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  1. People on weibo were hinting that the producer was going to announce regarding the release date, but she never did. I just read an article on weibo and it said that the wolf is going to be broadcasted soon just dont have an official date. Either they are having a hard time finding a broadcaster or maybe all the time slots are filled up. Im afraid were gonna have to wait till 2020 if it doesnt aur before August. Starting October 1, only dramas related to 70th anniversary of china will be aired and maybe a few idol dramas. But this means dramas with fantasy elements wil not air. The next rumoured date is Aug 20. But at this point anything can happen. I wouldn't really trust rumored dates until their official weibo updates us with something. There is a possibility that it will air without any warning or promotion like The Untamed did. Alot of netizens are anticipating this drama as well and it sucks that alot of us had to wait for 2 years. Im pretty sure the ban has been lifted and im sure they've had alot of time to fix and edit scenes. Hotpot.tv is a free online streaming websites for chinese and taiwanese dramas. The website said it's going to air this month. Since the creator of the website has connection with chinese media, i have a little bit of hope that maybe it will air soon. If you want to see li qin and xiao zhan, they have upcoming movie called Jade Dynasty which will be airing on September 12th of this year.
  2. Can you tell me which sweater you are talking about. I might find it online if I search it
  3. I remember taking a screenshot of this. I noticed that they do look alike to some extent
  4. So is the theory true that the coma son looks like Tae jin?
  5. @ᎷᏋᏝᎥoh so Tae jin thinks that that prosecutor's son is dead and doesn't know that he's in coma.
  6. @ck1Oz that's the part I'm confused about. How did Tae Jin end up being Seo? It doesn't make sense. Wouldn't people know that he's not the prosecutor's son? How can you replace your son with some kid you don't even know. Unless, the Taejin and real Seo are doppelgangers. Now I do skip some scenes, but I have watched the scene where the old prosecutor kills his son and then Seo shows up at his apartment. But is anybody still confused? Are they gonna reveal the coma son. If I was CM, I would've revived Seo for a minute until he told the truth where SY was and then I would've killed him lol. He's caused so much trouble and he's worse than YC at this point for killing his mother (I'm not sure if it's his real or step mom). Seo had psychopath tendencies since he was little. Where did the blood come from in his hands when he was little? Did he kill or hurt someone or something? And the fact that YC encouraged that behavior is disturbing. It's like they're playing a game with each other. And the fact that Tae jin doesn't give a richard simmons about his sister and mother richard simmons me off. The scene where CM punched him was so satisfying. We have two episodes left, I hope the writers give justice to the drama. Oh, I forgot to mention how cute the girl is playing the young Hee jin
  7. Oh no CM revive Seo but I understand he had to save Soyeon. Seo got lucky, now he better leave SY and CM alone after all the horrible things he's done to them.
  8. So that old man secretly looking at them was the guy from that was cleaning the trash in first episode. I don't think he's bad. I think he's an alien looking after SY and CM.
  9. @Auntie Mame this drama had a lot of potential to be good. And I was honestly hoping it to be really good considering PBY was in it. Even though it's badly written, I'm still watching it (well fast forwarding it ol). One thing I dislike about this show is that the characters keep making same mistakes over and over again. Jeez, I feel like watching the same episode from last week. I understand that HJ's mom had gone through a lot of trauma but at this point she needs to flee the country or something. She's always running outside when the killer is on the loose. I hate that YC and the way he talks. It's irritating. But I do have to say that the last half part of this show has definitely improved. Someone mentioned that the SY and Seo scene had alot of tension. I definitely agree. If I were I in Soyeon's place in that scene, I would've crapped my pants. It was one of those scenes where I was seriously scared for SY but she used her smartness to save herself. I feel bad for PKM. I guess he was a good guy. From the preview, it looks like Seo kills him. Poor guy, I hope is revived. Now, I want SY to get revenge on evil Seo.
  10. I like how they wasted so much time with park gi man's character. I wonder if he's completely innocent.
  11. So Shady Seo killed Soyeon for a petty reason just because she didn't like him back? Or did I miss something? Can someone explain to me what happened in Seo's flashback? The old prosecutor's wife died and the real seo went into coma and then taejin said he'll cover up for him. What did he mean by that? Man heejin' mom is causing so much trouble. I had a deja vu moment cuz I feel like i just watched this in the last episode. Why can't HJ and her mom have security guard. This is similar to a slasher movie. The characters are dumb and don't learn from their mistakes. I get that they're trying to portray realistic characters but it's just not working. Wtf does the killer still have the abyss. Is this show even about abyss anymore? He's had it since episode 4 or 5. Why didn't Soyeon suspect Seo from the beginning. She's supposed to be smart and intelligent. And you can tell he had motives from beginning. At this point I'm confused what Seo's trying to do with HJ's mom. Like does he care for her or does he want her dead? From flashback, we can see that he had a traumatic childhood, notnjust him but heejin and the other siblings. And HJ's mom was there to protect seo. But then if cared for her, he would've never kidnapped. Is the real ji-wook the doppelganger of taejin or do they look different? Chamina and Soyeon are super cute in this episode.
  12. The real question is, when is the coma son gonna make an appearance?
  13. Hmm..I'm really confused and I guess the writers want us to be. I get that Seo can't see the abyss, so why does the prosecutor's son look like Seo? I took a screenshot and saw the coma son and SEO have the same ear shaped. Maybe I'm tripping but he really does look like Seo. Maybe the real son of the prosecutor was abyssed to look like seo. Someone said hee jin was just daydreaming that's why she didn't notice seo walking her way. Also, when HJ was having flashbacks where YC was beating her and Seo was covering the other sibling's head, she woke up saying "oppa". I wonder whi she was referring to.
  14. Haha your post made me laugh . For a moment it did look like Seo but then I thought it was impossible for his son to look like Seo. People on this forum have great attention to detail. I'm enjoying reading all these theories. Tbh, I really wanted Shady Seo to be the good guy but things are not looking good as now we know he is the killer. I hope the prosecutor's real son doesn't turn out to be evil.
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