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  1. Wow, what a first episode. Of course, the previews more or less showed how the pilot would go, but that ending! I just realized that the chubby kid is the same actor from The Greatest Love, hyung-gyu a.k.a ding-dong! Anyone else remember that drama? So cool to see some of these child actors more grown up.
  2. Just wanted to sing my praises to the awesome cast once again: Jung moon sung is so great. Seriously, he's so versatile, so underrated- get this man a nomination at baeksang for best supporting actor. Anyways, it's thoroughly infuriating and enjoyable to watch him as milpoong. The veteran sageuk actors, lead and supporting, are wonderful to watch as always. Bravo to them as well. And of course, it's been thoroughly satisfying to see jung il woo in a great drama and completely nail it. I've had the pleasure of discovering kwon yul and park hoon here (haven't seen them in voice 2 or memories of Alhambra, respectively, which they were much praised in), and they're good, period. Even go ara, who, quite frankly is the weak link here acting-wise(no shame in that, everyone else is really, really good), shows probably her best performance since reply '94 and has a great character here. On that note, complete hats off to kim yi young, who has given us another fabulous sageuk after yi san. When she gets it right, she absolutely is a master at that enjoyable fiction+history combo and is notably strong at creating memorable characters, both main and supporting. And kudos to Lee yong suk as well, he's pretty awesome and the dismal script of the great seer did not do him(or the actors...) justice, so nice to see him helm a solid sageuk after iljimae. I know we still have 4 weeks' worth of episodes left, but I have confidence that they'll finish strong. And I hope the cast and crew know how much the viewers appreciate this drama, despite the ratings(to which I flip the bird).
  3. Great opening scene with min's monologue. moon soo mentions yeo ji briefly, that she's currently tracking down wi byung joo's case. Such a shame about yoon young that she chose the dark side instead of a better path with dal moon. Felt a pang of sadness for wi byung joo with the scenes of his past, how he suffered as a namin to get to the top. Also feel sorry for gyeongjong (again...)- his mother pretty much set him up for failure. He may not have been naturally cut out to be a king either way, but jang hee bin sure didn't help. And that scene where yi geum showed up to help moon soo- epic. Love a good bow and arrow scene (hi, jumong). That look of betrayal from yoon young was quite ironic, since she betrayed dal moon first way back. Also kinda hurt to see dal moon clearly still care about her and want her to at least stay alive, despite everything. Why girl, why??? Man, so much has happened, and while we have less than a month left, there's still 9 1-hr episodes to go! Can't wait until tomorrow's episode. Also- love that we don't have stupid protagonists. And looking forward to seeing yeo ji next week!
  4. That black and white fade of nam da reum is amazing. I'm intrigued to see if the b&w portrayal in the poster means he'll meet a tragic end or it only signifies the coma and he'll wake up near the end.
  5. I've been busy the past week, but I finally caught up! Yay! So many revelations. *insert obligatory justice-for-haechi-comment here* in conclusion, all the acting awards for haechi and the cast, ratings be damned.
  6. lol I think it's not about him being flustered in a "virginal" way but because it's the first time he really, truly loves someone, beyond just being fond of as a friend, or just... consummating or whatnot.
  7. If it's just 3 half-hour episodes, it shouldn't be a problem. Especially since this isn't a regular miniseries like other dramas. Anyways, deep, serious plot content aside, let me fangirl over that last scene: EEEEEEEE Yeah, I'm a sucker for (tastefully done!!) romance in sageuks, sue me. This is loads better than dong yi could ever aspire to be and I don't even need to be halfway through the series to conclude it. Justice for haechi's ratings! /endrant
  8. Wow. Some incredible moments this episode. And the bgm...swoon. Give that music PD a raise! Edit: I love that yeoji's obliviousness to yi geum's feelings (well... oblivious up to the end of this episode, haha) aren't without a reason though. Having been a saheonbu damo, serious business is always first on her mind- girl has priorities!
  9. Hi all! Really excited for this one. Nam da reum is lovely- I first saw him in six flying dragons where he was excellent. But sorry to say, i'm more excited to see seo young joo again. He's absolutely brilliant and supremely underrated. The "damaged youth" role is completely his territory- moebius(he was only 14 when he filmed this- you're welcome), juvenile offender, solomon's perjury...I know he's going to own this role as well and be a scene stealer. (though there's no doubting his versatility- loved him in GG 1979) The teasers all look fantastic, can't wait.
  10. Ratings: 6.1, 7.2. I feel personally wronged that this masterpiece is not getting higher ratings. Hopefully people eventually see the light.
