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  1. Finished ep.3. Sorry for not being able to do detailed recap now, but the gist is in spoiler. Lots of developments and one is a shocker for me... well, I mean it shall make the whole having affair thing more complicated for SJE and YJW... I really should start remembering the names of the spouses
  2. I feel you. I anticipate it will happen in ep.4, maybe towards the end. Show is moving rather fast I’d say... While you start your Love Affairs ( ) I hope to start Watcher tonight. @Lawyerh *hugs* @sushilicious who is your ex? 548
  3. Morning all! Another busy day before I can dive into my dramas... @Ameera Ali I love seeing Dark Angel and Nina... I am glad it seems that she is teaching little ones and found joy in it...? 526
  4. Just got home and showered. Been out of the house for close to 18 hours... long day. No energy to watch Angel, maybe tomorrow morning. Night all 534
  5. Read a few posts back. Warring between the fans of Angel's female lead in her thread. Looks like I shouldn't delay anymore to start Watcher! 526
  6. Been busy the whole day since morning. But going off to see WW4... what happened at WW3 then? 514
  7. I reslly enjoyed at least first four episodes of WWW. Later on was rather bored because focus shifted from corporate power play to a little bit more of main lead's romance, which I am not excited about, but the good thing is the other leads romance lines keep me interested until now. Still a recommended drama because of its unique storyline. 518
  8. You know, he and the secretary of Assemblywoman Yun look like people I know in real life. One is the son of a former boss, the other is (or was) a potential business partner 522
  9. I think your posts are fine. I enjoy reading them I have a lot to say/comment actually, but can’t write long thoughts unless I have the time to think things through properly. Sadly I don’t have much time this month. 518
  10. Designated Survivor 60 Days 512
  11. 508 Does he not have any shooting scheduled that he has time to go drinking and getting drunk? Where was his manager? I would imagine with ongoing drama shooting, actors/actresses never get enough sleep, much less free time to go drinking...??
  12. This show is so good!! I can’t wait for the next episode! All the changing course whenever a crucial decision is made keep the tension up while watching. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Park to answer that last question. One other reason for me to keep watching is Sec. Cha Young Jin, my new addiction hahaha... more excited to see him than LJH and really enjoyed seeing Sec. Cha interactions with Speechwriter Kim. I am all rooting for AP Park to run for the upcoming presidential election. The person seated beside Assemblyman Oh at the hospital, I believe is Sec.Han. He will join Oh in pushing him as the next president. So it will be Oh-Han against Park-Cha ~ purely my speculation. I still don’t think Agent Na’s fiancé is part of the bombing party. I like the character styling of KHN as Agent Na. And excited to see Father Han from The Fiery Priest acting in the role of her hoobae.
  13. I think what you meant to type was ~ “I’ll join him in any bathroom?” MyIDGangnam ~ I finished it and enjoyed it. But I agree that they should have driven the message clearer. 508
  14. Thanks @triplem Had a little free time just now so caught up a little, yaayy!! Am gonna try squeeze in DS60 ep.3 before sleep tonight. 512
  15. 502 So behind with many dramas
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