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  1. @orenji_neko welcome ^__^, cute name btw i'm not sure if i can answer ur question correctly but i will try based on my own understanding of the pillow book, still quite green with pillow book btw 1. for this one, i think it was simple, fengjiu is naked because she wanted to take a bath in the hot spring, donghua apparently not... most probably he was lounging at the boulder in the middle of the spring, reading his buddhist scripture, or just drinking some tea enjoying the moonlight... he is a loner that way... hahaha 2. for the second one, i think it refers to page 132 is book 1, after donghua and fox fengjiu get out from wicked lotus sphere trap set by xiao yan earlier, once they got out, donghua immediately went back home with fox fengjiu, entrusting zonglin, he lets zhonglin to take care of fox fengjiu who was still injured that time, when fox fengjiu whines and not wanting to leave his side, he promises her that he will come for her after he is done taking care of his matters (including another duel with xiao yan, i'm guessing punishment for stealing the wicked lotus sphere) but after a few days of no news, fox fengjiu couldn't wait any longer and tricked zhonglin of removing the force field to try and go look for donghua 'In the end she couldn't wait anymore and tricked Zhonglin into removing the force field. On her way to look for Donghua, she met Siming at the South Heaven Gate.' she didn't go very far it seems and she didnt mention that she finds him, just that she had to go look for him because he didnt come back for her as promised, i think that is for number 2 and also, have to remember that fengjiu is talking in her drunken state, she might be mixing all her stories up for all we know...
  2. ^ wow o.O... second time right? the first one is after eternal love where dongfeng shippers were abundant... thank god i dont do shipping hahaha (i adore donghua and fengjiu together, not so much of vengo and reba together though) but still vengo ah... pls be more careful with pillow book not having airing date as of yet this kind of thing could just have an adverse effect on the drama that has not aired yet aish... makes me a lil hmmph.... i dont blame him of hooking up, and the truth is, it's not big of a deal... he's single (i think) that woman is too (hoping) so they free to do whatever they want news and reporters tend to have this kind of things blown out of proportion just that right now my main priority is pillow book so... hahahah sorry for the shippers though have to say though watching the first vid they dont seem close at all it almost like vengo was taking care of her seems like she was a lil drunk maybe i guess he did take her home, he is a gentleman after all hahaha about staying overnight, that is still up on the air be strong guys hahaha
  3. ^ i had unfortunately know the actress who will be playing jiheng first before getting to know jiheng from the book so my first impression of the character was already not good in the first place though have to say, when she was introduced and expanded in the book, i was a lil baffled i was pretty sure she would be the conniving, cunning evil witch that would do anything to separate fengjiu from donghua and to win donghua's heart, just like how sujin is from 10 miles or even the meanie zhi'he i was so ready to hate on her in full force but... she wasn't anything like that at all in the beginning and her constant adoration toward the fox fengjiu was a lil cute and sad as well makes me a lil sorry for her but after that, it was gone the minute she started to act like she owns donghua and even pretending to do something that she didnt do to win his heart and during that time i was like, yup she's on top of the list as one of the hated characters now hahaha i guess the writer wanted to show how love sometime can turn people blind and obsession can be deadly too if anything jiheng and fengjiu share the same fate liking someone who doesn't even throw them a a glance in the beginning while fengjiu continues to strive on her love and blossomed under that love jiheng turn conceited and consumed by the love that she has it also shows how fate is weird and funny in its own way fate was the reason why fengjiu fails in her attempt to gain access and attention from donghua in the first place but at the same time, even if fate let jiheng get close to donghua, she was not fated for him hence regardless how compatible and suited they both are with one another nothing or i would not even a spark flickers between them fate also why although fengjiu tries her best to avoid and get away from donghua later one, they keep bumping to one another and it was enough to gain donghua attention and awareness of fengjiu while even she was around 200 years without the interference of fengjiu to try her best to win donghua's heart in fanyin valley but nothing ever happen between donghua and jiheng because fate was already written between fengjiu and donghua, how nice is that? regarding xiao yan i am reluctant to hand him over to jiheng, he is too good for her hahaha wrong person to ask, have to say ^_^* i seriously dunno much about vic, aside from knowing him from meteor garden from like ages ago and i dont even watch meteor garden since i dont and