years ago. Of course I could be wrong in that she's always been a nasty selfish person. 

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  7. Thanks for recap @triplem :kiss_wink:


    That 3-way gun pointing reminds me of another drama... but I can’t remember what drama :sweat_smile:


    I hope that we’ll get an explanation why TJ offered Turtle to cut the other thumb of her husband.... I find that part strange. No wonder she felt bad/guilty when seeing him again and tried to hide her thumb behind her. 

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  8. 14 minutes ago, imgreatgal said:

    I don't think they were installing cameras when HM was there instead they were dismantling all the cameras that LTS said his brother had installed there to spy on him. 

    I think what was installed is a scrambling device to disable any spying devices planted or brought into his room. 


    True that this drama is not that popular but it does have its faithful follower. 

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  9. 41 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I want to have a good time watching so I no longer watch controversial drama. It is better to watch for entertainment.


    Watch Little Forest with @Lawyerh  She’s been finding more company for the thread ;) 



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