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  1. Yool comes back as the crown prince, gets his memory of his enemies' scheming back, plans his revenge, yi seo's wrongly accused family name is restored, she ends up his official wifey? (please let this happen) ITS A ROM-COM, WE NEED A HAPPY ENDING I don't mind whether they live in or outside of the palace, as long as they end up together, but I'd like for yool to bring order and justice to the scheming [against him] and clear hong shim's family name first either way. Or else it would be like they kind of ran away from their problems, unresolved. I can't predict what they'll decide should we have a happy ending- on one hand, prince seowon seems to truly care about the people and make a good/decent king, but he also was quite against taking advantage of the situation to be crown prince(as minister jung suggested, beginning of ep 10). And there's that scene shown where yool is imagining[presumably] meeting hong shim/yi seo in the palace.
  2. now I'm really curious when exactly and how his memory is recovered. I'm guessing from yool's face he found out hong shim is yiseo from childhood... and ooh, they were doing the new crown prince ceremony... a dramatic interruption by yool, perhaps? Or maybe seowon became the new crown prince, then yool came back and the palace was like, lol nvm. NJH crying though... give this girl the 2019 baeksang already!
  3. Um...based on the content of prince seowon and minister jung's convo, I still don't get how people are so sure people think he's the father? Nothing really gave anything away for certain. Based on minister jung's response and expression, I feel like he could equally be it. Well, the likely candidates have been narrowed down to these two it seems to me. This is some Joseon Maury, lmao. ETA: Ep. 10 has reached 10.3%! We're getting dancing in hanbok from the cast, y'all.
  4. The beginning scene just reminded me of nam ji hyun in queen seon deok where she vowed she'd make it rain...good times. Hope she works with writer kim young hyun again! Back on topic: LOVED this episode. And next week looks heartbreaking... But hopefully a happy ending will follow. (ideally the crown princess just going off and living a quiet life, and yi seo gets her status back and becomes the official wife...)
  5. Ep. 9 ratings: 9.1% The peak during the episode was 11%, impressive stuff for monday. Wonder if it can hit 10% tomorrow...
  6. Also, after the scene with Kim cha eon and the queen, I'm pretty sure minister jung(je yoon's half brother) really is the father. I don't think her and MY's relationship ever went anywhere, even if they did care about each other to a capacity.
  7. I get a feeling he knows about his identity and he's hiding it, but if so, to what extent has his memory come back? Or if he doesn't have his memory back, what does he know now??? So exciting.
  8. I also doubt that MY is the father. I was personally guessing that younger minister/politician- jung sa yeob, jae yoon's half brother. I only just now read his character description, which only raises my suspicions. "While politically on different sides, they recognize each other at first glance. '[he/she] is the same classification/kind of person as myself.' In the midst of a odd face-off [between them], there is a subtle/surreal feeling in the air."
  9. Uh, I personally loved the pilot eps... this writer just does it for me. It got me hooked right away, and jung in sun is fab. I did not know until recently that she's a veteran former-child actress. Usually I can see where netizens are coming from but I can't understand the complaints here. I hope this drama proves the nay-sayers wrong.
  10. I don't think it's him, tbh. I was guessing that other prince? Or it may just be my wishful thinking, haha. I'm so glad they revealed that the assassin is the bro already! I was afraid they may drag this part out to the end. Personally I have no complaints about the pace...I think it would make more sense for them to truly get to like each other first. Which by the way, that scene they kept showing in the previews before the pilot bothers me...how did hong shim get to the palace and see the crown prince? And her expression didn't seemed shocked/emotional or anything, just smiley, like nothing big happened? Is it from his dream/imagination? This is what I mean, starting at 5:31:
  11. Loved this episode! Great progress in their relationship. That book titled 50 shades of gray in korean, HAHA. I agree with all the others- he doesn't actually have his memory back yet(it would be too soon at this point); he's beginning to like her and perhaps he's "remembered" his love for yi-seo. ' Rating for ep. 5: 4.4% Keep in mind it's chuseok(lunar new year), which explains the big drop.
  12. Unlike most, I do love the serious scenes of political intrigue... but that scene where he's denying he's wondeuk And I love it when she claimed he promised to make her happy when/if they married, since he actually kinda did when they were children, unbeknownst to them both. I can't wait until he/she finds out he's yool. And now I'm even more intrigued at how she meets him in the palace(that scene in the teasers), as her expression in that scene doesn't show shock/surprise. And yeah, the scene switching is jarring, but the cinematography is so beautiful. It's like a movie. Next week looks even better! I feel that we may see wondeuk/yool recovering his memory sooner than expected. And it looks like the assassin is indeed her brother. mondays and tuesdays are made better thanks to this drama...
  13. I can see why people would draw moon that embraces the sun comparisons, but hundred days is a lot better conceived in both plot and character development. Also, no acting holes...
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