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  1. I m so mad it's not released!!!!! That and the one in last episode where Shin 3 falls in water and sobong cries. So many tracks are missing, I personally loved the one where Ji informs Shin that Shin 3 didn't do anything and jongil was behind it, it was so calming
  2. No this one isn't pre produced I think , though they are filming since last Month https://www.instagram.com/p/Bma6Puzg69z/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=140kg5n9g00ru
  3. Can't believe we don't have AYHT today, my monday feels so empty Btw I was going through dramafever subs and the part where Shin 3 saw Shin for the first time in Czech in Episode 3 and retrieved his information according to dramafever it was 00:02:13,407 --> 00:02:17,414 <i>[Nam Shin, 28 years old. Grandfather is Nam Geon Ho.]</i> 9 00:02:17,414 --> 00:02:20,567 <i>[Business doctorate at NYU. Businessman with PK Group.]</i> Didn't know Shin was NYU alumni lol and doctorate? what?
  4. I was talking about the bgm tracks , instrumentals hehe. The ending was satisfying and not satisfying at the same time, it was rushed big time too bad (that's why I wanted dvd cut argh)
  5. I think the survey wasn't successful something like that. That's quite bad considering the amount of unreleased footage we could've gotten. They plan on releasing making scenes now but that is only possible if they get 500 pre-orders, if not we won't get BTS as well. I'm more interested in DVD scenes than BTS lol Any idea why isn't KBS releasing various artist album The album is usually released on the day of Finale or the next day
  6. The ending was definitely rushed, they could have ended the drama in 20 episodes without dragging it. it was quite weird how So bong and Shin 3 threw away the kill switch at corner of the room (why did they even take it out from server room?). Second last episode felt quite boring to be honest. They focused more on Shin 3 and So bong's family, now I'm not against it but they could have fit those scenes somewhere in earlier episodes and focused more on closing all ends in these last two episodes. I'm so mad they didn't mention grandpa, like isn't he the root cause of this war? Feels like the writer totally forgot him! All he got was DEMENTIA! I mean come on!! They got over it so quickly! For a person who betrayed you for 20 years and worked with the old man who kidnapped your son and kept him away from you for 20 years, she sure was quick in forgiving without any discussion or fight (other than the slap). Also mom never found out the truth about how his husband died. Lol I noticed that too, he doesn't blink like that as far as I remember from all the variety shows I have watched (his name is Seo Kang Joon btw). I think he had some problem with his eyes, in the beginning of drama his eyes were very red and watery also in bts they showed last week he was putting some drops in his eyes. When I was a kid I got some sort of infection may be, I don't really remember I had itchy eyes and blinked a lot and the doctor recommended drops to me (thanks doc). Like I said before they will run a tincan gym lol. I hope they release the director cut dvd, there are going to be a lot of scenes in that like the one here, hmm so apparently grandpa came back home and Shin continued living there?
  7. Yes it's all fun and games until you realize Seo's out of jail OR giving orders from inside the jail He didn't show an ounce of regret till the end so yeah he is still a time bomb lol anyway I'm glad it was a happy ending if we don't worry too much about jong gil. I liked that she was loyal but she wasn't the loving caring type at all where you don't listen to useless request to save that person from getting hurt. She changed after seeing Shin lashing out at Shin 3 and damaging his face, that's when I started liking her. like you said she realized Shin is destroying himself and tried stopping him. That's called true love imo. Updated and improved software, it came with tear ducts yeah it was a bit too much i agree lol Still NS3. They found him thanks to Shin's money and power (their words not mine). It took David a year to fix him. What the hell happened to the ROOT CAUSE OF THIS WAR GRANDPA? Someone please tell me
  8. Too bad Ye Na didn't end up with Shin. I started shipping them when she stopped being obsessed with him and actually started thinking. Huhu my ship sank. At least Ji Shin ship is sailing
  9. I guess they gave the drama an open ending for the second season. Sadly the ratings weren't good so there won't be any season 2
  10. what the richard simmons? An unfortunate work for Seo Kang Joon? Did the writer of this article even watched the drama? Whether the ratings were low or high, I would say he shone more in this for me then in cheese in the trap (well he gained a new fan through this drama so I don't see how this work is unfortunate hehe) The issue is koreans are generally not fans of sci-fic. Circle was a masterpiece and people slept on it same is the case with this drama. I'm sure it's one of the dramas Seo Kang Joon will remember for long. Such opportunities (playing both robot and human, 4 different characters) doesn't come often, I'm glad he picked this drama. For me this drama was a masterpiece (till episode 32, killing dr Oh changed some situations lol)
  11. So far no text preview of tomorrow's episode. Nam Gun Ho got what he wanted. I want justice! Why is that man back home? He should be in jail with SEO! I might be the only one, but I was already dreaming of an emotional hug scene between Dr Oh and Shin lol, no wonder I'm so sad she is dead. (now I'm hoping for an emotional hug scene of Shin and Young Hoon ) I don't think Shin 3 will die I don't know why people are freaking out, it will kill the purpose of drama . And Honestly if Shin dies tomorrow I won't be surprised or super sad go my boy play in heaven.
  12. No I think it's just the korean saying 'sorry for leaving you first' or 'sorry for going first'
  13. The way they shot the scene like apologizing and all and saying tell shin I m leaving him alone once again, and sorry I couldn't go back with you, I m pretty sure she is dead. I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT AND SHE IS ALIVE!
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