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  1. Editing is lol worthy in this last episode, but let's be honest...I personally don't care. I freakin' love hongshim. Putting sleazy guys in their place, ha!
  2. Not sure if this was already shared, but the last episode will start airing 10 minutes earlier than usual, at 9:20 pm kst. So it looks like it will be even longer than these last few episodes have been- I'm guessing a full hour and a half? They just shot a movie for the ending, lol.
  3. I was just thinking, is the last episode a special episode because it'll be 2 hours or something?? There's so much to resolve, gah. I JUST WANT A HAPPY ENDING.
  4. Noh Ji Sul's last drama, scent of a woman, had a very good ending so I'm keeping my hopes up she'll wrap it up with a happy ending as it's been alluding to. (but then again, I could save time since if it's a happy ending, I'll probably re-watch the drama 1000 times :p) And wow, these last few episodes are over 80 minutes. I'm sure they can cover everything but they could've given more hints earlier instead of giving us an emotional tsunami in the last week, lol.
  5. I also love the way the writer is developing the romance. They'd both lost people they cared about, and aren't at the "romance" stage yet; just looking out for each other and being friends. Their relationship is growing very naturally(for a drama, at least. lol) and I love that.
  6. So it looks like the "special episode" sounds more like an epilogue rather than a behind-the-scenes type thing? Does anyone know more info about this? I'm confused how everyone's phrasing it, 2 episodes left, 1 episode left...
  7. The ep 15 preview has me so paranoid that there'll be a tragic ending...DON"T DO THAT TO US, WRITER. Let them be happy in the palace, dammit!
  8. Man, for a relative newbie do kyung soo has the scary look down to a T, lol. That smile/glare he gave the crown princess, damn.
  9. I really hope nam ji hyun at least gets nominated for best tv actress at baeksang. Seriously, it's the very least she deserves.
  10. Not gonna lie, if MY really did do the dirty deed with the CP, he's a special kind of hypocrite. Telling yi seo that it's a wrongful fate/destiny between her and yool, but he'd been with the CP and even asked her to run away with him? lol, bye. Honestly, he's more dislikable than je yoon has been, so I find it hilarious that people like MY but hate JY? what kind of logic is that, people?
  11. Despite je yoon just having told kim cha eon about the journal, I'm still conflicted as to whether he's really on KCE's side. And perhaps je yoon himself is still conflicted too. I'm not happy with him right now but not set on my feelings either, lol.
  12. Nope, he didn't tell him about the baby, he just told him to find his diary/journal, where he recorded everything.
  13. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the lack of character development for Jung je yoon. Dammit, I hope he does a thing that redeems himself in the end. OTOH, the actor for kwon hyuk caught my eye earlier on in the show so it's awesome to see him play an important role. btw, is that real-time rating for the official online live streaming service? impressive either way.
  14. Let's not forget each episode is a full hour. A lot can go on in a few episodes. If he already got his full memory back these last few episodes would be dragging tbh. I'm just hoping for a happy ending.
  15. Really curious as to how Jin ji hee(love her)'s character will play a role in the story. Will she help, directly or indirectly, in taking down the evil forces? Ep. 12 rating: 11.2% nationwide average! Congrats on yet another new high. Will we see it hit the teens by the last episode? Also, I believe soccer/football and baseball was on around the same time so this is even more impressive.
  16. I hope that the fact that yool gave her plum blossom shoes instead of ones with cherry blossoms mean they'll end up together at the end...since the former is a symbol of resilience through adversity and the latter fades rather quickly.
  17. And, um...nothing confirmed or even strongly implied MY was the dad??? He just said he hopes she'll give birth to a child that looks like her. That.. doesn't really say anything, lol. Still standing my ground that jung sa yeob is the dad. MY feels more like unrequited love. :p AND PLEASE, A HAPPY ENDING, UGH. The last few episodes are either going to be really amazing and fast-paced, or really frustrating, depending on which conclusion we're going to arrive at...
  18. Gah, now what the shaman granny said has me on edge. Really hope it's a happy ending if we're getting separation now.
  19. Late, but wow, Heo Jung Eun! Loved her in 100 days husband. She's probably the top child actress right now, after being in ratings hits mr sunshine and 100 days, and now this(which is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit with this writing team). Anyways, I suppose she and the other child actors have started filming by now as it's october. I'm not sure of the multiple seasons format, but i guess better to plan it out beforehand than later deciding to add sequels after the drama airs and becomes a hit? I don't know if I like this, but this is the only writing team I'd trust with this, lol.
  20. Haha, are you me? I echo your thoughts. Minister jung actually seems to be the most shady. And I third the notion that the throne is LY's rightful place. Otherwise, it would feel that he hasn't fulfilled his "destiny". To be a good king for the people and all that. And HS's real name is yi seo.
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