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  1. I posted my opinion awhile back, and i know it posted, when i came back on it was gone. I assumed the moderators deleted, being that all of a sudden they started appearing on this thread. But whatever!
  2. Maybe her & her hubby together will form a new production company like Yang Mi and her hubby! All I know is that I'm still annoyed that she chose Old Feng over LGX!! Hope he shows her what she lost, and he continues to live his life to the fullest, carefree and over the top happy!!! Just not with Aunty Wang not with her...my heart will not be able to take another blow.
  3. @happyfanlgx does anyone know why her manager left/let go? Maybe her and Old Feng will have the same manager?
  4. @claribelle3 how funny, because I also have been watching Princess Weiyoung again (4th time...lol) and Nirvana in Fire. Love watching PWY especially seeing them get married in the drama, and in real life. Love their traditional red wedding attire (real life) they make such a beautiful couple. I agree with you, shipping XingYue really took all the wind out of me. Not really interested in watching the drama with her and Old Feng. I may watch Our Glamorous Times, just because JinHan isn’t playing a bad guy.. lol.
  5. I think it's silly that ZLY deleted her previous posts of her past co-stars...especially LGX's. I'm sure Old Feng saw all the posts. She already made her choice, and she is married to Old Feng, why act like a teenager? With the exception of the Tingshua Uni pic, and of course the failed romance with the one who shall not be name. It's all in the past!. Old Feng himself is more scandalous then ZLY with his past relationships..verified or rumored. LGX probably deleted his, after realizing she deleted hers first. SMH. There are hardly any pic of the newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Old Feng, and with all the pics and rumors of her being pregnant, yet no news or pictures of a grand wedding ceremony, can't help but believe that she is pregnant. Her drama Glamorous Time with Jin Han is coming out soon, so I guess everyone will find out if she is pregnant or not.
  6. Let’s hope he is having a good life..... without Aunty Wang. He can do sooooo much better than her.
  7. Has LGX made any apperances or posted anything on his Weibo since ZLY's marriage? Hope he isn't drinking,smoking, gaming his broken heart away.
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