will never like that drama regardless of which country producing it i never watch him in anything after that even the infamous 'mars' with his then girlfriend barbie hsu, i didnt watch hahaha he was pretty much, in his earlier career, acted in taiwanese idol dramas, so i dunno if he has acted in period drama before flame's daughter sorry saw him a few times in movies but mostly modern ones i think about his gesture in flame's daughter, i dunno which part of him look modern and honestly i really dunno how man and woman during that time are supposed to behave and act beside i don't think much about it, i am the type that doesn't ponder much about these things if i enjoy the drama then i tend to overlook things that could ruin the drama for me (seriously-with serious face) but if i don't like the drama, then i will for sure pinpoint every flaws and irregularities just so i can not liking it even more and since flame's daughter is fun for me i seriously dont see his movement or characteristic too modern or to chic to be in period drama, he was okay for me, i even like his sheepish smile most of the time hahaha if i were to defend him though... i would contribute that his mannerism is because he has lived longer than anyone of those alive during that time he has surpasses everything and his mannerism and traits are showing his indifferences to the world and his nonchalant behaviour is because he is a man with power then and even now i would also say that his carefree nature could also be one of the reason he is after all doesn't care much about worldly matters anymore (most of the time in the drama, when he takes action it was because or related to ruge only) he was just waiting patiently for ru ge to be born and become adult and for his ge'er to come back to him nothing else matters to him at all anymore hence the cheery and jovial attitude (for most of the time) sorry cant help you at all in vic's matter
  4. vengo may not be amazingly good in acting as of yet, he is okay and sometime good enough for me but he is perfect as donghua for sure it almost like donghua is him and he is donghua hahaha the interview is interesting unfortunately cannot watch now a lil busy will watch it later thanks for sharing ^__^
  5. same... i already adore the ending for pillow book but of course it would be so much better if it didnt end just like that we need to see the happy family being physically together to satisfy our soul and craving and so that our time of waiting wont be wasteful hahaha hello *waves enthusiastically welcome on board feel free to share anything and everything it always enjoyable to read thoughts and ideas in this thread ^__^ aw... thanks i get restless if this thread didnt get new replies in a period of time hence why i feel it was a lil abandoned hahaha same i check this thread every now and then everyday it has become almost a habit for me ^_^* truth to be told i watch goodbye my princess only to ep 2 i got a lil bored was looking for a filler while waiting for pillow book and thought gmp was kinda interesting maybe it's not for me though i am watching the legends now it's interesting and intriguing it's a pity the drama has just a few subbed one though the pain of waiting is just urgh... hahaha i only on book 1 for now, so i am focusing on that first though it has always been on the back of my head the nagging timeline discrepancies i guess there's no way i could do anything about it aside pretending the problem didnt exist aside from trying to change that part of the story which i am very reluctant to do so for now, my solution is to pretend there is no problem at all, and the timeline is just perfect ^_^* hahaha wah... congratulations to you friend i remember a drama aired last year where they changed the ending of the drama from happy ending that was in the book to sad ending in the drama (i forgot which drama since i didn't watch), i only read about it in one of the news discussion that i was browsing kinda interesting i would say... hahaha same here i dont mind sad ending as long as it make sense and happened because it is rational and logical ending if asked of course happy ending would be my first choice, but sad ending is still acceptable as well i just hate though open ending where we need to decipher, interpret and make our own conclusion i hate that... i have few dramas and movies which i adore and loved and they have sad ending or tragic ending but its fine since the ending justify the story even better so its good but for sure pillow book need to have happy ending!!! hahaha anyway new question to you all aside from dong hua and fengjiu which we all would obviously want to watch and swooned over and wont mind having lots of screen times in the drama (i know i totally wouldnt mind ) which other character's story from the book that you would like to have more in depth story in the drama? for me if i have to choose i still wanna know more about zhe yan and bai zhen story (which i doubt would happen in the drama) hopefully they would have more screen time though i think the focus for the second pairing would obviously goes to lian song and cheng yu and maybe the third pairing would goes to jiheng and xiao yan or minsu and jiheng's bro (which i have totally forgotten his name hahaha) hmmm... who else worthy of mention?
