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  1. 2 minutes ago, madmad min said:

    Ji -Hun's dad , it was maybe Implied that LR killed him, but from all that we know LR never might have killed him, he did Die because of some random accident. The same happened in Reset timeline. 


    LG's dad was always to be murded so was Ji-Hun's das always be killed in hit and run case.


    Nevetheless that girl killed her mate even without LR. So some events are just doomed) May be earlier LR helped Ji -Hun's dad to die but now it happens without his potential help. 

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  2. Just now, gwin said:


    But how did LG remember what happened in the alternate timeline?  How?  During that time (from 1994-2020) he was stuck trying to get back to her. 


    And take note, their memories did not change.  Based on the dialogue (unless the subtitles are wrong again), it seems that they remember both the initial timeline and the new timeline.    The old events did not change.


    And I'm not even talking about the other people around them... so now what... they have also two memories?

     Because He has to be synchronized with new LG. Or you think the last one just disappeared?) 

     This is what I called a change of memories - when new ones from a new time loop are added to their old ones. Yes, the old ones didn't change.  Everyone involved remembers (JY. SJ.TE.) - what we were shown. Others - I guess, the same. The girl investigator  remembered that there was no recording of a telephone conversation before) But the main characters know what all the changes and new memories are connected with, for others this may seem like a mystery. The question is how significant they are for the rest)

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  3. 33 minutes ago, gwin said:

    Speaking of unnecessary, I do not get why KES decided to go with the "new memories" route.   As of now, I still don't see the purpose.  Wouldn't it be better if LG retained just his old memories , while JTE has the new memories only?  Especially after JTE said that the events played out almost exactly the same, only faster. 

    The problem is, it's absolutely impossible to explain how LG knows that JTE hugged him in Gwanghwamun square, because that LG we saw in the hospital bed with JTE never got to experience that (that LG was stuck in the in-between, trying to get to 2020 again).  So how does he know?


    It is absolutely essential. Because that's the only way to demonstrate to us that we have exactly the same girl :). Who went through everything, like LG. And their story is still real.  Otherwise, it would have ruined all their story we had been watching during 13 episodes.  Her new experience, although similar to the previous one, is different and it's fundamental  to perceive their couple as always and what they went through.


    And LG remembers a new meeting in the square, because as her memories changed, so did his. Another thing is that we were not shown how our LG and LG from the new time loop synchronized. Where was the new LG at at the beginning of the ep??? He couldn't return to the past because the new LR didn't. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, mamabear said:

    SPOILERRRRR!!!! This scene makes me uneasy. Do not check if you hate spoilerrrsss.


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    Did he just walk past right her? OMG KES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna bash you with all my might if he lost his memories of her in this scene!! Ommmoooooo, I'm gonna cry. :bawling:


    Or could it be it is TE who went back time? I don't know anymore!


    To be continued...she is crying in that scene...

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  5. This is one of the comments under BTS 4 ep about making film lately

    "my friend from Busan sent me the video .at first it seemed like an action scene but then I saw Kim go eun(she was wearing a beige sweater and black pants )the lee min hoo ran to her and they hugged and it seemed like he was checking if she is fine and I'm not sure but I think they kissed after it .Kim go eun pushed him back and he threw something on the floor because he was mad . then Kim go eun fainted and the scene was over..." (c) Sara Hashemi 


    Very interesting:)) 


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  6. And they just feel each other. WW said all the richard simmons to her when they met after the year passed and she like suggesting him the words he should have said - Did you miss me? ...But So doesn't need suggestions...Just...I miss you... 

    And I like her reaction  to both of these phrases - WW's answer and So's initial words...No doubt IU is very good I like her more and more. 

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  7. Just start watching 12 ep original. Do not understand anything but guys her eyes...how she looks at him...how you can say that nothing changed...I see a lot of changes...such softness,tenderness and sorrow...You do not need words to understand....what can' t  be said aloud you should see...and IU is really great in this scene with So in the garden... :wub:

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  8. Oh maybe the writer is a fan of Gone with the wind?)))

    Soo - Ashley WW??? I don't love  him, I have always loved you Rhett So....

    So -  My dear, I don't give a damn...

    Soo - Tara   Seul. Home. I'll go home and find his soul there. And I'll think of some way to get his soul back. After all the 21th century is another period of time!!! 


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  9. 16 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:

    Definetely! Hahaha poor So!!! I want him alone and happy before being with a witch... I think she could also be capable of killing him if he tries to "unqueened" her...with the response of "I was prepared to die after all...so I did it". :lol:  

    Exactly! YH is like his mom, the woman who always thinks only about her own benefits and desires and uses everyone including close people  to get what she wants. So needs love, only love...He will get the girl and be happy...just sometime...I believe. 

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