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  1. Gifs from the 3rd teaser(only posted to naver right now, korea access only) https://twitter.com/n3tfl1xnchi1l Edit: 3 teaser below:
  2. Source: https://news.nate.com/view/20190121n08304
  3. @irilight Lee San is amazing- by far her best work. With a few minor changes, she actually took a lot of it from the historical records(Annals of Joseon Dynasty), plus the romance of tastefully done- well incorporated and not just thrown in there to appeal to female audiences. Anyways, I rant- hopefully she can channel some of that energy into haechi. After that serious teaser I can't help but get my hopes up a bit. The video from script reading has been posted: I have to say, I already like go ara better here than in hwarang, LOL. Sorry ara fans, that drama did not leave a good impression of her sageuk acting. Good thing haechi is probably already better than hwarang, with a very different vibe.
  4. Wow, I like the look of things in the 2nd teaser. Looks like it'll be heavier than kim yi young's other works. This writer makes me unsure after hwajung(sorry to anyone here who liked it but it was my least favorite work from her...) but this looks really good.
  5. Another great episode. Hope we'll see more of Jang Young Nam throughout the series- she's so amazing whenever she appears. This as wells as other dramas in the past year just prove that casting former child actors is the way to go- Oh seung yoon in the last empress, jung in sun in my secret terrius, nam ji hyun in 100 DMP, lee tae ri in beauty inside, kim bora in sky castle... and of course our great leads here. If a young actor showed great, nuanced acting it was probably a former child star with 10+, 20+ years of experience. That last scene where kim sang kyung is confused as to whether the king is the clown or the real one...so awesome.
  6. @rittooI agree; he was always great but his drama choices haven't really done him justice- circle was good but that's it in recent memory. This drama could be huge for him; hope it stays amazing and the great cast (and PD) get a lot of deserved attention. I have a bad feeling about the creepy guy from the gisaeng house
  7. It's been half a year actually- looks like miss hammurabi ended middle of july.
  8. After watching the first episode: Yeo Jin Goo is brilliant. Can we give him the baeksang for best male tv actor now?? And Lee se young is lovely as well. The chemistry is wonderful. There's just something about former-child actors- their acting is so complete(?) and nuanced compared to others of the same age, and it especially shows in sageuks. I hope we get more leads with former child actors- there's so many underrated ones who are passed up for those that are much lacking. I'm officially in love with this PD- finally someone who takes casting seriously. Aside from the strong leads, the supporting cast is so brilliant- and especially a shout out to jang young nam- I don't think anyone else nails such scenes with strong emotions as masterfully as she does. The pilot certainly didn't disappoint, and I'll be looking forward to the comedic scenes as well!
  9. @hugo10 Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to temper my expectations since this writer burned me on a few occasions(especially with hwajung...), and I wasn't really impressed with go ara's previous sageuk performance, but I'm so ready for an epic sageuk- feels like it's been forever. Plus, too many of my favorites in the supporting cast are included for me not to watch this(han sang jin, kim gap soo, im ho, noh young hak, etc). Fingers crossed!
  10. The posters look top notch, especially the main/group one. As do all the teasers. There's no bio or anything on the writers, so I'm cautious, but love everything I've seen so far. I love how cool and comfortable they are with each other. Perhaps it's a former-child actor thing?
  11. I did not know Noh Young Hak was going to be in this. He such an underrated actor, and especially great in sageuks. I hope he gets bigger roles in the future(and that we see plenty of him here, of course). This writer is a hit and miss for me (Yi san was great, dong yi was a hit but much below yi san in terms of quality, hwajung was a complete disappointment aside from cha seung won), so here's hoping she gets this one right for everyone's sake.
  12. The teaser looks fantastic. Yeo jin goo is always great and I'm so happy lee se young, also a former child actor(a true veteran, she debuted back in 1997.) is his costar. I've missed a good, serious sageuk.
  13. okay but can we get nam ji hyun at least on the nominees for best tv actress for baeksang next year
  14. That KBS shade! METS doesn't even compare to 100 days though, that one was a hot mess and they can thank yeo jin goo and kim yoo jung for the ratings.
  15. Not gonna lie, I had low expectations in the beginning. The writer didn't look that special(and well, she's not perfect, certainly, but that's beside the point), I wanted her to do a more serious sageuk, etc... But this ended up being so much fun even with its shortcomings, more engaging than any other drama in the past few years. And I'm very happy about its ratings success, NJH deserves it so much. As if she didn't prove it already, she showed us amazing and versatile acting here. Congrats to the cast, and may I finally have a life again!
  16. OMG, could je yoon be the one to reconnect yool and yi-seo?? edit: lol, I bet the king's order will reunite the two, haha.
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