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  1. @Sky8lue In the 2nd GIF, it looks to me like he's giving her a mini massage. Perhaps she's a bit salty because she wants a full body massage from him. KJW and PMY simply enjoy each other's company and it's pretty obvious for all to see.
  2. Hey y'all! How's everyone doing after that newly-released BTS? Anyone in here need an oxygen tank yet? I'm thrilled to be here so I can squee with you over these two gorgeous and electrifying individuals -- Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young, the hottest kdrama couple to date! Umm, this GIF needs a re-post so.. @taedysol I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your GIF. Kamsahamnida! Look at the way KJW is caressing PMY's back (mesmerizing, isn't it?) while girlfriend here is on her tippy toes leaning towards her hunk of a man as close as she can, and they're smooching like there's no tomorrow! Ack! Is it getting hot in here or what?! Thank you PDnim for these heart palpitating BTS goodies! Do keep 'em coming till the very end! Jebal!
  3. Annyeonghaseyo! Gosh, it's been ages since I've logged into my Soompi account but it's so nice to be back! I miss the camaraderie and all the funny and witty exchanges about an on-going kdrama that has tugged at our heartstrings (like what HPL is doing to all of us here in this forum). Heaven knows, I don't get to fangirl in the real world so this is a 'safe space' for me! I really appreciate and look forward to reading everyone's thoughts about each episode, and all the GIFs shared as well. Kamsahamnida for the passion that you bring forth in here, thus making this forum an enjoyable place to be! And joesonghamnida for being late to the party! Like you, I am in love with Ryan Gold and Seong Deok Mi, individually and collectively. I keep having this goofy smile on my face whenever I see them both on screen (STS syndrome, right?), and they make my heart happy. Kudos to Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young for their fantastic characterizations of RG and DM, respectively. They are so believable as a couple that I can't help myself from hoping and fantasizing that they are falling for each other in real life as well! Gah, they are just so so adorable and lovely together! How can one not ship them?! The supporting characters are also winning in my book -- cutie pie Geon Woo, the super extra Uhm So Hye, sasaeng fan turned responsible adult Hyo Jin, dependable friend and ally Seon Joo, supportive co-workers Kyung Ah and Yoo Seob, charming Shi An, warmhearted DM Omma, rock collector DM Appa, pecstacular judo silver medalist (and the-one-who-will-never-get-the-girl-he-likes-no-matter-how-hard-he-tries) Eun Gi and the rest.. I am definitely going to miss everyone after the final episode next week as Wednesdays and Thursdays have been the highlights of my week since HPL started, so after next Thursday.. Ottokaji? Anyhow, this is what I noticed after the final moments of Ep 14 -- The First Meeting of Heo Eun Jae and Seong Deok Mi
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