  11. Maybe a frustrating scene for some but I can see the reality of it. I mean... how do you go about it? Would one be easily willing to rat out a peasant girl sold as a slave? Murder is wrong but the situation's a bit more complex than him being able to say "yeah, it wasn't me, it was this slave girl, she even has a tattoo/branding for a crime of murdering her master. How dare she, right?", with her being only 12-13. And moral dilemma aside, there was a ton of chaos over that same kind of event(with the slaves' organization) in the former king's reign, as yi geum mentions. Anyways. The BGM(seriously, A+ to the music PD), the tension in this series is so great.
  12. LOL I just realized that young girl in disguise(that killed the men) is ahn seo hyun...
  13. Yet another intriguing episode! today's ratings: 6.5, 7.5. Not bad for a monday, actually. went down by a pretty small margin from last tuesday. Justice for the best mon-tue drama! lol.
  14. The chart says 옛연인, not 엿연인. kinda hard to see the extra strike(or whatever we call that, lol). They were past lovers.
  15. Can't wait for this week's episode! You know it's a good drama when so much progress has been made but it also just feels like the real start of things. (and because of this I try to remain positive about haechi gaining recognition ratings-wise- still 16 more 1-hr episodes to go, which is crazy!) To look on the bright side of go ara's injuries, it's a relief that she's not one of the real-life historical characters- they could probably write her character as going off on an investigation, and then have her "come back"(aka she can film again after her recovery) in a later episode. Don't misunderstand, I love her character, involvement, and it absolutely sucks she's injured but it would realistically be harder to work with, say, park moon soo/kwon yul not being able to appear for an episode or so. Also, it's longer running than a miniseries so that helps in reworking the minor plot progression.
  16. Update on Go ara's injury- it's a ligament rupture, which is a pretty bad sprain. She'll be admitted to the hospital for treatment, of course. They said they're discussing the drama shooting. I'm not sure how long they can delay shooting- since her sprain is quite severe, it's going to be at least over a month before she can normally walk again. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003965750
  17. I think it was mentioned in her character description or somewhere that her father went missing while investigating a case. But that's it.
  18. Unfortunately the articles did say it was an ankle ligament, though it wasn't specified which ankle, so we don't know for sure if it's the same one. Seems likely though. Poor girl. Thanks @star2010. It's a relief if she has less action scenes from here on out (as her character is described to have a number of other skills), which will be less time-consuming editing the stunt double and her face in those types of scenes. Speaking of foreign languages, doesn't she already speak japanese? I know she had to learn chinese or something for the drama.
  19. Ugh, hate hearing about all these injuries on set. At least they're taking it seriously, which is good. Hope she makes a speedy and full recovery. That does put a big question mark over the filming schedule. I assume they'll use a stunt double from now on for action scenes. Any ligament tear should be taken care of well but hopefully it's grade i(mild) for her sake, but it'll take at least over a month to fully heal, I think.
  20. I get such a kick out of dramas with plotting officials. I love all the scenes of all the people of each political faction gathering at night and scheming, lol. Some people hate sageuks for this reason but the plotting old geezers are the best part! The drama over yi geum becoming crown prince was everything. Every episode is legendary. Seriously, forget 10%, this is the kind of drama that is only logical to pass 20% and get recognized for all the wonderful supporting actors and rich sageuk theme. Edit: Okay, I kind of love cho-hong. She was just like ? when yi geum's valet was like, "you have to get ready to enter the palace" and she was still ?? and he said, "the crown prince's concubine is called so hoon." and she was still like, "what does that have to do with me??" she likes him but has absolutely no expectations, bless. If she does die during the shinim purge, I'm going to be bawling like a baby. His wife on the other hand- flying about making sure she has all her nice things. I don't dislike her at all though; probably because they were betrothed at like, 10 years old and didn't have a say in the matter, lol. And dal moon proving every time he's the absolute best, already catching on that yi geum is interested in yeo ji, lol. Yes, yi tan and milpoong is his real name (personal/given name and title name, respectively). As previously stated, he was not actually crazy/evil in real life. Crown Prince sohyun's descendants were kinda pitiful, actually. Yeongjo, Jeongjo, etc are temple names- they're given posthumously, after they've passed. Yeonsan-gun never received a temple name because he was overthrown. Gwanghae-gun was also not given one as he was was deposed in a coup d'etat.
  21. As expected, the ratings did go up. 6.6, 7.9 Still too low for a drama this good. I hope people spread the word and we see double digits next week, fingers crossed!
  22. Yeah, plenty of things happen while he's crown prince, so this is pretty on track. But yeah, the pacing is incredible and having this be 24 eps rather than something like 50 was a good decision. (although I'm not sure if they had the budget to risk investing in 50 eps to begin with anyways)
  23. Ahn seo hyun will be joining the drama about halfway through. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004314542
  24. I believe haechi is the only one that didn't go down noticeably (except TCC of course)- everyone else had a significant decrease but haechi only went down 0.1 in the first half compared to last tuesday(5.0/6.4). Perhaps a good sign? lol
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