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  1. Thank you for the longer preview @briseis I just noticed the first page is updated. So each of the four leads is married... we’ll have 4 marriages impacted by 2 affairs and some of them already have kids... I wonder how the story will go considering we only have 12 episodes.
  2. This was already mentioned earlier by someone in early pages. And another thing also, the main poster of three of them walking, also formed the letter W. That was quite creative. Reading everyone's theory, I think by the end of the drama, we can hope the three of them to become good friends, joining hands to fight the real evil. To be honest, the romance part is not attracting me much. Maybe I am the only one feeling so, but I was rather annoyed by Morgan's constant pestering towards Ta Mi in ep.2. He only earned my respect when he went to get back his deal from SGG and when he walked out of the meeting arranged by Matthew. It showed that he is a smart observant guy with integrity/principles.
  3. What do you mean by womance? They don’t really have good relationship. Three main strong female leads, power play in two rivaling companies. Each very established in their careers in IT industry. 552
  4. It's a workplace drama. Strong female leads. I love it! I am hoping romance will not be the focus. 540
  5. I too doubt it’s the ex-boyfriend. He doesn’t come across to be smart enough to pull something like this. So I am going with your speculations @bebebisous33 esp. the part about attractions between SGG and Cha, and then SGG and NIK.
  6. Come watch WWW with me... I like it a lot. I volunteer to cook for him!! 524
  7. ktcjdrama

    OTP Bingo 2019

    None of my numbers is called
  8. @Lmangla @sushilicious I love curry puffs too... My fave is from Old Chang Kee. Btw, WWW is a great drama to watch. 976
  9. ktcjdrama

    OTP Bingo 2019

    Hi chingu!! Long time no see!! Come join us. Request a card from EO and check first page (list of tropes) to guess whether your number is called out or not in the story.
  10. I noticed him removing his watch too... and yes I believe the Director intentionally wanted it that way Remember to wash your hands before bed tonight! You can follow the tutorial above, courtesy of DomDom. Turn up the audio for that ASMR experience
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    OTP Bingo 2019

    Tropes found by me so far
  12. ktcjdrama

    OTP Bingo 2019

    I think because he thought to himself that he wants to change for this girl. Change means bad to good, right? Can't be good to bad?
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