  6. is it because after 68 pages all of us have run out of things to say about pillow book that this thread seems like abandoned now? or maybe the new visitors are being intimidated by the regulars here that they didnt say anything (we promise you all we all are nice and somewhat sweet, and for sure we dont bite- not on the first meeting at least hahaha) then again while waiting for this drama, we talked about almost anything and everything that we can posibbly talk about even i regularly visited this thread left without posting anything because i just dunno what to say anymore anyway i have something to say now hahaha i heard that the drama goodbye my princess will be getting alternate ending in drama instead of the tragic ending the book has while i always prefer happy ending instead of sad ending after reading about the story, i think the original ending befitted the story more that the new ending even with the kings woman although i seriously adore vin with reba, i wouldnt want the ending to be any other way that makes me thinking about alternate ending for pillow book (hopefully our producer wont get any weird ideas and have alternate ending as well) pillow book ending is just perfect, with a lil extra extension from the book that is hahaha anyway what if the ending was that although it was donghua who was ready to sacrifice his life, it was fengjiu who lost hers leaving donghua with bai gungun behind and the story we are reading was actually the story being told by donghua to his son to remembering fengjiu and telling him the story of how dad and mom meet, fall in love, got together, and have bai gungun (ala how i met your mother xianxia version) kekeke TT_TT gosh even thinking about it making me sad we all should feel lucky or glad that i wasnt the writer of the book ah when will we get any news or anything new from pillow book? i miss them so much already sighs
  7. maybe and maybe pillow book will change my perception of her though i doubt that usually when the person doesnt hold my interest in the first time i saw them they wont have my interest at all but still it wont affect me enjoying pillow book at all and for sure it wont be her loss for me not becoming her fan so its all good for me and us all hahaha
  8. ah yes i forgot, one way or another this drama is co-produced between tencent and jaywalk of course they need to promote their next artist though i dont really like her (not hate or dislike or anything, just that i find her lacking something in her acting) even in flame's daughter i didnt pay much attention to her character just that she was paired with james li in that drama that she become a face i recognize at the end if anything i prefer dai si or lie xiang in flame's daughter and yan zhi in ten miles i like her and am waiting for her drama where she is the lead (one of the lead i think) to be aired ^__^ and yes i remember sujin, gawd she was good in making everyone hates her hahaha and also xian nu? or sumthing, she has quite lots of screen time too though not as much as sujin and that annoying maid of hers hahaha at first i didnt recognize her but then i realise that she was the second lead in sweet dreams drama of denglun and dilraba at least her character is that drama is not hateful maybe in the beginning only hahaha
  9. one of the reason why i am so excited about pillow book we can see feng jiu stands on her own, fight her own battle instead of waiting for someone (aka that one person) to come and save her all the time showcasing her martial skills and ability as the youngest queen of qingqiu not just relying on her name and who she is like fengjiu we known in ten miles ^__^
  10. ah yes his name is baron chen, his full chinese name is chen chu he i didnt notice his hair until you mention in had to go back and see it again and i was like ah... very phoenix like if the phoenix was created by me with baron in mind i think the hair resembles the fur/feather on the bird's head maybe it will get better with it in motion hahaha wah happy watching the flame's daughter hope you enjoy watching it as much as i do ^__^ if that is the case then it make senses to me in the book we were left with no story of what happen next after fox fengjiu left taichen palace broken hearted and it would be sensible that it would be siming and zhe yan to go and get her fur back and turn her back into her nine tailed fox figures and also have her own voice back and they need to do it fast before her father finds out what she has done hahaha (dunno why chengyu tag along though, it would make more sense if bai zhen was there along with zhe yan and siming instead) if siming would be the one who brought fengjiu back to qingqiu and zhe yan would be the one receiving/attending to her wound at least anyway this added story is good for me hahaha
  11. yeah i know how they use our clicks to suits recommendation and adds better for personally i am more intrigues about how the chinese dramas in the feeds always seems so interesting and intriguing that it sorta compels me wanting to watch it hahaha like how those insta posts that were promoting 'i hear you' drama and i was like wah this drama seems quite good and interesting although i then barely manage to get through the first ep without getting bored hahaha hmm i kinda like the flame's daughter because ru ge aka dilraba's character in the drama is not your typical a damsel in distress type of lead female though she does need some rescuing in the dramas and can be quite stubborn too that it causes death to some but she least was active in her role and didn't spend more than half of her screen times being a weeping lady she was brave and basically evolve and improve as the drama progresses though i adore her pairing with vic aka yin xue, most were rooting of her with zhang bin's character zhan feng and were feeling sorry for wayne liu's character yu zihan and for once she choose to be with someone who was chasing her instead of someone she chase (looking at all of her modern dramas ) hahaha the plot story is not that interesting but the drama itself was beautiful and quite intriguing also the osts for the drama are seriously good and also look out for dao liexiang and lei jinghong's story, they are so cute together you can also check out lian song and the new chengyu's romance in this drama, zhongli wulei and die yi their story is small and quite short but kinda sweet more like lian song aka james li dongheng aka zhonglu wulei is so cool and handsome in the drama hahaha i have some pet peeve also about the drama, like i said the drama is not perfect, quite far from it actually but i cannot say without it being spoilers, so yeah hahaha granted i also prefer ken chang, or more like i am already used to have ken chang mannerism as zhe yan in my head baron chen is not a bad actor and he is quite a charismatic as well so i am interested how he decipher the character of zhe yan in his own way and method he is looking more mischievous and cunning than the calm and collected ken chang's zhe yan that we all know but that's okay because he might be bringing a new zhe yan to us or maybe because i simply like baron chen and quite fond of him that i dont mind him playing zhe yan hahaha some would say his stare and smile is creepy i see it as piercing and intense
