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  1. for those with miscellaneous random questions PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS IN THIS THREAD! THIS THREAD IS INTENDED FOR ASKING MISC. QUESTIONS, NOT FOR ASKING FOR LINKS. PLEASE PUT YOUR REQUESTS IN THE RESOURCES SUBFORUM INSTEAD OF HERE!! This thread was created so mods don't have to keep closing threads that are opened for asking randomly miscellaneous questions. Please be sure to read the forum rules, pinned threads, and resources subforum. If you still need any help, post in this thread and hopefully some kind soompi soul will come to your rescue. Thank you. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS SEARCHES I want to download a drama/sitcom/variety show. Where do I go? Resources subforum. Please post in the correct thread! Also check the appropriate official thread because users may have posted links there as well. Why can't I use the search function? The function has been disabled indefinitely. Soompi is run on Soomp's budget and the help of generous donaters. With thousands of users, we have to cut down resources. Thus the pinned official threads directory has replaced the search function. All threads for dramas, movies, actors, actresses, variety shows, etc. will be listed there. Where can I find direct links or clubbox links? The Drama & Movie OSTs thread can be found in the resources subforum. Where can I find the soundtrack for a particular drama or movie? The Drama & Movie OSTs thread is located in the resources subforum. Does anyone have the schedule for dramas airing in Southern California? WORDS What do the abbreviations for CM, CF, OST, NG, PD, and MC stand for? CM = commercial movie, CF = commercial film, OST = original soundtrack, NG = no good (or bloopers), PD = production director, MC = master or mistress of ceremonies. What is a banjun drama? A banjun drama is a short drama (usually 30 minutes) in which the plot has an unexpected twist at the end. I don't understand Korean. Could someone help me translate something from Korean to English? Take a look at the Korean Help thread. I noticed a lot of users put "no hotlinking." What exactly does that mean? Hotlinking means taking the actual link of the picture or file (right-click/properties/copy and pasting the link) and posting it onto another forum or website. Hotlinking uses up bandwidth-the number of times a picture can be hosted-and once it's been used up, it's expired and invalid. FINDING INFORMATION Where can I find the latest information about a drama or movie? For the latest news, take a look at the news thread. To find specific information about a drama/movie/show/actor/actress, post in the appropriate official thread. I just watched this drama/movie but I don't know what it's called. Where can I get help? Post in THIS thread and hopefully someone can answer your question. I noticed this forum is only for dramas, movies, actors, and actresses. Where can I find information about singers and bands? You can find information about artists in the Korean music forum. RECOMMENDATIONS Does anyone have recommendations for dramas or movies? Take a look at these links: Please do not create any more threads for recommendations! I want to watch a new drama! What are the latest dramas out right now? You can find the latest dramas in the pinned Drama Schedule thread. MUSIC SHEETS Where can I download music sheets from dramas and movies? is a good resource. Where I find piano sheets or guitar tabs on Soompi? You can find them in the Performers forum SUBTITLES Where can I find subtitles for a specific drama or movie? You can find subtitles at for dramas and subtitles at for movies. If you can't find them there, it is more than likely you won't be able to find them elsewhere because they do not exist. How can I monitor the progress of a currently-subbed drama? Check out the Fansub Groups' Wikipage for more information. LIVE SHOWS Where can I watch dramas online without downloading? Try YouTube, Crunchyroll, Veoh, Peekvid or Dailymotion. Where can I watch dramas live or while they're airing? Go to to install the TVAnts software (Another website you can use: Click on the white button that has an arrow pointing down. Make sure you know the channel and time the show will air. At the appropriate time (assuming it's an MBC program), click on the yellow button next to MBC and it should begin loading. PURCHASES & RENTALS Where can I rent DVDs of K-dramas instead of purchasing sets? Where can I buy Korean dramas or movies online?,,, TUTORIALS How do I download from clubbox? Clubbox Tutorial & FAQs thread How do I hardsub? Hardsubbing Tutorial Why can't I post images? I keep getting the message "Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed." You can't directly hotlink images from your computer and some websites restrict it as well. Upload your pictures onto a photo-hosting site such as Imageshack or Photobucket and link from there. DOWNLOADS How do I download mms:// links? Do I need a special software? You'll need to use a media recording software such as hinet, streambox vcr, or net transport to download those types of links. You can read up on it here. Why do I get the message "exceeded limit" when I download from Megaupload? That means you've reached the download limit. Either wait it out or pay for a premium account. Is there a way to resume downloads from Clubbox after you turn the computer off? You can add files to your clubbox basket if you have a clubbox account. For more information, check out the Clubbox Tutorial & FAQs thread. RATINGS Where can I check weekly ratings of dramas? TECHNICAL HELP Please be sure you take a look at Soompi's TECH FORUM before asking questions. Which program do I use to convert "windows media audio/video" to AVI format (or vice versa)? You can search for all sorts of programs and tutorials at How do I download Youtube videos to my computer? Use Then go to to download free converters to convert videos to AVI to ASF. What programs can I use to cut parts of a video? You can use 'easy video splitter' or other programs of the like. Some trial versions are available (Google it!) but others must be purchased. I downloaded a file but it's in .htm format. How do I watch this video? You can only view videos in AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, ASX (streaming) formats). I downloaded an AVI file and it works fine on Windows Media Player and BS Player but I only hear the audio portion. What happened to the visuals? You need to download a free software called GSpot and it will tell you what codec you will need. (Usually you'll need to download the AC3 filter [just Google it!]. For ED2K links, what is the difference between 350 MB and 700 MB AVI files? 350 MB is just a smaller file size than 700 MB. Quality-wise, it's pretty much the same. What's the difference between LQ and HQ videos? Which is better? LQ stands for Low Quality. HQ stands for High Quality. HQ videos have sharper, clearer images but are larger in file size while LQ videos are the exact opposite. How do I re-sync or join subtitles? Subtitle Workshop will help you with this: