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  1. @Lmangla Empress of Dignity ending still okay for me. Except for the way they handle CJH’s character of course. But at least I was prepared for it because we are told that he cannot join the last 2 (or was it 4?) episodes due to clash of schedule. 566
  2. Nursing the same heartache here... but still, nothing beats the ending of God’s Gift - 14 Days in terms of crappy ending. I should comfort myself with that... 546
  3. Anyone caught that Han might have an inkling that WS is about to end his life? But I guess she just couldn’t be bothered to prevent it... *still sour over his death*
  4. If only TOP members were advocates for the good, I will be so awed by the way they do things... Effective and efficient.
  5. Watching with subs now. I jumped to the trial part. Han indeed got a 4-year sentence. She willingly turned in the evidences to Prosecutor Joo so that he can be successful in putting her behind bars with a condition that MC Group will not be affected at all with her trial. Her steadfast loyalty to this MC Group (the company) is really something... The prosecutor asked for 5 years tampering evidence in AJR's case, 3 years for bribing civil servants thus obstructing the conduct of public affairs (justice in this case), 5 years for instructing the murder of MWP, 2 years for fraud. Total of 15 years. She admitted to all the charges and did not even want to make a closing statement in her defense. However, the judge's ruling was that instruction of murder is insufficient evidence, so only for the other charges that she got fined, and 4 years of jail time Her team member I think got punished too, although we don't see it. Han stated each of their possible serving time during her "farewell speech" to them. The team leader 2 years, the short hair lady 1 year, long hair lady 6 months, the young guy 1 year. Han said that is the fate they must accept when they have chosen to be in TOP ~ whaaaat? so once again confirming that they knowingly commit crimes that are punishable by law Same here. URGH! Same here. URGH! It could've made it into my top 10 rewatch. ETA: HYS got 1 year for stealing AJR's work and fraud. WJ got 2 years for unfair transactions and internal transactions.
  6. Introducing my DP ~ the fish as painted by Picasso himself Le poisson échoué au soleil Estimated to be USD 400,000 - USD 700,000 at Christie's
  7. So I finished the raw after all, with some fast forwarding. It's past mid-night after all, should be in bed, but don't know if I can actually sleep or not with the way drama ended. I have to reserve comments until I watched with subs. If I heard correctly, Han got a 4-year sentence... and when she is out (in the epilogue), her minions are there waiting for her, like ready for their next project...? It seems like they make it to be an open ending for the TOP team, but seriously, I wouldn't want to watch a sequel featuring them at work again Who would?
  8. Still halfway through the raw finale... Don't feel like continuing anymore until sub is out... I cried when WS hanged himself I feel like he really is the most pitiful of all the characters in this drama. I just knew he would do something foolish when he asked the police to wait for him outside. But of course, being a director he is, he has to make his exit dramatic. @bebebisous33 WS stabbed AJR out of misunderstanding and uncontrolled emotions. He has gone there to beg her to divorce with his father so his mother could be happy. Earlier he witnessed his mother crying because the father is indifferent to her and she felt that as long as AJR is still around, she could never be happy. As he approached her to comfort her, she called him a failure. Then when he was at AJR's house, AJR refused his request, even slapping him for suggesting something. They had their back turned from each other as AJR walked back to her painting, which she accidentally ruined. She got startled when he pressed the door bell, because Ha just left her house. AJR called the painting a failure, but WS thought she is calling him that, and he was dazed and next thing was he stabbed her. He was shocked to see what he did, and probably ran away from the scene (not shown) because next is the arrival of Mo, who called Han.
  9. why are the two men arguing so much about how the kiss went? KTO is so calm and collected, not flustered at all.
  10. I am wondering why the English translation use "Joker", "Don't be a joke" to translate the mysterious person and the messages.... Just sharing as additional perspective to the story, the Chinese subs translate the person as "Trouble Maker" and the messages as "Don't be cocky/smug" ~ meaning, don't think so full/highly about yourself. I'm interpreting it as someone who doesn't like to see things go well with DB, to see her being happy/successful.
  11. Another awesome episode! Especially towards the end. I cried when SH just found out Grandpa is actually her bio-dad, when she was thinking about all those times they spent together. And then I was fist-pumping and grinning when she announced at the dining table that she is actually Grandpa's daughter. Some important details in spoiler, not in order
  12. Sorry guys, I can't find a stream that works... If any of you have one, please PM me.
  13. Oh no... I hope they won’t butcher the end by dragging out the plot just because of high ratings/buzz of the drama currently... please please please continue maintaining the great writing so far...
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