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  1. 19 minutes ago, triplem said:

    i sense hot cop will be forgotten in favour of hot teacher

    Coz hot cop no longer on motorbike... :joy:

    but actually, I won’t define the biology teacher to be hot... he gives me a more cooling-calming feeling... :love: still something to swoon for...



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  2. What a cliffhanger!! :w00t: Woohoo... he finally finds out!!


    Lots of swoon-worthy words from our genius designer :wub::heart:


    "Don't go. Stay with me. I know I still have a bad temper and many phobias, and a weakling with strange illnesses, but I'm getting better little by little. It's all thanks to you. I'll work hard on my treatments. I'll become someone reliable and trustworthy that you can depend on. Please stay with me like this forever. You have a dream and a plan, so I know it's not that easy. However, add me into your plan. Please consider a future with me in it."


    "Why did Beethoven made such sad music like this at the happiest moment of his life? It's probably joy and sadness are standing back to back. If I can't feel joy, there would be no sadness. Why did human beings invent such foolish emotions? I realized long ago that happiness wasn't mine for the taking. Why am I such a fool?"


    On the other hand, dishonorable mention of the husband of MJH: What a disgusting sleazebag that man is!! Only physical lust in his mind.... I feel so bad for the daughter to have such a father! Urgh!! :angry::rage:

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  3. @Sarang21 welcome welcome... yes I am watching WWW


    @nrllee I get what you mean about IU’s character but I don’t really mind it because one, it is a fantasy drama that tends to exaggerate things, and next, the way I interpret their “scary” is that “you don’t wanna mess with her” kind of thing, not dangerous.



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  4. 7 minutes ago, angelangie said:




    when i see all those....im thinking about the maintenance......and the petrol i need to fill it in....hahaha


    no wonder her diamonds kept getting cut out :D 

    I was wondering from ep.1 why the loans for her car, shopping and champagne needed that much diamonds. We found out in ep.2... Translation should be the plural "cars".... :lol:



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