  12. ^ oh my lord donghua... no wonder everyone is vying to get into his bedroom every night hahaha i can't say donghua and fengjiu is the reason why i create this acc since i have been here since like forever but i can totally say that they are one of the reason why i become interested and started watching chinese drama all over again because of their chemistry and cuteness together makes me a fan of dilraba and also vengo become one of my fav actor and encouraging me to try watching other chinese dramas as well granted most drama i watched have dilraba in it (like 80% of it ) but i am very open on watching other dramas that i find interesting as well hahaha btw, i dunno if u guys are the same but everytime i use explore at instagram i am always interested and wanted to watch the chinese dramas they posted there i am guessing since i am liking tons of reba dramas and also vengo's related posts my explore is full with chinese drama suggestions i always will be like, ah this drama seems interesting i wanna watch it they are very good at making you intrigued and interested in checking them out huhuhu
  13. hahaha i have been rewatching all of reba's dramas and movies that i have including ten miles but instead of the whole drama i watch the cuts that i got from youtube just dongfeng cuts, :P @Latetotheparty welcome aboard talk with us about anything, we are more than happy to hear more from you ^__^ same here i'm that person who enjoy reading and watching so i really dont mind if there is changes from the book and the tv version that doesnt alter the story too much i wouldnt mind at all then again i rarely read chinese novels, so it wont affect me much anyway unless if it's become too much and they shift the focus of the story if anything i have high expectation for pillow book and i know they will deliver anyway rereading pillow book again though this time i am editing the book i am not editing anything major just making it more printer friendly as i want to print it and make it into a book for my private collection i dont really enjoy reading anything from my phone and i always like having to touch the book i am reading hence i'm going to print the book just for me hahaha anyway reading it again makes me realise that although it was fengjiu's sincere and pure love that change the stone of destiny but it was donghua total adoration and devotion that maintains the fated destiny between donghua and fengjiu alive after so many trials if anything, fengjiu for most of the time was willing to give up already but it was donghua determination that keep them together although his own methods and actions are sometime questionable (then again this is donghua we are talking about hahaha) but he did all for the sake of their love and also have to say while fengjiu starts the fate of them two, donghua preserve their flame of love it is bai gungun that seals the deal hahaha
  14. i tried evernight i downloaded it until ep 20 sumthing but i just got bored and was like, "yeah this one is a no for me" i ended deleting all the eps that i have downloaded and didnt continue hsds seems interesting but i was not that intrigued i tried watching well intended love, but forced marriage getting too boring for me tried an oriental odyssey, but the female lead just seems so awkward all the time lost love in times with william chan seems interesting, i might try that after this i remember watching a few eps when it was aired here, but i didnt keep up since i was quite busy back then ah goblin, watched it because it was aired several times already here i wont say i hate it since i didnt, but i was not invested in it as well i like the king and the queen story in the flashback but not so much on the reaper and the cafe owner (or is it chicken shop? i forgot) story hahaha one thing that i noticed about chinese drama is that most of it are either remakes or based from novel so even before watching the drama people already have tons of perception and views for that drama so in order to watch something sometime you can rely on other peoples' opinions and thoughts but most of the time its all on you whether you like it or not, it must be based and up to you i remember watching old baron chen's drama with gillian chung extremely urgently people saying how messy that drama was makes me a lil skeptical to watch it but since i like both leads i tried and i actually enjoyed it hahaha
  15. hahaha i was around, stalking this thread as guest but i dont want to create another account just to reply since i am quite fond of my old acc so i was waiting for the support to help me it took a while but they (actually i think it is just one person), she/he or they did help me greatly ^__^ will try to be more active in this thread after this *pinky promise please let it be true i dont mind waiting since i have been waiting for so long so this sept or next year is okay for me but if asked between those two which one i prefer of course i will choose this year most definitely hihihi i seriously have ran out of interesting and intriguing chinese dramas to watch i tried a few and just couldnt go on past ep 1 i even downloaded some of the series, ancient and also modern ones and they all sits idly in my hardisk for now, untouched sighs ps people are raving about goodbye my princess, saying its good and such but after kings woman and also last empress (kdrama)i seriously dont think i can stomach another sad ending (someone posted the summary of the novel and the ending is even sadder than kings woman) though that kind of drama do have the best heartache scenes hahaha if only they could release another set of posters for pillow book, i would be able to endure the waiting better havent i mention how crazy i am about posters?
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